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18-02-2010, 15:15
Anyway... here goes

Paladin BSB w/ barded warhorse and Questing Vow Virtue of Duty, Sword of Might

Paladin GENERAL w/ barded warhorse, lance, shield, Knight's Vow Gromrili Great Helm, Mantle of Damsel Elena

Damsel level 2 w/ barded warhorse Dispel Scroll

8 Knights of the Realm w/ full CMD (will include General)

9 Knights Errant w/ full CMD and Errantry Banner

8 Questing Knights w/ full CMD and War Banner (will include BSB)

5 Mounted Yeomen w/ shields

5 Mounted Yeomen w/ shields

5 Grail Knights w/ full CMD (will include Damsel)

TOTAL 1499

The Mounted Yeomen are there for march blocking and for charge baiting obviously. I'm not using Pegasus Knights mainly b/c I've used them in every game I've played so far with Bretonnians, and I don't feel that they're as good as Mounted Yeomen for what I want to do. Also, I usually take a unit of 5 (to prevent panic checks from shooting) and they always seem to fluff their attacks on the charge. The fact that they don't negate ranks just makes it worse. I have had too many bad experiences with them that I want to try something different.

I designed my general to be nearly unkillable, with a 1+ rerollable save and immune to Killing Blow/poison. The Questing Knights are my hammer unit with a possible +6 (+7 outnumber) SCR. The Mounted Yeomen have shields mainly b/c I had 11 points to spare...

I also am attempting to do an all cavalry army, b/c mobility is one of the best strengths of a Bretonnian force.

Any suggestions? I know I've put down a lot of rules for what I like and don't like... but hey. I'm open to most things

One thing I would like discussed is the possibility of switching out the Mounted Yeomen for Pegasus Knights. I'm trying to find out the pros/cons of one unit vs the other unit. Thanks a bunch.

18-02-2010, 18:14
-Don't worry about an unkillable general. If he is being attacked you are doing something wrong (either by not getting the charge off or not challenging correctly).

-A lvl 2 won't do much, might as well drop to a lvl 1

-Full command on 5 grail knights is kind of a waste and makes an expensive unit even more expensive. I'd also think about running them 5 wide (making them less of a target for warmachines) and put the damsel in one of the other lances.

19-02-2010, 01:37
I realize that a level 2 isn't going to do too much, but the Marsh of the Mistress Spell on 3 dice is sometimes hard to dispel when I need to get it off. Even on two dice it's good enough to throw after I have another spell that might need to be dispelled.

I agree with at least dropping the musician on the Grail Knights. After shaving some points off, I'll be able to fix my mistake of not having musicians with the mounted yeomen.

I could probably take off the protective items on the general and put on the Braid of Bordeleaux for movement and increased Ld, as well as maybe the virtue of noble disdain to ignore panic checks against 25% loss from missiles... or the mane of the purebreed... any ideas?

19-02-2010, 13:24
If you need to get it off you can be sure your opponent will use a scroll if you do.

More knights! :)

warp powered madman
20-02-2010, 21:25
I agree with Malorian, bretts damsals are at best scroll caddies.
Other wise its good with lots of knight!