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19-02-2010, 00:30
Hi all, I'm a returning 40K player who's about two years out of the loop and I've decided to sell my skaven and try to get a small dwarf army together. Are there any Dwarf players around willing to lend me some tips on how to use the blokes? It's going to be a softer/fluff army and I'm thinking of playing a mining clan. I'm after tips on how to play them, army creation and cheap collecting.

Things I'm thinking about;

-Big (20ish) units of dwarf warriors.
-Flame Cannons

What other units would fit the theme? What units should every dwarf player use that I haven't considered? Any help is appreciated.


19-02-2010, 00:40
To go in line with your fluff you could take a few Heroes or a Lord with the Rune of Brotherhood, to allow them to accompany your Miners on their underground adventure.

I also think that Slayers could fit into this theme, the Miners would likely allow them to go down extremely dangerous passageways to fight deadly monsters.

19-02-2010, 02:44
bolt throwers are named as being a very dependent war machine underground.

Also Iron Breakers are the professionals doing the underground fighting.