View Full Version : 2000 pt monster list for tourney

19-02-2010, 19:17
So I really am likely to give it a try this weekend so any last tips or comments will be appreciated

Great Bray - stubborn crown, power stone l4 wild and pray for savage Dominion or mantle in a pinch
Bray - eye of night, l1 death
wargor bsb - warbanner
17 gors - fc ahw
* Basically stubborn 8 bsb MR 2 with 6 or 7 starting combat res IIRC

Bray scroll caddy l1 death
9 ungor raiders (may or may not have the caddy inside)

10 ambushing gors
6 raiders (ambush)

3Mino ahw w FC * so that even when the screen goes hits will have to be randomised rather than picking off single bodies

hound screen

razorgors 2


the goal is 3 monsters if I get the spell, enough power on the bray to actually cast the high point spells, some magic missiles to suck dispell dice or soften units - otherwise a couple of hard biggies a strong stubborn block and minos and razors that cant be ignored either + a couple of harassers for spite

19-02-2010, 19:34
Killing a great bray shaman really isn't that hard and once you do the unit isn't stubborn anymore.

Seems like this list is doomed to failure once they key in on that shaman's unit and hack him to bits.