View Full Version : 3k of vampires

21-02-2010, 23:39
alright, for starters, hello. now. my llocal gw is having a tournament, and i threw together a list. tell me what you think..

Manfred, skullstaff, book of arhkan, barded nightmar-595
vampire lord, red fury, dreadnight, walking death, dreadlance, accursed armour, level 3-440

vampire, darkacolyte, avatar of death, BSB, drakenhof-300
vampire, avatar of death, walking death, blood hauberk, biting blade-195
vampire, dark acolyte, lord of the dead, flayed hauberk, scroll-195
vampire, dark acolyte, lord of the dead, enchanted shield, scroll-185

10 skeletons, spears, command-110
10 skeletons, command-100
10 skeletons, command-100
20 zombies, musician-84

19 grave guard, command, standard of strigos-293

5 blood knights, command, flag of blood keep-400


so my plan is to put the combat vampire hero and teh bsb in with the grave guard. the lord is going in with the blood knights. manfred is going to sit back and raise skeletons and such. and the other two vampires will raise skeletons and such. how does it loook?