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23-02-2010, 07:36
I played "IT" today. It being the new Skaven. I detailed a rough estimate of the Skaven list with my Empire list. I added some highlights but I did not go turn by turn with the details. Just imagine the Skaven line advancing whilst only my Steamtank advances in the center and a unit of knights on each flank advanced forward. Otherwise the battle was fought in the middle and on my side of the table. Enjoy!

Army Lists (as I remember them) 2500 point game
Grey Seer on the Screaming Bell
unit of 30+ Clan Rats pushing it.
Plague Priest on the Plague Furnace
unit of 20+ Plague Priests pushing it.
Flail of Doom type weapon team with Plague Priests
30 Clan Rats
Ratling Gun Weapon Team
30 Clan Rats
25+ Slaves
25+ Slaves
6 Giants Rats with packmaster
Warplock Engineer (Doom Rocket)
6 to 8 Censer Bearers
Hell Pit Abomination
(I may be counting one extra Clan Rat unit, I can't remember but there were a lot of Skaven.)

Arch Lector (Crimson Amulet, Armor of Meteoric Iron <-It is favorite!)
Warrior Priest mounted on barded steed (Heavy Armor, Helm of the Ratslayer, Shield, Sword of Might)
Warrior Priest (Sword of Battle, Enchanted Shield)
Captain of the Empire mounted on barded (BSB, Full Plate)
25 Swordsmen with banner and musician
Detachment of 10 Free Company
Detachment of 10 Swordsmen
25 Swordsmen with banner and musician
Detachment of 10 Free Company
Detachment of 10 Halberdiers
8 Knights with banner and musician
8 Knights with banner and musician
Great Cannon
20 Greatswords with banner and musician
Detachment of 10 Halberdiers
6 Outriders
Helblaster Volley Gun
(I purposely chose not to use a second cannon to save points and because I thought a mortar would inflict more casualties. I was right. I was also lucky in that I always rolled the required 4+ while the storm banner was going for all of my war machines.)

-8 Core Empire Knights with a mounted Warrior Priest (Ratslayer Helm and Sword of Might) charged the Hell Pit Abomination and eventually made it flee off the table after it devoured the Warrior Priest. It was for a good cause though.
-The Screaming Bell hit all but one Knight unit of mine during during magic phases doing something like d3 strength 4 or 6(?) wounds to each of my units. Ouch! That is craziness at its best. The Bell rang all game long winning my opponent the game by surviving and destroying at least 4 infantry units with combat and magic together.
-8 Core Empire Knights made the Doomwheel flee. It would have rallied if we had kept going after turn 6 though. I really like that 1+ armor save. That paired with the charge and lances, death on hooves!
-A combo of mortar shells and close combat (steamtank close combat shuffle) destroyed the Plague Furnace. I was lucky here.
-The Doomwheel had its way with my degraded Steamtank and the rats driving it laughed all the way. I say degraded because my opponent predict he would do 3 wounds on the Steamtank during the turn and he got exactly that! I was amazed at his prediction. He barely took notice as he had everything under control, if you can say that about a Skaven General.
-The Skaven magic phase hurt. A block of 25 Swordsmen, 20 Greatswords, and 6 Outriders all were wiped out or left with only with less than 4 troops with a single spell. Scorch. I will bring more magic defense next time.
-A block of Slaves put a wound on my General (Arch Lector on foot) and almost ran him down missing by 2 inches. That was close.
-The Screaming Bell's Rat Ogre killed my mounted Empire Captain like crushing a beer can.
-My Mortar crew abandoned their gun to charge a Warplock Engineer, beat him in combat, and he fled off the table. Huzzah for Mortars!
-I killed 11 Slaves and 7 Clan Rats with my Helblaster Volley Gun. It probably didn't make its points back.
-All of my war machines were destroyed by magic from the Screaming Bell.
-By turn 2 the entire Skaven front line was in the middle of the table or near my table edge. It was the most fearsome advance of a Warhammer game I have ever witnessed.
-I fought a Skaven list and didn't get tabled (i.e. I had units still on the table after turn 6. None were in very good shape though. All under half if I remember correctly.)
-Skaven 1100 victory points versus Empire 840 victory points. This is a rough estimate. That is either a Marginal Victory or Solid Victory for Skaven by a 260 point difference.

What did I take away from this game? An enjoyable battle experience with a very honorable opponent that gave me tremedous respect for Skaven but also hope that I can face other Skaven lists in the future and win. That was one heck of a game!

23-02-2010, 15:53
Seems like that bell really did a lot of damage to you. In other reports I've seen it does nothing but makes the unit pushing it unbreakable.

Liked that you broke and ran down the HPA, and that your crew killed his warlock :)

23-02-2010, 20:18
Thanks for the report, suprised mal didn't comment on the sneaky ratslaying helm ;)

23-02-2010, 20:21
Thanks for the report, suprised mal didn't comment on the sneaky ratslaying helm ;)

Would have made more of an issue if he would have won ;)

23-02-2010, 21:49
The helm is decent, not good for one reason. Upping the armor save of a character when all that is possible has been done. The warrior priest didn't have Full plate and I wasn't going to buy the magical items for him as they were too expensive.

This was an awesome battle but the amount of power dice Skaven can have is ridiculous. and somehow my 6 dispel dice failed me at 2 crucial moments with that Scorch spell. Yikes that hurt.

24-02-2010, 10:36
A more specific version of "IT":
Grey Seer w/ Bell
Level 2 Priest
Level 2 Engineer
Chieftan BSB

30x Clanrats with the Bell, Doomflayer
30x Clanrats with the BSB, Warpfire Thrower
25x Plague Monks with Storm Banner
8x Plague Censer Bearers
A bajillion slaves
And a token 6-model Rat Pack. Just because I can.