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23-02-2010, 18:42
No Frogs Allowed!!! -1: Frogs allowed!

Waking up to the squawks of his alarm skink, Scarvet Itchy-Buum swats the skink away and stretches, his mind filled with nothing more than the hopes that today will be another fulfilling day of serving his slann.

Suddenly his mind was filled with a telepathic message from his beloved leader.

“Hey there, this is your ruler, Da-Frog-Mann, and it looks to be another great day out there in the jungle. As you all know the yearly Blood Bowl is coming up so those interested should sign up, and for those of you not into the blood sports there is always wandering the jungle aimlessly killing the enemies of Quetzelville.”

Itchy-Buum thought about that last bit. Being one of Da-Frog-Mann’s main generals he had access to a lot of troops and certainly there must be a lot of enemies in the jungle to fight. Boy that slann was smart! No wonder he ruled the city.

Grabbing his weapons and armor the scarvet rushed down to mount his cold one and lead his army to glory in the name of his slann.

So since it will be a bit before Blackjack and I can arrange the final game, I'm going George Lucas and doing a prequel (or two) while we wait.

To keep things even more interesting I'm also changing my list up a bit: (er... a lot...)

Scarvet w/ piranha blade, light armor, shield, coldone

20 saurus w/ full command
20 saurus w/ full command
18 spear saurus w/ full command
18 spear saurus w/ banner, musician
18 spear saurus w/ banner, musician
20 skinks w/ 2 kroxigor, banner, musician
20 skinks w/ 2 kroxigor, banner, musician
10 skirmishing skinks
10 skirmishing skinks
10 skirmishing skinks
10 skirmishing skinks
10 skirmishing skinks
Jungle swarm
Jungle swarm

Total: 2247 (93% core! Better use it now before it's illegal :rolleyes:)

Being that I love things to be symetrical I'm sure you can all figure out how I'm going to deploy (Skinks, spear saurus, saurus, spear saurus, saurus, spear saurus, skinks. Then skirmishing skinks and swarms in front.).

Should be interesting as I now have zero magic defence :eek: but a ton of bodies :D

I will be having my game tomorrow so until then feel free to bet on how I'll do :)

Gork or Possibly Mork
23-02-2010, 18:54

Who needs magic defense when you have tons of skinks and saurus to soak up the damage and return it back ten fold.:D

Itchy sure picked up alot of recruits. Da Lizzie Horde..Luv it.

23-02-2010, 18:59
Awesome list. I greatly desire to know how this unfolds. 100 poisoned blowpipe attacks. Pure win. You can leave the Saurus at home.

Gork or Possibly Mork
23-02-2010, 19:09
Hey Malorian, do you have a painting log somewhere? I'd like to see your Piranha scar-vet conversion you talked about and those Cheetah Saurus.

23-02-2010, 19:48
I am part of the tale of fantasy painters and last month I finished 5k worth of dwarfs and now I'm working on my lizards.

During the first week of March look for the new thread that will include:

-My piranha blade scarvet
-Winged skink chief
-Diadem skink priest
-18 spear saurus
-10 ranked skinks

Gork or Possibly Mork
23-02-2010, 20:02
Ahh thanks. I saw that thread before a while back but I haven't really looked at it much yet. There are so many good painting logs and not enough time in the day. I will check it out.

warlord hack'a
23-02-2010, 22:30
holy cow, that's a lot of warm, scrap that, cold bodies!

23-02-2010, 23:12
The list is crying out for ranged support.

A pair of DOW cannons would improve this list 100%.

24-02-2010, 15:23
The list is crying out for ranged support.

A pair of DOW cannons would improve this list 100%.

The goal of this list was to have as much in core as possibe, and as such I am using every core model I have :)

If I face a dragon or stank it could be trouble but I'll find a way to make it work ;)

Gork or Possibly Mork
24-02-2010, 17:46
The list is crying out for ranged support.

A pair of DOW cannons would improve this list 100%.

Lizardmen and Blackpowder:wtf: Booooohh!!!:)

The Old Ones told us not to trust the whiteman. They only come to Lustria to steal our lands take our gold and kidnap our beautiful native amazonian women.;)

24-02-2010, 17:53
The Old Ones told us not to trust the whiteman. They only come to Lustria to steal our lands take our gold and kidnap our beautiful native amazonian women.;)

But whiteman's fire water is awwwwwwesome :p

Gork or Possibly Mork
24-02-2010, 18:07
But whiteman's fire water is awwwwwwesome :p

You make a good point and they have those little blue pills so the oldbloods can get an erecti....eh em....Well lets just say there potent.

24-02-2010, 18:20
Epic! If you loose (which will ofcourse never happend) this can be one of the reasons of Itchy getting fired.

24-02-2010, 19:31
Total: 2247 (93% core! Better use it now before it's illegal :rolleyes:)

Huh? Are they planning to nerf core in the next edition? If so horde armies are gonna have a really hard time, and a nerf is not really what they need right now :S

On subject though, this should be good. Skink skirmishers will own everything! It's like shade-star with skinks :p Skink-star - potentially 100 poisonous shots per turn :O You can destroy anything in one round of shooting, your only obstacle at this point will be the 1+ and 2+ armour save!

24-02-2010, 19:39
There is a rumor that 8th will restrict your list through percentages (only 25% can be in characters) and the last one I saw on core was that it had to be 25-50%. So 93% would be soooo illegal ;)

24-02-2010, 22:07
Man 93% core, my kinda list! :D

If I ever come to America, I'm going to have a game against you Mal, whether you want it or not! :p

24-02-2010, 22:45
Man 93% core, my kinda list! :D

If I ever come to America, I'm going to have a game against you Mal, whether you want it or not! :p

You'll need to go to Canada.

25-02-2010, 03:05
Canada's in America.

Anyway, that many Saurus and poisoned pipes are sure to be troublesome for most opponents. I'm looking forward to the report!

25-02-2010, 05:26
Mind-blowing list Mal, look forward to seeing how this thing goes down ... My vote is for epic no matter what!

- Salvage

25-02-2010, 05:32
That list would be tough to crack. IMO if they do that hardcore a nerf to core this game will totally go down the toilet. Already way to many powergamers out there that have bare minimum core.

25-02-2010, 05:46
I'd be shocked if they put a maximum cap on core. Shocked. And I generally revile that word as hyperbole.

25-02-2010, 07:56
That list would be tough to crack. IMO if they do that hardcore a nerf to core this game will totally go down the toilet. Already way to many powergamers out there that have bare minimum core.

I agree, it's generally the core that is the most fun to play with and against, if they nerf it even further... *shudders at thought*

25-02-2010, 16:18
No Frogs Allowed!!! -1: Frogs allowed!

Itchy-Buum and his massive army marched through the jungle, looking for the first foe they could find, and the scarvet’s mouth curled to a smile when he saw some deamons in a clearing just up ahead.

“Alright, lets go tear these deamons apart in the name of D…”

From the flank of the deamons another Lizardman army emerged from the jungle. Leading them was Numm-Scul, an Oldblood who ranked higher than Itchy-Buum so he had first rights to take on the deomonic host.

“Well… might as well take a seat watch the show.”

One of his kroxigors coughed loudly, “Um… shouldn’t we be going in there to help?”

Itchy-Buum laughed, “As if a mighty army of Da-Frog-Mann needs help dispatching a few deamons.”

“You do realize that deamons are the most broken army out there right? Sir…”

“What the hell does that even mean?”

Suddenly their minds were filled by an incoming telepathic message from Da-Frog-Mann, “The kroxigor lies. Lizardmen are the best. Deamons suck. All hail to Da-Frog-Mann.”

Itchy-Buum grinned contently, “Well there you go. Now sit down and watch our glory unfold.”

So when I got to the club there was another lizardman player looking for a game, but since it wouldn’t work with the fluff and I was looking forward to playing against Seabo I let him take on a deamon player instead.

In the end Seabo decided to watch Olympic hockey (can’t really blame him) so I didn’t get a game myself, but this game turned out so well that I’ll use it’s report instead.

I’ll say now that this was a weird army for the Lizardman player to take. He ALWAYS uses the typical slann/temple guard/EotG/ blah blah list however he had just gotten roughly 4000 points of lizardmen for $100 at a garage sale and was looking forward to trying out some things he had never tried before (good for him).

Lizardmen army:

Oldblood w/ blade of realities, light armor, enchanted shield, carnosaur
Lvl 2 skink priest w/ diadem of power and scroll

16 skinks w/ 2 kroxigors and FC
16 skinks w/ 2 kroxigors and FC
10 skirmishing skinks

9 saurus cav w/ musician, banner, warbanner

Salamander w/ extra handler

Deamon army:

Lvl 2 herald of tzeentch
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh

29 horrors w/ FC
20 bloodletters w/ FC
19 deamonettes w/ FC

5 flesh hounds

7 flamers

(I’ll write this from the perspective of the deamon player)The board was 6X4 and there was a woods on the right flank with linear terrain on deamon’s side, and on the left flank there were some ruins. There was other terrain on the edges of the board but it never came into play.

The Lizardmen player deployed from left to right: skink priest hiding in the corner,
*ruins*, skink block, stegadon, stegadon, salamander, skink block, skirmishing skinks, *woods* carnosaur, saurus cav.

The deamon player deployed from left to right: bloodletters, deamonettes, horrors and flamers behind the linear terrain, *woods* flesh hounds, bloodthirster.

Lizardmen get first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Looking at the deployment and knowing the lizardman’s list I really hoped that he could take on the bloodthirter but with the bloodthirsters extra range I didn’t give him much hope. Really over all things looked to be in the deamon’s favor both list-wise and deployment-wise and in a way I was hoping the Lizardmen player would be crushed quickly so I could get a game in ;)

However as a reader you already know it wasn’t a quick fight so lets continue on to see what happened…

Turn 1 LM:

Stupidity is passed. Main line moves up while the skirmishing skinks go into the woods and the saurus cav and carnosaur move up such that what ever one the bloodthirster charges it can flee and the other can counter.

In the magic phase the lizardmen kept trying for the reroll spell but it kept getting (easily) dispelled and then he saved the other two dice so I won’t mention it further.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Bloodthirster flies to the right side of the saurus cav (looking to the center of the board), the bloodletters head towards the left skink block, the deamonettes hold (having the same range as the stegadon it’s a Mexican standoff), the flamers move up, and the flesh hounds more to center (figuring the bloodthirster has everything under control).

In the magic phase the right skink block is blasted and they lose a kroxigor and a couple of skinks and the left block also loses some skinks, and in the shooting phase the other kroxigor takes a wound and couple more skinks are killed. It’s at this point the lizardman player inquires as to how linear terrain works and is a bit disheartened at how badly things are stacked against the skink block.

Turn 2 LM:

Stupidity is passed. The left skink block position themselves to take on the bloodletters while the right steg edges up to take on the deamonettes (Mexican standoffs are boring) and the left steg is set up to help out in either combat. The right skink block, undaunted, moves towards the horrors, the skinks skirmishers move towards the thirster, the cav move up, and the oldblood moves to the flank of the carnosaur.

It’s a risky move but what it seems the Lizardman player is trying to do is bait the bloodthirster into the flank of the saurus cav, hope they hold, and then counter with the carnosaur oldblood. VERY risky but, hey, it might work.

In the shooting phase the skinks do 2 wounds to the bloodthirster.

Turn 2 Deamons:

The bloodthirster doesn’t go for the bait and instead surprises both of us by charging across the board at the salamander (which flees and gets away). The bloodletters charge the left skink block who fail their fear test (we weren’t sure if they were immune due to the krox) and flee (getting away). The deamonettes hold their ground (weren’t sure if they were actually in range or if it was a trick), the horrors move back, flamers move up (over the linear terrain to the right flank of the right skink block) and the flesh hounds move to protect the horrors.

In the magic/shooting phase the right skinks get blasted to almost nothing but they hold their ground.

Turn 3 Lizardmen:

Skirmishing skinks fail terror and flee to the board edge. Stupidity is passed. The left stegadon charges the bloodletters in the flank, the right steg hits the deamonettes in the front, and the right skink block charges the horrors. The left skink block rallies as does the salamander. The saurus cav move slightly up (hiding from the flamers/horrors behind the woods) and the carnosaur swings over to face the bloodthirster.

This combat phase saw wild extremes. Firstly the right skink block lost and broke, never to rally as they are too small (but we all saw that coming), then the left stegadon does massive damage and the deamon player rolls double 6s so the bloodletters are completely wiped out!!! However then the right stegadon does nothing, breaks, and is ran down. Crazy…

Turn 3 Deamons:

Deamonettes move to face the steg/skink block, the flesh hounds move to face the carnosaur with the flamers moving behind them, and the bloodthirster moved behind the carnosaur. The horrors reform to face in the incoming saurus cav.

The idea the deamon player had was to shoot at the carnosaur with the flamers, take the charge with the hounds, and counter with the bloodthirster. However this player didn’t realize that the carnosaur wasn’t a large target any more so there would be no shooting.

The magic phase is pretty much shut down with the thanks of a scroll however now the stegadon is subject to stupidity.

Turn 4 Lizardmen:

Stupidity is passed. The carnosaur charges the flash hounds, and the skirmishing skinks continue to flee off the table. The skink block moves up while the stegadon moves back (they are set up so that whoever the deamonettes charge the other can counter), and the saurus cav swing around to face the horrors.

The salamander kills a couple of deamonettes. In the combat phase the oldblood and carnosaur wipe out the flash hounds and hit into the flamers.

Turn 4 Deamons:

Bloodthirster charges into the flank of the oldblood (oh oh…) and the deamonettes charge the stegadon. Turns out however that the lizardmen player didn’t quite position the steg right so it was in question if it was a front or flank charge. We rolled it off and it was a flank, and one that if the stegadon broke the deamonettes would overrun into the skink block (not good).

In the magic phase doom bolt zaps two saurus cav and then winds of chaos goes off… 6 str 6 hits against the oldblood and his carnosaur… randomization sees only 1 hit on the oldblood, that wounds, and then the rest roll perfectly to kill the carnosaur.

If that oldblood looked in trouble before he now looked to be in HUGE trouble.

In combat the crew of the stegadon are wiped out and the monster reaction test is failed and it goes into a frenzy, killing 2 deamonettes, but then it breaks and only flees 3 inches… however the deamonettes only roll 3 as well so they catch the stegadon but fail to hit into the skink block.

Then the main combat… the oldblood issued a challenge that the bloodthirster has to take… the bloobthirster rolls his 7 attacks and gets… only 2 hits! And both of them are saved!!! So the oldblood attacks back… 5 hits… it’s leadership time…

First one… passed…
Second one… passed…
Third one… passed…
Fourth one… passed…
Fifth one… FAILED!!!

The bloodthirster goes pop to the blade of realities and 3 flamers fade away to combat res! This is getting interesting…

Turn 5 LM:

Stupidity is passed and the saurus cav charge into the horrors while the skink block charges into the deamonettes. In combat the skink block is easily torn apart and ran down, the saurus cav kill some horrors, and the oldblood kills a couple of flamers.

Turn 5 Deamons:

Deamonettes turn around and head back to the combats. In the magic phase wind of chaos fails to wound the oldblood but it kills one saurus cav. In combat the flamers are finished off and more horrors die.

Turn 6 LM:

Frenzied oldblood is forced to run into the flank of the horrors. Salamander moves to get the perfect flaming position on the deamonettes but after rolling a scatter of 2 no deamonettes are killed.

In combat the oldblood kills the herald of tzeentch in a challenge and the horror block goes pop.

Turn 6 Deamons:

Both me and the lizardmen player expected the deamonettes to charge the oldblood but they charge the saurus cav instead who obviously hold.

The deamonettes do some damage but when the saurus cav hit back the deamonettes make every single ward save. The saurus cav need a cold 4 to hold and roll a 5 (if they just would have killed 1 they would have held!) and they get away.

All that was left on the board was the deamonette block, the herald of slaanesh, with 2 captured banners and a table quarter for the deamons, and the Lizardmen had the oldblood, the salamander, the skink priest, a killed general, a table quarter, and a debatable banner is it was never established who took the horror’s banner.

At any rate it was a tie and a very good game which saw a lot of ups and downs and both sides had a lot of fun.

Itchy-Buum and his army cheered and clapped their hands by the performance put on for them, and Numm-Scul took a bow.

The loyal scarvet hadn't smashed a foes head in to prove his love to his slann, but the day wasn't over yet, and with the smell of blood and vaporized deamons in the air his army was quickly back on their feet and marching into the jungle once more.

Post-Game Thoughts:

What a great game. It went right to the end and I didn’t even care that I didn’t get a game because this was such a perfect game to watch (even the deamon player cheered when the bloodthirster was zapped by the blade of realities).

I was glad to see the Lizardmen player experimenting with new things and with this success I think the club is going to be at the mercy of two thinking-outside-of-the-box lizardmen players ;)

I still plan to use the Lizardmen horde list next time I get a game here so don’t worry, it’s still coming.

Thanks for reading! :D

25-02-2010, 18:01
Great report :D
Awesome to see the thirster go down to the BoR. :skull:

25-02-2010, 18:40
Great report, Mal, as always! Lizardmen win! (OK, yes, I know it was a tie, but it was DoC and a tie, so that's a win in my book!)

Gork or Possibly Mork
25-02-2010, 20:56
Wow! What an great back and forth.

I know the Oldblood surviving and smashing the thirster was truly epic especially since he lost the carnosaur but I had a feeling he'd survive because of this "(figuring the bloodthirster has everything under control)."

Yes surviving then getting 5 hits and the thirster passing all but the last one was epic.


The stegadon wiping out the entire 20 block of Bloodletters was the highlight of the game for me. That was just insane.

25-02-2010, 21:01
The stegadon wiping out the entire 20 block of Bloodletters was the highlight of the game for me. That was just insane.

Yeah that was just as crazy. I turned away as they started rolling the combat (helping out a new 40k player) and when I turned back the unit was just gone :eek:

Desert Rain
25-02-2010, 21:35
As always a great report Mal! That sure sounds like a lovely game with a lot of things going on.