View Full Version : So, I just played my first game against the New Tyranids

23-02-2010, 20:52
And it rocked.

I had no clue what the new Tyranid Codex could do.

I had two Nugle Daemon Princes, 6 Oblits, 10 Chosen in Rhino, 25 CSM in Rhinos and 2 Sqauds of 3 Terminators.

He had 1 Tyrant w/Guard, 4 Carnifexes, 8-10 new genestealers, 30 hormagaunts, 5-6 warriors.

I got first turn and pasted a Fex with 6 lascannon shots. Deamon Princes moved up, most things move up.
His turn some things moved up his shooting didn't do much.

Turn 2 Rhino moved up to light up some warriors, Chosen outflanked to light up some warriors, Oblits moved up to score some more Fex wounds and Daemon Princes Flew up to assault fexes. 2 warriors left after shooting and this is where I said "Fexes have how many attacks now?!?" Killed off another fex but tyrant with gaurd about to pile in.
His turn gaunts outflanked and was able to assualt one of my CSM sqauds that poped out to shoot the warriors. genestealers poped out on top of my Oblits (Did they eat Marbo or something?).

To speed it up I held two objectives and he had two.

I learned.
1.Stay far away from the edge when Tyranids have outflanking junk. That hormagaunt sqaud was deadly. 90 attacks re-rolling 1's... ouch.
2. Fexes are no joke in CC now and can take on a Daemon Prince (unless it is Tzeentch with Warptime Daemon Prince maybe).
3.If playing with the new genestealers stay away from terrain until you know where they are going to pop if you can't fill up the terrain.
4. It seemed shooting has been toned down, I probably should have held back and softend him up more.

Great game. Look forward to the next one.