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23-02-2010, 23:40
Thanks to my extremely interesting (read: I'm lucky to still be alive) philosophy and historical foundations lecture halls I started to come up with a campaign idea around the Chaos Gates. Instead of the generic "Oh no! Chaos is invading!" I decided it's time the mortals push back against the daemonic forces.

Now, aside from the whole "Daemons are evil!" there needs to be a reason behind the move toward the northern pole. As discussed in a Lore thread, the South Pole has been completely overrun by daemons. Both poles used to have a Gate which collapsed, allowing the influx of chaos into the Old World. Further more, no one has ventured to the South Pole and returned due to the massive amount of daemons there. Since the Old Ones build the gates there, I'm assuming for this campaign that they also had other structures there.

At the last full moon of Morrslieb chucks of warpstone rained down upon the earth. Along with this event, many prophets across the Old World saw visions of artifacts of great power laying deep within ruins in the South Pole. Those more attune to the Winds of Magic awoke with the knowledge of how to craft talismans that would protect those who would venture towards the warp from the mutating nature of Chaos. Some chose to gather forces of their own, while others decided to share their visions with more powerful leaders, hoping to share in the discovery or turn to treachery at the end.

The vision showed the only safe way to access the South Pole. Only those brave enough to battle their way to the Northern Gate and step into the Realm of Chaos would be transported to the Southern Polar Gate. The vision ends showing the viewer a glimpse of decaying ruins, daemons battling each other endlessly, and finally, balanced atop a great pedestal, an obsidian orb. This orb, dark as night, seems to pull the viewer in. As the dreamer awakes a voice, accompanied by the crackle of fire, can be heard in the depths of their minds, "Come, claim what is yours. Great power is just within your grasp."

The way I see this campaign going is that armies would be split into three parts. Primarily those sided against Chaos, those sided with Chaos, and those of neutral parties, seeking either power of wealth through aiding one side.

Currently I have placed armies into these categories.
Against Chaos: Empire, Brets, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Wood Elves, and High Elves.
Sided with Chaos: Daemons of Chaos, Warriors of Chaos, and Beastmen.
Neutral: VC, Dark Elves, Orcs n Gob, Ogres, Tomb Kings, and Skaven.

Now keep in mind, these placements do not necessarily mean that each army would be pushing their way north just to get a chance at power. For example: I placed the Wood Elves in "against" as their reason for supporting the effort could be the simple wish to push the Beastmen out of the forests.

Other components that I have drawn up are the following:
-Allied battles (follows an special allied system that gives bonuses for certain match ups as well as disadvantages for being too close to untrustworthy allies)
-Ladder approach to gauge arrival at the Northern Gate and beyond.
-Life System for armies to decide when a player is removed from the campaign
-Daemonic Interference! Possibility of a third-party small daemonic force to ambush mid battle to harass both players (follows a chart and increases with proximity to the Polar Gate)
-Wild Magic! Proximity to the gate can cause strange effects to elements of the battlefield.
-Chaotic Terrain! specialized terrain, one related to each of the Big Four. These terrain pieces are unpredictable and can cause a huge effect during the course of battle.

So far that's all I've come up with. Any opinions would be great! If you'd like to hear more let me know and I'll post more details on the other parts I've come up with! :evilgrin:

24-02-2010, 03:50
I like your concept and fluff for the campaign, its good but a tad ambitious but I believe with the right participants(the right mentality of the players are very important), it will work out really well. There is not much I can contribute to your ideas anyway but I especially like the daemonic interference things. Good luck with the campaign mate.

24-02-2010, 03:55
As a quick note, I think that DE should be invading against Chaos. Reason being that if any sorceress (or Malekith for that matter) had a vision telling them that great power was within their grasp, they'd be on their way to get it.