View Full Version : Terror and temporary immune to psychology

24-02-2010, 13:49
An interesting case, but if a unit is attacked by a terror causing enemy, but is temporarily immune to psychology due to magic, or an item or whatever, then if they subsequently lose the effect, will they be required to test for terror?

In the rules, immune to psychology is worded as "Troops that are immune to psychology automatically pass all their Panic, Fear, and Terror tests". So I'm assuming that even though the effect was temporary, they count as having already successfully tested for Terror and therefore do not test again.

Just wanted to double check that this is correct and that I haven't missed anything.

An example could be a Dwarf Lord joining a unit of Hammerers, making them immune to Fear and Terror. However, if he is killed or leaves the unit, then they will no longer be immune to fear and terror. I think there are other cases that actually use the immune to psychology rule, but that's the one that came up in a game, we just assumed that the Hammerers had already tested for terror so didn't need to test again and just suffered fear as normal.

Necromancy Black
24-02-2010, 14:43
Yes, according to the rules they have already passed a Terror test so if they lose ItP (most commonly done by losing Frenzy) they won't have to test for Terror again.

However, the wording for combat is different. Units in close combat don't automatically pass Psychology, instead they imply ignore it. This means that after you come out of combat you won't count as having taken a Terror test and may have to take one later in the game.