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24-02-2010, 13:11
Hey hey, I'm quite new to posting on this forum and really new to warhammer fantasy.

I'm starting a Dark Elves army and I would like some advice on the army that I had in mind.

- Additional hand Weapon
- Manbane
- Rune of Khaine

- level 2
- Dark Steed

5x Dark Riders
-Repeater Crossbows

10x Repeater Crossbowmen
- Musician

10x Repeater Crossbowmen
- Musician

15x Black Guard of Naggarond
- Lordling
- Musician
- Standard Bearer

11x Har Ganeth Executioners
- Draich Master
- Musician

That's an even 1000pts. The idea is that the sorceress is going to go with the dark riders and magic and shoot lone characters and warmachines and the like. The assassin is going with the executioners to whittle down the first rank of any units that charges them, or give a nice boost to the killyness if they charge.
The crossbowmen are there to protect the flanks of the army from fast cavalry and the like

Any advice would be appreciated

24-02-2010, 20:50
I like it! Just be careful of your DR getting the crap shot out of them and loosing your squishy general in the process. I'm doing the same thing with my DR and Sorcerer but she's not my General so...

I like it though.