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24-02-2010, 15:20
Hi everyone

Two of my friends and I want to start ourselves a campaign. Seeing as all three of us like 40K (duh! if I'm posting here) and the game Risk, we're trying to do a hybrid of theses games for our campaign (I'm sure its been done before many times already). What we were thinking of doing is represent a portion of the galaxy on a board (2-3 star systems with about 15-20 planets in total) where the goal for each player is to achieve total control of the sector. In order to do so players will have to move their "space fleets" in order to invade their adversaries' planets. The success of an invasion is going to be determined by playing a single 40K game where each player plays with the amount of points he has on the planet (so if the invading player has a fleet of 2500 points (which is the maximum sized fleet we're allowing) he fights with 2500 points, even if the defending player only has 2000 points on his planet or even 1500!!).

Anyways, to make things even more interesting we decided to include special planets that give bonuses. For example, when hive worlds and agri worlds are combined (when you have one of each in under your control) you gain additionnal armies, Fortress worlds allow you bonuses when your defending them, your home world is special and should you lose it to the enemy you gain some negative bonuses until you can reclaim it.

Now we also want to include Forge worlds in our campaign. These worlds are the ones that specialises in making special weapons of war. To represent this, each player is going to recieve a token for every Forge world he controls (maximum 1 token per world) and he may use that token in any game he chooses to grant him some special bonus. Now we what these bonuses to be unique to each army we play (These are Blood Angels, IG and Eldar). Evidently these bonuses have to be of approximately equal worth to each army so as to remain fair. Furthermore these bonuses should be useful, so to make the capture of Forge worlds appealing for players, yet they shouldn't be game breaking (so the other guy not using his token still has a fair chance of winning). I was wondering if you, the people of warseer, had any ideas what these bonuses might be?

I had tought of a few things but I would like your opinions on them:
BA's: Fleet for every infantry that isn't wearing terminator armor (I don't really like that one since the IG player isn't mech and would REALLY struggle with this) or have an extra D6" distance on there jumpacks but if they roll a 6 they can't move and must pass a dangerous terrain test as the packs overheat.

IG: Orbital bombardement at the start of the game: every unit in the opposing army suffers a str 5 AP- large blast hit that will scatter 2D6" in a random direction (scatter dice) even if a 'hit' is rolled, vehicules are immuned so are reserves. (I need more ideas for IG)

Eldar: an extra 6" range for al shuriken weaponry, +1 Str on all churiken weaponry or rending on shurikens (one of the 3, the last one is probably to powerful).

As I said these are some ideas I have, please feel free to propose anything new and/or comment on the ones above.

Thank you all :)

King in Yellow
24-02-2010, 15:56
First and foremost, THIS CAMPAIGN SOUNDS AWSOME!!!:D

Secondly, for the "tokens", if you have any of the rule supplements (like cities of death, planet strike) you could have the player trade in a token to recieve one stratagem of their choosing. They would regain any spent tokens at the beginning of their "map turn". IF you don't think some of the stratagems are appropriate, you could all agree to a list of suitable stratagems.

Hope this helps.:)

24-02-2010, 22:58
Hum I hadn't thought of that. Thanks, I'll look into it and see if I can find anything useful. What's particularly appealing to me with this idea is the fact that we wouldn't always se the same bonus for the same army, thus making things more unpredictable and interesting. :D

25-02-2010, 04:27
If you want to see a campaign using planetary empire tiles see my sig link

25-02-2010, 06:42
That sounds really cool Tyranids should get something along the lines of an extended synpase range, perhaps encompassing the entire game board

25-02-2010, 09:01
How about the blood angels get some equivalent to an ork waaagh giving them fleet and furious charge for a turn, if the unit rolls a 1 for run moves takes a wound. Alternatively you could give jump infantry an extended D6 charge distance thanks to upgraded jump pack, which could overheat on a roll of a one (stole your idea a bit)

IG could get special wargear option like any Lasgun in the army may be upgraded to a Special issue lasgun with the following profile

Range S AP Rules
12" 3 3 Assult 4
Gets Hot
(Special issue lasgun counts as a lasgun for the purpose of orders (FRF,SRF)

Eldar could get the hologram thing titans have for a turn or get special issue weapons as well.

I just feel a forge world should give a wargear based bonus.
(Tyranids aren't in it are they?)

25-02-2010, 09:42
The last campaign I ran, a Forgeworld gave the owning player:

One squad may take weapon upgrades (for xx pts) as free upgrades up to the limit stated.
So a SM squad with 10 men could upgrade the 'free' heavy and special for the ones that cost x points for free.

Not overly powerful and it was only ONE unit.

25-02-2010, 13:23
Campains like these are great and fun.
But you should try and keep rules from dominating to much (my given examples are already over the top IMHO)

IG: Orbital bombardement at the start of the game: every unit in the opposing army suffers a str 5 AP- large blast hit that will scatter 2D6" in a random direction (scatter dice) even if a 'hit' is rolled, vehicules are immuned so are reserves. (I need more ideas for IG)

Infinite or double range on orders.
All command squads gain a commissar.
A new order that makes a unit in the opponents turn stubborn.
Fox holes, as long as the unit does not move it has nightfight rule to be shot at.

Here is an example of an table of bonusses I used for my campain:

How it works.
-If you win a battle add 3 points to your experience pool
-If you lose or draw add 2 points to your experience pool
-When you gain 6 points you can roll on the table.
-Roll a D3 for wich table you use 1-2 table 1, 3-4 table 2, 5-6 table 3

Tabel 1: Independent characters/monsterous creatures
D6 result 2 results max.
1 Night vision
2 Stubborn
3 Stealth
4 Hit and run
5 Furious charge
6 Fleet

Tabel 2: Units
D6 result 2 results max.
1 Night vision
2 Move trough cover
3 Tank hunters
4 Stubborn
5 Stealth
6 Counter attack

Tabel 3: Army wide
D6 result 2 results max.
1 After scout and infiltrate, redeploy (non infiltrating/scouting) unit on a 4+
2 +1 to reserve roll for 1 unit.
3 Before deployment, 1 terrain piece becomes dangerous terrain.
4 Before deployment, on a 4+ scatter 1 terrain piece 2d6 inch.
5 Before deployment, 1 terrain piece becomes -1 to cover
6 Before deployment, 1 terrain piece becomes +1 to cover

There are way more rules to this but its all in dutch and I am just to lazy to translate it all.

Hope it helps.