View Full Version : 2,000pts Druchii

25-02-2010, 16:19
Alright, hope to be playing with my dark elves next week so I've been working on a list. My opponent and I have agreed to abhor all spells - wizards and bound items - and I'll be playing a WoC army.

Here's the list -

Dreadlord - pendent of khaeleth, blood armour, great weapon (196)
Master - BSB, cold one, heavy armour, shield, lance (135)
Death Hag - cauldron of blood (200)

20 Corsairs - full command, sea-serpent standard (250)
10 Repeater Crossbows - (100)
10 Repeater Crossbows - (100)

15 Witch Elves - full command (175)
5 Cold Ones - dread knight, standard, banner of murder (192)
5 Shades - (80)

Reaper Bolt Thrower (100)
War Hydra (175)

Assassin - touch of death, rune of khaine, add. hand weapon (151)
Assassin - rending stars, manbane (145)

Total - 1999

What I'm not sure about is whether I should have 20 corsairs and 15 witch elves, or 20 witch elves and 15 corsairs. I hope to use the cauldron to give the witches killing blow against a large unit of warriors and the corsairs to fight off marauders. Also, I've been thinking of ditching the touch of death on my assassin and sticking him in the witch elf unit. There he could benefit from the cauldron and add 4+D3 attacks to the unit. This would leave me free to get musicians for my crossbows.