View Full Version : Gamers in Oslo?

25-02-2010, 16:49
Hey there, long time gamer, first time poster.

Just wanted to check if there are any players in Norway, close to Oslo on this forum?

Preemptive apologies to the Mods if this post isnt in the right place!

Thanks all!

01-03-2010, 19:28

I'm from Oslo, but I mainly collect and paint.

Hvorfor ikke gå over til norsk.
Sjekk ut 2D6-forumet (http://www.2d6.no/), og spes OMSK gruppa der. Tipper du kan finne noen spillere der :)


01-03-2010, 23:27
Living in Oslo aswell - just follow the doc's link and post some in the OMSK subforum if you need to get hang of other gamers around here and so on :)

There used to be tonnes of Oslo-people on old Portent, but it seems they have all ran away or turned lurkers these days.