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VC Billy
25-02-2010, 19:00
This was for a 3 round tourney with 24 players, I ended up taking overall. The story follows...

My VC List:

Lord- helm of commandment, 3+ ward vs missles, book, flight, +2 PD, and ghoul summoning
Vamp BSB- +1 to hit, 2+ save, MV9, red fury
Vamp- flaming lance, gem of blood, immune to KB and poison, dread knight, infinite hatred
Necro- scroll, periapt, corpse cart w/ balefire, invo and van hels
19 GG with FC and warbanner, shields
14 ghouls with champ
12 ghouls with champ
20 zombies
7 wolves w/ champ
5 wolves
5 wraiths w/ banshee (5 total)
Black Coach

Round 1 - Patrick - Dark Elves

Patrick ran a choppy list with a big unit of ASF BG with a pendant dreadlord and the ring on the champ, a hydra, and a 10 man unit of cold one knights being the real 3 hurtful units. This was a tough match-up for Patrick. Playing a similar list with my dark elves, I realize how big of an obstacle wraiths are for them without magic. That being said, Patrick was a great guy and I'd be glad to play him when the odds a more even.

I gave him first turn and he advanced. He miscast during the magic phase and I was able to have him burn a scroll to prevent my free spell. In my turn I repositioned, but only moved forward with the wraiths who screamed and killed one unit of harpies. I cast winds of undeath in my magic phase and got 1 spirit host which I quickly van hels'ed into his hydra. There they sat the whole game until the GG were able to break the hydra and run him down on the bottom of 5.

The wraiths charged his spear block killing his sorc and running them down the following turn. They overran into the cauldron and killed it. Their presence scared some xbows off the board.

On my turn 3 I charged my ethereal coach, my GG, and my big ghouls unit into 3 sides of the big cold one unit. Flank, flank, front. Both of my little vamps were in there as well. The 3 survivors ran and got away. They rallied only to be charged in the rear by wraiths and screamed to death.

Zombies made sure I got every charge I wanted, big win for the Vamps.

Round 2 - Jeff - Speed Daemons

Jeff runs a very fast list, Keeper with double ld check needed to attack her, Khrone BSB w/ -2 LD, 2 units of 4 fiends, 2 units 6 of dogs, 3 small fury units, and obligatory core. I'll start by saying this is one of best games of Warhammer I've played and thanks to Jeff for making it so. My regret is that so much specific positioning and movement took place that this report can't do it justice. I can tell you Jeff ended the game with 450 VPs of created zombie units.

My gut says if this was a 5 game GT I would normally try to play this list to a draw. Since it was a 3 game tourney I threw the dice to win or lose.

Jeff chose the side I wanted to prevent me from having big wall in the middle of my deployment zone. I had a big woods on the right and a hill on my left, so I refused the left side of the board and was able to isolate a unit of dogs, a unit of fiends, and some horrors. This was okay with Jeff I think since his stuff is so fast and the fiend unit was taking some big stat line hits due to the scenario (heat wave). The plan here was to shoot the wraiths off to the left if the Keeper deployed on the right side, and try to block of his ability to get back to them without running her away from the main combat. I deployed my wraiths in the middle of the woods so I couldn't be siren songed out. The rest of my army deployed to the right of the woods.

I gave Jeff first turn and he advanced. The keeper moved forward to engage my main force, but still hadn't closed enough to prevent her from crossing back to the middle. I then created a big ass wall of zombies to prevent her from being able to march to the middle and to angle her away from the middle if she charged them.

I moved the wraiths 12" to the left and slightly forward. Bringing them about 23" from the keeper (she was -1 MV from the scenario). They screamed and killed a unit of furies. The next turn they charge the flank of the weakened unit of fiends. It took the black coach charging in them on my turn 3 to do it, but finally they popped taking the banshee with them. His dog unit ran by this combat to head to the main action on the right side. The wraiths went on to kill a unit of horrors and claim a table quarter. The coach raced to get in his deployment zone to get a battle point.

The right side I was facing fiends to the far right, 2 units of furies, the herald in a dog unit, the keeper, a unit of daemonettes, and by the time things got really going another dog unit.

On my turn 3, I created a unit of zombies in front of the fiends forcing them to charge them, and he choose to overrun off the board. I then ran my big unit of dogs to about 2 inches from the board edge forcing them to lose a turn sliding to get past the dogs. Then reformed the dogs forcing another charge that slid him down away from the main combat. I knew I was only delaying the inevitable, but minimizing the time his tough units are in was really my only plan going in. They eventually got into the rear of my GG, but we'll get to that.

I used my 20 block of zombies in a 2X10 double file formation and had them hug the right side of the woods just poking the front four models out to threaten a Van Hels charge on the herald and dog unit. Zombies are a really tough tar pit in that formation. On his turn 3, Jeff combo charged his herald dog unit into the front of my 20 zombies and slammed into the flank with his dogs from the left side of the board. The zombies popped, the flanking dogs overran into another unit created to stop the overrun, and his other unit overran because of hatred into the side of his other dog unit. That left his heralds unit slightly in the woods.

On Jeff's turn four he moved his herald in B2B with his keeper and Sirened in my GG (with both vamps)to charge both of his characters in the bottom of 4. I got lucky and did a wound to the herald with the BSB vamp, and although the herald killed him for it, I won combat and the herald popped. The keeper passed and took no wounds stomping on my champ. On the top of 5 he charged in the daemonettes which was bad for me at this point because my BSB was dead and red fury on 2+/2+ would have been nice. The keeper attacked my other vamp and did 2 wounds, but the gem of blood sent one right back. I won combat and the keeper took 3 more wounds while the deamonettes went down to 4 models.

Meanwhile I'm furiously raising zombies in such a way to keep the fiends and dogs off of my GG.

On the bottom of turn five I think I lost combat but it wasn't by much, but I'm not sure. Either way, the keeper took no wounds and only managed to inflict one wound on the vamp (I healed the other in my magic phase). What happened that was significant was all of my zombie walls were finally gone and one unit of 6 dogs (3 got in), and a unit of 4 fiends over ran into my flank and rear. Turn six looked bad at that point.

On the top of turn six the scenario had us roll for our "exhausted" characters. On a 3+ the characters took a wound with no save of any kind. Jeff rolled a 5 and the keeper died. The GG so distracted by the sudden disappearance of the keeper were killed down to only 4 models. They did manage to kill 3 of the 4 remaining daemonettes so only the banner was left. On my turn I flank charged her with a 23 strong ghoul unit in the flank, and that was enough to win combat by enough to pop half the fiends and keep the GG alive.

The game was tight all the way to the last turn. Vamps win and head to table 1.

Round 3 - Roger - Dark Elves

Roger had a similar list to Patrick's from round one, but he had a level 4 on a peg and a level 2 with +1 spell. His knights were also only six strong and the BSB master in the BG had the ring not the pendant.

I gave Roger the first turn, or he took it I can't remember. I deployed one unit of 20 zombies on the far left flank and set up the rest of my army toward the right corner. The scenario had us set up in opposite triangles. Roger had his Hydra behind a wood and his cold one knights next to it not behind the wood directly across from me. His lvl 4 sorc was on the far left. A huge reason I deployed the wraiths on the right.

On Roger's first turn he flew his lvl 4 about 12 inches in front of my zombie block. Then he proceeded to shoot and magic them all the way down to 4 models. He advance his army a couple inches, but I think he wanted to keep his army (the ring) back and shoot and magic to win the game. On my turn I marched the zombie 8" forward to be within 4 of his sorc. I then grew them to about 15 and unsuccessfully threw everything I had into van hels to get them to charge.

On turn 2 she flew and landed behind them to their 5 o clock about 5" away. I used my movement to reform to face her and threw everything in the magic phase again to get them to charge again. This time it worked. She chose to flee and had to roll a 9 or less on 3d6 and rolled a 9. So she sat with one corner on the board edge. I declared enemy in the way on a unit of dark riders and they proceeded to kill me down to just 1 zombie. That 1 zombie, in my mind, is the reason I won the game.

In the movement phase of my turn 2 I positioned my black coach to charge the dark riders if the above events happened the way they did, and since the dark riders couldn't move I was looking great for a turn 3 charge.

On the top of 3 the sorc rallied and stayed on the board and the dark riders finished up the last zombie. I charged the dark riders with my coach and the positioning of the dark riders and the sorc were in such a way that if he held I would hit and kill them and overrun into the sorc. He wisely decided to flee off the board, but fled through the sorc. She failed a panic and followed them home.

We agreed at that point it was pretty much done. The wraiths took care of the hydra and knights. I was able to hit the BG in the flank with a big unit of ghouls and win combat each round throughout the game. The coach moved on to kill his other sorc and half a unit of xbows.

Win for the Vamps.

25-02-2010, 19:27
Nicely done for a non-magic heavy vamp list.

Those fast deamon armies can be deadly for vampire players, firstly because they kill the wriaths so easy, and second because you are in combat before you are ready to raise. But I guess you more combat based characters help out ;)

In the third game it was like your opponent was trying to lose though... setting up the lord to be swarmed by zombies...

26-02-2010, 05:21
Wow, good battles!

VC Billy
26-02-2010, 20:32
Nicely done for a non-magic heavy vamp list.

Those fast deamon armies can be deadly for vampire players, firstly because they kill the wriaths so easy, and second because you are in combat before you are ready to raise. But I guess you more combat based characters help out ;)

I feel like the list has just enough magic to make sure I control the magic phase in 9 out of 10 games. It really is hard to find a good balance between magic and combat that works against the tough armies.

Yeah, the only other time I played against Jeff's Daemons at our local store it wasn't even close. He swarmed me and then it was game over. I'm glad I was able to learn something from the beating though.