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Ambience 327
26-02-2010, 14:33
Hi there. I've been searching, both here and on Google & Yahoo image searches - and all fruitlessly - for an image of the Goblin Regiment sprues so that I can see everything that comes on them. The GW Website, which used to be such a wonderful resource for things like this, is pretty much hit-and-miss on whether sprue images are included for products these days, and no image for the Goblin Regiment is included.

Please note, I am not looking for Night Goblins, wolf riders, spider riders, etc - all of which I seem to be able to find images for. I want an image of the basic "Goblin Regiment" sprues.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you might offer!

26-02-2010, 14:43
do note that i'm not positive on the quantities. but, i can say with certainty that if you've seen the goblin wolf rider sprue, you've seen the common goblin sprue. they are identical.

failing an image there are:

5 standing goblin legs
5 mounted goblin legs
5 goblin torsos
1 standard bearing goblin right arm
2 standard toppers (one skull, one flag)
1 horn bearing goblin right arm
1 sword holding goblin right arm
5-7 spear holding goblin right arms in various poses
3 bow holding goblin right arms
3 arrow holding goblin left arms
3-5 empty left arms
7-10 various goblin heads
1 armored wolf head

Ambience 327
26-02-2010, 16:30
Thanks for the heads up on that. The Wolf Riders are basically the only thing I haven't actually seen a sprue of from my list - just a bunch of bits piled up together.

I'd still like to see a shot of the sprue if anyone can find it.

26-02-2010, 16:31
Here ya go:

Ambience 327
09-03-2010, 16:47
Thank you very much!