View Full Version : Need Help creating a Soft VC 3.5K list

26-02-2010, 19:43
Me and my close friend often play each other.
I try to get us to play *Friendly* Games (i like to try to expirement and do differnt thing) , but my friend is content on making the hardest lists possible and playing them against me.

I am a TK player, he is a VC player.

His lists usually/almost alwasy include/involve
InvoSpam with Huge amounts of power dice (16/18? at like 2k game)
Regenerating/+1 to hit Grave guard with great weapons
A Magical vampire lord in a ghoul bunker in the back, often with Helm of Commandment (to beef up the Grave guard of course)
Blood Knights with a Vamp with Blood Drinker
(whatever vampires left are usually magic oriented for summoning, and Bound items, so many bound items)
Corpse cart, sometimes with Necromancer
Conga lines with Dire wolves
and finally some more ghouls/ small units of skeletons that he beefs up like mad with invo spam

I simply cant deal with all that. I've done perfect flank charges with Chariots/Tomb gaurd
winning combat by like 5/6

The next turn there will be more of the enemy then there was the previous turn.

After the last massacre at a 3.5 game (he also took Mannfreed that helped)

He asked me to write up a Vampire list for him

So this is my dilemma
I want to make a Softer Vampire list
but i also don't want to make it stupid list (all necro's and one vampire)

Can anyone help me write up a list for him?

The models he has include
all approximates cause i don't know for sure
60 skeletons
30 Ghouls
6? vampire models
1 Wight King
1 Vargulf
1 Corpse cart
5 Black knights
30 Grave guard
30 Zombies
6 Carin Wraiths (1 banshee)
10 Dire wolfs

We tend to Proxy a lot (Blood Knights with Black Knight models, so if a list includes something he doesn't have its completely fine...)