View Full Version : galrauch the great drakes breath weapons

28-02-2010, 13:59
in galrauch's rules it states

galrauch's HEADS can use either of the normal chaos dragon breath attacks

does this mean he can use the same breath weapon twice

the standard chaos dragons use the 2 breath weapon types once each turn, so 1 head does 1 type the other head does the other type.

but since galrauch's rule states his heads can use either, does it mean he can use the same 1 twice

28-02-2010, 18:17
It's quite obvious Richard really.

Since it's a chaos dragon each head can use a template. But each head can use whichever attack he wants as it states either in the red text.

Bring your army down on Tuesday lets see if your any good. Although to be honest playing daemons doesn't require huge amounts of skill, like Nick's army.

28-02-2010, 19:43
Not sure if you were speaking of his army or yours? But Galrauch is in WArriors of Chaos, not Chaos Daemons

28-02-2010, 19:51
He plays daemons from what I've seen. A tzeentch daemon list with either Kairos or Lord of Change, Flamers and Horrors. The whole Magic shabang.

28-02-2010, 20:26
german version: galrauch breath attacks work exactly like a chaos dragon breath attacks. (and once at all the special breath attack)