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28-02-2010, 14:00
Love the model for the steam tank, but my tactics never seem to work that well with this bad boy.

I usually charge this forward asap, but this has only worked to my benefit once (taking out 4 TK chariots with the general), and I lost the steam tank by turn 3.

Is this what I should be doing, or should I hold it in reserve and try to break any charges that are coming my way.

Most of my army is built around holding back with 1 unit of 24 great swords, 2 x 20/25 swords men, all with a detachment of 10 swords men.

1 cannon and mortar to pound the advancing army.

My worry about holding it back is that it gets targeted and wiped out, or reduced to so little steam tank points that I cant do anything with it.

Any advice appreciated.


28-02-2010, 14:04
The best use does seem to be getting stuck in with expensive units and grinding them to dust.

Just make sure you protect it from nasty high strength things that can quickly pile on wounds.

28-02-2010, 14:26
Yeh, I usually get counter charged by something high strength. Just getting used to the empire army after using Nurgle warriors for ages. Really liking the diversity.

28-02-2010, 14:49
If your army is mostly sit back and do ranged a steam tank might not be the best match for your army.

The steam tanks strength is mostly in providing a tough mobile tarpit, with a cannon in case it's more useful to shoot something. It works great when supported by knights and such.

If you just send it out by it's own it becomes a much easier target for your enemy. It's not necesarily bad, if you have a shooting army, getting your enemy to commit expensive units onto your steamtank might buy you lots of time. But you should let go of the expectation for the steamtank to do much damage then.

Commodus Leitdorf
28-02-2010, 17:58
I Just run it forward like you do (and I also have a healthy dose of shooting as well).

Your opponent has two choices at that point. Deal with the Stank, or deal with the rest of your army which, honestly, is more dangerous. Most opponents go for the Stank as they fear what it can do (quite rightly). But it's hard to take it out completely in a turn or two. And with your opponents focus on the Stank, you can use the rest of your army to get the jump on him.

I gues I'm saying, don't "play safe" with a Stank. Go get'em with it and if they focus all their attention on it so much the better for you....and if they ignore it..hehe, so much the better for you as well!

01-03-2010, 10:53
I think it is a testament to the balance of the Empire army book that some opponents think the Steam Tank is overpowered. Whilst it is a nasty choice relative to most of the other units avaliable to us Empire players in the current metagame it is by no means one of the worst units out there. I think it would be completely balanced if it gave half victory points for half wounds.

Personally, I will play with it either agressively or conservatively depending on the number of high strength attacks my opponent has avaliable to him. The Seam Tank's day starts to go down hill pretty quickly once it starts taking a couple of wounds :(

01-03-2010, 11:24
I don't play Empire myself, or see it played much near where I am, but one of my friends uses a small unit of pistoliers to help protect his steam tank, by trying to position them so that an enemy can't easily charge the tank in the sides, and if they charge the pistoliers instead they just flee and leave the enemy either manoeuvring for a turn to get back to the tank, as well as out in the open for missile fire to damage badly.

Knights are the other possible choice, but I'm under the impression they're not especially good? I suppose it depends on the exact circumstances, but the steam tank ought to hit hard enough on its own, your main concern is keeping it from getting swamped completely.