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23-05-2005, 01:33
Hi guys, this is a black powder heavy hemed list.
There are two versions of the list. Which one should I adopt?

-Great weapon
-Armour of meteoric iron
-Sigil of sigmar OR crimson amulet

Greatswords X 14
-Full command

Lead Belchers(from Ogre Kingdom as DOW) X 5

Pistoliers X 5
-Repeater pistol

Pistoliers X 5
-Repeater pistol

Handgunner X10

Handgunner X10

TOTAL: 1001pts

Alternatively I could Have:
One less pistolier unit.
1 X great cannon
1 extra Greatswords.

Which list should I use?
Any ideas, suggestions, comments?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Cpt. Drill
25-05-2005, 14:21
i would ditch at least two ogres that big liability unit.. that will do as much damage to its self as its foes...

i find that 3 thends to be over kill... and 2 works best as the dscount ranks and thats all you want them for after the shot!

26-05-2005, 02:39
Yeah, five does seem too many, for one thing they won't all get into base to base contact with an enemy. Three appears optimum since you can't take two seperate units.

BTW people will hate you with that list, and come to their second game with you with three lv2 wizards uttering phrases like "see how much YOU like being blown up!" and zappy-zap you out of existence. At least you haven't bought Hochlands for the handgunners, then we'd have people breaking out the Dark Emissaries!

26-05-2005, 02:44
BTW people will hate you with that list

Indeed, it's very one-dimensional. It's not really cheddar though, as a few flyers round the back will sort it out a treat.

The ogres are a waste of points IMO. Buy another billion handgunners!

26-05-2005, 19:49
I think his captain should have a handgun. I also think that dropping two ogres and taking a cannon would be advisable. I'd also drop the thunderfist and bellower from the Ogre unit (One more S4 attak for 20 points? Are you mad?). That should leave enough points for repeater handguns on the marksmen.

However, once the enemy reach you lines, I think your Great swords will be swamped, but they are stubborn afterall, and I guess that's when the afix bayonettes order kicks in! ;)

Edit: As for people hating that list...eh. It isn't nearly the nastiest 1,000 point list I've seen. It went something like 2 units of handgunners (minimum size), a cannon, a captain (or maybe it was a level 1 mage) and Asarnil the Dragonlord.

27-05-2005, 09:47
No detachments for the greatswords?

20-10-2006, 10:50
Oh well. 3 leadbelchers=moveable hellblaster:-) Dwarfs would destroy you, i guess. And then there's magic....

19-06-2007, 11:52
I'm looking to post an army list but i need 2 messages can someone post 1 to shanek thanx