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01-03-2010, 13:57
Feel free to Comment (and tear apart) my idea for a 3K Dark Elves list.

I have no Dragons, Manticores, Hydra's or Cold Ones to be seen. Instead, I have gone for a "Guerilla" style army of Shades and Dark Riders. Lots of Hit and Run and general annoyance. There are one or two Characters built in to cause some nasty damage should the need arise.

The Dreadlord, BSB and Null Talisman Sorceress join the largest group of Shades with the Assassin. The Pegasus-riding Master is generally there to flank charge things. The Lvl4 will use the Focus Familiar to stay away from the worst of the fighting. Harpies will hunt warmachines and light cavalry, whilst the Dark Riders will shoot-bait-flee, as is their modus operandi.

Not sure if this is considered a "Cheese" list, but I hope to give it a try in a game before too long :-)

Here goes:

Dreadlord - 255
Cloak, Shield, Great Weapon
Regen Armour, Pendant, Lifetaker

Supreme Sorceress - 390
Level 4, Dark Pegasus
Seal of Ghrond, Focus Familiar, Dispel Scroll

Master - 164
Heavy Armour, Cloak, Shield, Great Weapon, Repeater Crossbow
ASF Banner

Master - 176
Dark Pegasus, Cloak, Shield
Blood Armour, Crimson Death

Sorceress - 187
Level 2, Dark Steed
Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll

Sorceress 145
Level 2
Null Talisman (x3)

5 Harpies (2 units) - 110

5 Dark Riders (4 units) - 468
Crossbows, Musician

10 Shades (2 units) - 360
Great Weapons

20 Shades - 506
Great Weapons
Assassin with Additional Hand Weapon, Manbane and Rending Stars

Reaper Bolt Thrower (2 units) 200

10PD, 7PD and 2 Scrolls

Feedback appreciated :-)

01-03-2010, 15:32
I'd give the Level 4 either a power stone or null talisman in addition to what she's already got.

Swap the BSB's repeater Xbow for a pair of handbows, all the stand and shoot charge reactions you'll be doing will be at short range anyway (because of the assassin's 10" range).

I'm not convinced by the Pegasus Master... I'd much rather put the Lifetaker Lord on a pegasus so that he's much more useful for getting rid of shades etc.

If possible, I like to run my harpies in units of 6

This will be a pretty hard list, because it's so hard to catch and has a lot of shooting, but it's by no means cheesey- Cheesey would be 3 hydras and a massive shadestar, complete with MR3, half BS to shoot at, Immune to Psychology, and Ring of Hotek.

01-03-2010, 21:13
Excellent, thanks for the feedback. I'll have a tinker about and try to come up with something to fit in some of the changes you have suggested.