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10-02-2006, 14:58
I think Chaos warriors (ecspecially khorne, although not fluffy) should be able to take spears. Imagine a chosen unit of khornate warriors with spears. With a front rank of 5 it would be devastating. Lets say a unit of empire knights charges this unit, they kill 2. Now they have to stand up to 24 s4 attacks! Now say they do pass that, then they'll have to withstand 30 s4 attacks next turn because the warriors will go first! Now whos with me when I sa that would kick some ass?

10-02-2006, 15:08
chances are that's why Chaos warriors can't take spears ... it would be too powerful, besidesKhorne warriors are more the charging type rather then orderly ranking up in formation to receive charges


warlord hack'a
10-02-2006, 15:14
agreed, chaos warriors are tough enough already (though also expensive), giving them spears, frenzy, chaos armour and the stats they have is way too powerful. as it is they are already top of the bill..

10-02-2006, 15:18
reaper, give Chosen of Khorne Additional Handweapons, a Champion and a frontage of 6, there you have your 25 attacks, sure, they might loose some models to a charge, but that's why you use them in biggie games and a four collour chaos army with Shadow sorcerors

10-02-2006, 15:27
The spear wouldn't fit in the fluff but who knows what will be the new rules for halbards like ??? - But i seriously think GW should concider dropping them down a point or two - nobody hardly uses them and thay should be one of MAIN regs in chaos army :/

10-02-2006, 17:36
gees, how many attacks do khorne warriors get as standard??

10-02-2006, 17:45
Two. One basic and one for Frenzy. If they're upgraded to Chosen then gain an extra Attack. Making it three.

Dodgy Ed
10-02-2006, 17:48
and four if you give them an additional hand weapon

10-02-2006, 18:16
Spears? Screw Spears. Give me Chosen of Khorne with Pikes.

10-02-2006, 18:30
Spears? Screw Spears. Give me Chosen of Khorne with Pikes.
Now that's a fear-causing unit! Even if they aren't Nurgle.

10-02-2006, 18:44
How about poison tipped weapos (lets say pikes)?

10-02-2006, 19:07
and while were at it.. a 1+ ward save! and inf. wounds! yey...

10-02-2006, 19:43
That would be good! yay! I enjoy listeneing to sarcasm!

Shatter Song
11-02-2006, 04:54
Poison would fit Nurgle fluff, kind of. Could be over powered.

But I donít think spears would fit any fluff.

Shatter Song

warlord hack'a
11-02-2006, 20:07
in regard to poison, beats me why my nightgobbo's dont have it, they have mushrooms strong enough in hallucinary content to turn a normal gobbo into a fanatic, and they tell me then they don't have mushrooms with poison in it? I don't get it, fluff wise..

11-02-2006, 20:20
I think pikes would be has, but what do they do?

12-02-2006, 04:10
Never gonna happen, is completly against fluff, and unfair to the maximun.

Spears are to be used by cowards, who lay behind his ladz holding a shaft hoping that the enemy finds the top of it before the warrior. Chaos Warriors would never do that, they want to see the face of the enemy right away, and would try to run over their unit to reach the screaming people in the front and kill them with an axe or sword, or even theet.

Chaos would never got spears, is completly out the fluff.