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01-03-2010, 18:47
what would be the above army before they where turned

Von Blacke
01-03-2010, 18:52
what would be the above army before they where turned

As this isn't very specific, i'll have to go with what i think you mean. The Death Guard were loyal before the Horus Heresy.

01-03-2010, 19:33
we're going to need more details, what do you want?

01-03-2010, 20:34
Going out on a limb here I'll tel you a bit of info before you post exactly what you're after.

The Death Guard were the 14th Legion in the Great Crusade, and were known as the "Dusk Raiders" before their Primarch, Mortarion, was reunited with them.
Dusk Raider colour scheme was white with their shoulder guards and right arm painted in Red.

When their Primarch was found, he renamed them to the "Death Guard" and repaintd their armour to be white armour, shoulder pads trimmed in green.

Before the Horus Heresy, the Death Guard differed from the other 17 known Legions in that they had only seven Great Companies, although these held far more men than those of other Legions such as the Ultramarines or Space Wolves. There were three privileged titles held by captains of the Death Guard. The captain of the First Company was known as the First Captain, the captain of the Second Company was known as Commander, and the captain of the Seventh Company was known as Battle-Captain.

The Death Guard tended to be organised into units of foot-slogging infantry, rather than mechanised squads. Mortarion ensured that his men were well-equipped and highly-trained. He also ensured that they could fight in almost any kind of atmosphere, and placed little emphasis on specialised units using jump packs or bikes. The Death Guard did not have dedicated Assault and Tactical Squads. Every Marine was equipped with a bolter, bolt pistol and close combat weapon and told to fight with whatever weapon circumstance dictated. The Legion was also well known for its use of Terminator Armour. Possibly as a result of this, the Death Guard were highly successful at high-risk boarding and close-quarter operations such as space hulk clearance.

02-03-2010, 01:35
how the army would be composed e.g. lots of troops not many tanks or all mech

02-03-2010, 01:37
predominantly infantry based