View Full Version : 2250 "Ostland" force for upcoming tourney

02-03-2010, 11:28
Hi, ive had an idea for a state trooper based ostalnd toruney list for quite some time now, and need some advice for the upcoming 2250 pts tournament at my local club. So here goes

General, barded warhorse, full plate, shield, sword of power, silver horn.
191 PTS

Warrior Priest, heavy armour great weapon
Captain, Armour of meteoric iron, battle standard, sword of might
level 2 wizard, lore of death, van horstmanns speculum, wizards staff
353 PTS

25 swordsmen, FC
10 huntsmen
"Tercio 1" 20 halbediers, FC, 10 handgunner detachment
"tercio 2" 20 spearmen, FC, 10 handgunner detachment
"Tercio 3" 20 spearmen, FC 10 hangunner detachment
6 knights, preceptor, musician
6 knights, preceptor, standard bearer, banner of duty
20 flagelants
1401 PTS

2 Great cannons
5 outriders
305 PTS

2250 pts exactly.
General Idea, 3 tercios main battle line, swordsmen hold center with BSB capt. WP supports spearmen 1, wizard supports spearmen 2. Cannons on flanks or hill, outrders and knights guard flanks or destroy isolated targets, flagelants hold up monsters. Huntsmen to "hunty" things, general supports banner of duty knights, and silver horn drains dispell dice and is useful when it works.
Please any advice, constructive criticism will help alot!!! thanks!

02-03-2010, 21:56
I'm a bit confused on the wizard setup. If have given him the wizard staff to help him cast but you only have 5 PD (4 + bound spell). Any opponent that is challenged by the wizard will assume the VHS. They just might accept because they no your wizard has no defense and only two wounds.

The priest seems a little light on defense also. You don't have strong magic so you can't rely on his bound spell to go off. Also the enemy can easily dispel it in their magic phase before they attack you. He may serve you better mounted w/ an enchanted shield, magic weapon so he can use the hatred to help the knights.

You will need your generals leadership for your battle line, maybe think of giving him a ward save. Also if you want to drain dispel dice consistently the doomfire ring or the orb of thunder do a better job than the horn. Though the orb is also situational like the horn. Was there a reason you are not using the General bonus of a 50 point magic standard in a unit?

Think of fielding the flagellants in a wider frontage to help kill things such as a 6x3.

03-03-2010, 07:30
quick point - as im so beat! you took a general of the empire and he only does 1 thing for the army - he allows a single unit of state troops to take a magic bannor!!! make sure you captilize on this, take at least a war bannor or something on a unit!

Drop tercio 3 - give 5 of its troops to tercios 1 and 2 so they are 25 strong. add combat detachments to tericos 1, 2, and swordsman - the detachment rule is why empire is still able to hold its own.

I would also drop the full command on knights, stick with 5 knights, musican for 123 pts, and stick mounted warrior priest with unit.

Mount the bsb, plate armour, barding, he has a nice 2+ save now. Now give him magic stsandard - like griffion standard - imagine the + 6 for ranks, + 2 for standards, and you may even cause wounds on enemy! use the detachments to chase after the fleeing enemy- huzzah!