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03-03-2010, 15:39

My command squad and a few surviving guardsmen holding a little hill against a approaching Avatar. (Game ended :mad:)

Tell yours here!

03-03-2010, 15:43
A single chaos lord destroying 3.5k~ worth of sisters of battle and tyranids.

03-03-2010, 15:45
A single chaos lord destroying 3.5k~ worth of sisters of battle and tyranids.

3500 pts? Is that a joke?

03-03-2010, 15:49
My Primaris Psyker surviving 3 rounds of combat with 5 regular terminators, even though I wanted him to die so I could shoot them to death.

03-03-2010, 15:50
apocalypse game: scabbiethrax, an'ggrath and zaryknel butchering their way unopposed through 3 enemy armies for 5 turns

6 chemical mortars wiping out half a marine army on turn 1

03-03-2010, 15:53
That is not a joke.
We played 3 versus 2, and my buddies fielded emperor's children chaos marines, plus nightlords. I used my unmarked chaos pirates.

Anyway, everything of ours ended up dead, with very little damage done to our opponents', and the only two things that got anywhere was my chaos lord, and the nightlord chosen retinue.

The gods were with me, and when EVERYTHING else was dead, my chaos lord managed a silly charge against biovores, which died really fast, then they started throwing pretty much all their units at me.

The lord simply couldn't manage to fail any saves, turned people to chaos spawn, killed two blinged carnifex, and repeatedly ran down 20-women squads of sisters of battle.

He finally died when they'd lost everything, except a small unit of heavy bolter retributors, which I had to walk towards.

03-03-2010, 15:56
Defeating 4500 pts of Space Marines, Tyranids and Necrons with 1850 pts of Eldar. The game ended with only my Farseer with one wound left. He then walked around and speared a Dreadnought, a Predator and a rhino. Killed a few Marines and Mind Wared the Space Marine HQ finishing off the last enemy.

03-03-2010, 15:59
Lysander and his hammer terminators got stuck in a combat with about 60 ork boys, slowly one by one the terminators fell until it was lysander all by himself and he would just not die, they held up those two squads for three or four turns grinding one down until it broke from combat and ran away. i think the game ended with lysander having one wound left.

03-03-2010, 15:59
2nd Edition: Eversor Assassin managing to "Kill" Abbadon after fighting through his Termi bodyguard only to have him saved by the "look out sir Aaaaaaargh" strategy card and a judiciously moved lone heavy bolter CSM.
He died next turn BUT, we decided the HB guy had bought time enough for Abby to Teleport out..

Recently: Lysander surviving an entire tournament, Mashing a Blood Thirster and entire army of Berzerkers, Wraithlords and much more besides, the guy is a monster.

Awilla the Hun
03-03-2010, 16:03
The game is an Apocalypse Battle.

My green platoon, ranked up, is about to deliver a lethal volley of lasgun fire at a Chaos Lord and his beserkers. If that fails, they are ready to recieve his charge at bayonet's point. However, their Eldar allies betray them by gunning down all their enemies in rapid fire lasgun range! Thus, the Lord has the objective.

Next turn, a doomsday device goes on the rampage, cutting apart all bar two men of the platoon and their Commissar. But, still, they go on. The Chaos Lord is cut down by a fusillade of plasma gun shots from a nearby special weapons squad, and they win the game!


The game is a planetstrike battle. My green platoon, led by His Grace the Duke of Lawford (Yarrick) land near the enemy fortress. Due to interesting interpretations of the rules, ten of them are gunned down by a great deal of defensive fire (Defiler using all its guns after moving, for example.) They notice the Khorne Chosen Terminator squad-ten strong, with a lord leading it-slaughtering a nearby squad.

Bayonets are fixed, and they, the Duke, and their command squad (about twenty one guardsmen, three power weapon toting sergeants, The Duke, and the platoon command-including a power weapon wielding officer) charge the enemy Terminators! The men and Terminators manage to stab, shoot and hack each other apart, leaving His Grace standing against the massive Lord. The commanders fight, power fist and daemon weapon, toe to toe. His Grace is downed, but scrambles to his feet. And again. And again.

They managed to draw an enormous amount of the defence away from the stronghold, desperately buying time for their allies to fight their way into the objective. (They do so, with great skill.)

03-03-2010, 16:09
My Scarab swarm performing 'Death or Glory!' on a landraider, immobilizing it, thus saving my necron unit from being charged by terminators and saving me from phase-out. I managed a draw that game :)

03-03-2010, 16:13

My Deathwing painted Warhound (yes yes, fluff sticklers will be up in arms around the world, damn them all :)) sitting on a flank in a 30,000 point (per side) Apocalypse game trashing approximately 5,000 points of the filthychasoscumenemy over the period of several rounds whilst surviving the close and loving attentions of Three Kans, a Dread, and Logan Grimnar and his squad of pet Terminators complete with Chainfists Galore. ( I tell you you can't trust those pesky Space Wolves!)

I counted them up. The Rage of Caliban made 14 Primary Weapon Saves on the bounce before failing one!
The enemy were*really* obsessed with that Turbo Laser Destructor :)


Azazel, Master of the 5th Company, Charging heroically out of his throw a Vortex Grenade firmly onto the hull of a Baneblade, (clearly under the command of the Fallen!)and 2 structure points and a chain reaction resulting in an apocalyptic explosion :evilgrin:

....To this day Company Master Azazel has not yet been found (got obliterated in the ensuing explosion)

03-03-2010, 16:18
My dark Eldar HQ killed a trygon in a single round of close combat solo. ill admit i shot the trygon down to 4 wounds first.
in the old edition a single chaos space marine killed a predictor with a bolter shot to rear armour giving me enough VP to win the game.

Most humiliating Daemon prince being killed by a lone zoanthope in close combat, deamon prince losing combat to firewarriors took a wound from fearless failed Armour save and died. deamon prince being killed by my own dreadnoght who went berserk 3 turns in a row with plasma canon in old edition. ....deamon princes man...

03-03-2010, 16:24
My single wound Farseer killing 2 terminators, a SM Captain, and 8 tactical marines

They were all piled on her. My opponent was gob smacked.

03-03-2010, 16:43
The time my Lord of Change got charged by about 1000pts worth of Blood Angels, including Dante, some terminators and death company, and didn't take a single wound for 3 rounds of combat. I enjoyed it, my opponent...not so much.

03-03-2010, 16:52
When A Space Marine Sargent Charged and Stuffed a Vortex Grenade firmly onto the mouth of a Screemer Killer.... back in the day :eek:

03-03-2010, 17:06
Aspiring Champion with the Axe of Khorne rolling enough hits to wipe out an entire Space Marine Command Squad with Azrael and Ezekiel in it. Next turn got plastered by a vindicater.

03-03-2010, 17:30
My most EPIC moment is definatly when 10 lesser deamons charged 8 chaos termies with mark of tzeentch. killed 3 and ran down the rest. they then got charged by a deamon prince with mark of tzeentch and killed him outright.


03-03-2010, 17:44
I was playing my wraithwing list against a tough speed freak army. They were gunning for my warriors, and I moved up my wraiths to intercept him. He wisely decided to charge them instead. Two trucks of boys, and a wagon of burnas with a warboss disembarked, shot at, and assualted my squads. Thankfully, one unit of wraiths escaped being assualted. My other two units, including my lord, were cut down. I roll really well on my wbb, but lose the lord. My wraiths then multi assault all 3 squads, and manage to wipe them out.

03-03-2010, 17:49
I havent been playing long enouh to have any really epic moments. :(

I only got up to 1500 points a few weeks ago

03-03-2010, 17:52
I havent been playing long enouh to have any really epic moments. :(

I only got up to 1500 points a few weeks ago

Doesn't matter, then you can just say you most exiting or inspiring moment.

Technically a moment you want to share

03-03-2010, 18:13
I have two
1st Catachan captain with refractor field and power fist being charged by a new wraithlord and being able to kill it.
My remaining command squad of a captain and two regular troopers being assaulted by a Deathwing captain that promptly massacred the officer then being killed by the 2 guards that were throwing rocks at him...2 hits 2 wounds and snake eyes priceless

03-03-2010, 18:20
3rd edition Chaos (opponent) vs. 3rd edition Chaos + WD Culitists

A falling back Cultist (last survivour of his unit) puts a LasPistol shot on a wounded Bloodthirster that was definitely going to eat him next turn.

5's to hit (roll a 5), 6 to wound (roll a 6 to wound!), BT rolls a '1' for his armour save. :eek:

BT disappears, leaving a lone Cultist blowing the end of his laspistol.

03-03-2010, 18:30
(Come on guys! If you are going to talk of epic tales - at least make it epically styled! :D)

It was the dark days of the Eye of Terror campaign - the Thirteenth Black Crusade. An absolutely monstrous "Apocalypse level" type "bring and battle" event - including an absolutely HUGE Chaos war engine provided by the touring GW BattleWagon (it was made up of at least 8 Land Raider hulls, and Emperor knows what else).

Hundreds, if not thousands of models fought on both sides.

Chaos was winning the battle due to the raw power of the war engine. Guardsmen were dying in droves. The Imperial armored forces were in the process of being routed by a heavily damaged Chaotic Warhound titan. Three attempts by various Space Marine forces had failed to stop the advancing hordes of Chaos; but a small desperate force of Space Marines had managed to board and survive a round on the upper hull of the mighty Chaos War Engine. All Imperial hope was fading though; as Chaotic demons were poised to wipe them out.

The Marine Sergeant smiled grimly, even as he faced his death at their claws. Just surviving as long as he had had sealed the doom of his foes. He activated the teleport homer he had been given at the start of the battle. In a brilliant flash of actinic energies - sixty-six Terminator armored figures appeared o nand around the Chaos War engine. A full two thirds of the dread Deathwing Company had arrived- homing in exactly where and when they were needed.

Storm bolter and assault cannon fire ripped outward - shredding apart demonic and chaos tainted flesh alike. Chaotic forces all around the chaos engine recoiled away from the sudden furnace blast of death. And on the upper hull of the Mighty Chaos Seige engine - fifteen thunderhammers swung downwards in a synchronized strike...

In a flash and a roar - the Chaos war engine - undamaged thus far in the battle - was reduced to rubble. The foul warp energies powering the dreadthing burst outwards - sucking everything around it into a warp rift of unimaginable power. A majority of the chaotic army were ripped screaming into the warp of their demonic patrons. In that one moment - a sore defeat had been turned into an Imperial victory.

Of the Deathwing terminators - there was no trace left. Some say they were all killed in the warp explosion - that nothing could have survived. Some say that they couldn't possibly have been there - that the massive warp explosion must have been caused by other means.

But there are also whispered tales told of a force of bone white painted terminators fighting their way out of the Eye of Terror and rejoining their battle brothers at Caliban.

The Dark Angels say nothing - of course...

03-03-2010, 18:38
Belial + 2 remaining terminators taking out 5 nobs from a 10 nobs + Thraka unit and belial saving three 5+ invuln saves and making that unit flee. Then getting hit by a 15 man boy squad and making them eventually run as well and belial saving another two 5+ invuln saves from the klaw. It was a kill point mission as well.

03-03-2010, 18:48
An oldie, but (IMHO) a goodie: my 10 Ratlings charged an unhurt mega-armoured warboss and killed him in that round of assault.
Of course, they died horribly next turn, but they did their job like true (hairy-footed)Guardsmen.

03-03-2010, 18:48
7 lesser chaos daemons charging 10 marine terminators + chaplain, took 4 combats and 5 lesser daemons until all the marines and chappy were dead - i only charged em in to stop them charging my plagues marines for 1 turn!

3rd ed rules -SW wolf priest with bionics being killed by differing assortments of guard over the course of 4 turns, and rolling a 6 at the start of each of my turns to stand back up and sttart it all again.

2nd ed rules - Long fangs with heavy bolters playing cricket with termagants for 2 turns before opening up on some stealers with the heavy bolters

03-03-2010, 19:37
3rd Edition w/ the Andy Chambers assault rules update:

Baharroth assaulted a full squad of 20 Dark Eldar Witches. He won the combat. The survivors (about 17) failed their morale check. Baharroth rolled higher on the Initiative test, annihilating them.

In the following turn, Baharroth moved, fleeted, and assaulted a total of 24" into a squad of Scourges lurking in a ruined building. He eliminated all 5 Scourges in a single round of combat.

03-03-2010, 19:43
A few instances come to mind from the last couple months.

A lone, unupgraded IG company commander without any squadmates left wiping 3 full squads of Fire Warriors in close combat one after the other.

A Chimera grinding the Avatar beneath its tracks.

Lysander charging into my ranks, and then being bayonetted to death :p

In 4th edition, having a Chimera shoot down a Fire Prism with a 6 to hit, 6 to glance, and then double 6's on damage result turn 1 was fun :D (and immediately then getting shot to pieces :p)

03-03-2010, 20:27
simple ork warboss witha powerklaw and a cybork body taking out 1/2 and army and soaking up two turns of fire power
against guard and space marines he killed
3 termies
2 wounds off calgar
a vindicator
a land raider in death or glory
about 30 guardsmen
a command squad of guard
a tactical squad
a chimera

03-03-2010, 20:55
A Dark Angels tactical squad sergeant with a power sword find his entire squad and rhino has been destroyed by the opposing Tau army...

...so he proceeds to take the whole enemyarmy out, pretty much by himself. In a 1500pts battle he easily netted over 500pts on his own, nothing stood against him. That battle ended quickly once he got into Tau lines.

Funnily enough that particular sergeant model has a tendency to annihilate entire squads on a very regular basis... my friends refer to him as Sarge, and he commands more respect and fear than my HQ units, i'm not quite sure what to think of that.

03-03-2010, 21:42
2v2 IG,SM v DE, Eldar.6 girl squad of banshees ON FOOT (yes i know not wise). Exarch with dual swords. Dawn of war deployment.

Girls run under the cover of night to the empty trench. TWO orbital bombardments and a basilisk fire upon them. One girl falls.

Next turn they stub their collective toes, and recieve another 2 pie plates. No girls die. The turn after, they assault and wipe the SM Master and his 5 terminator retinue. Then in a whirlwind of blades they swept through the enemy army. Slowly - never more than a girl a turn- being whittled down by fire between assaults. No casualties in any CC battles.(War Shout FTW, when it works) Leading to the final (aclimactic) showdown of the Exarch versus a Lord Comissar... he was dead before he had turned on his power fist.

03-03-2010, 21:58
A lone Justicar holding up holding up against 20 Bloodletters and slowly whittling them down.

A Mawloc taking out 2 LR while arriving on the battlefield.

5 Nobz (with only the 'eavy armour upgrade) rolling down a SM gunline and suffering no casualties even after running 3 squads off the table.

A lone Termagant killing Marneus Galgar in assault (it's been repeated a few times for sheer comedy value).

In honour of a opponent of mine I'll list one of his, a broadside beating 5 thunderhammer termies in assault, then gunning them down the following turn.

03-03-2010, 22:00
Whenever my dreadnought/soul grinder crushes something in close combat (preferably a MC, or something of equal challenge)

Lord Nestron
03-03-2010, 22:02
The Game where my Bezerker Champion with Fist whose Squad had died

charged a Unit of Necron Warrios killed them, next round charged a Monolith fists it to death, charged a group of Extinctors and also kills them at what stage my opponet let the rest of his Armee blast the poor guy to Death

03-03-2010, 23:32
My most epic moment came back in 3rd ed in a game where I used some of my mate's IG tanks to do an Armoured Company (using the WD list) against his Ultramarines.

I also had use of a Marauder bomber, which unleashed everything it had at Calgar in a bid to take his last wound, but it was to no avail with his 2+ save. Calgar then went on to attack and destroy my Commander's Leman Russ. Only for the Commander to jump out and finally kill Calgar with his laspistol!

Was just so funny how much stuff I'd thrown at Calgar, only for a guy who's tank just blew up to kill him with a mini flashlight :)

03-03-2010, 23:36
Abaddon rushed out of the Land Raider, supported by his chosen, Devram Korda wielding his elegant blade in arcing patterns and Ygethmor's fingertips alive with warp lightning.

His enemy was a Black Templar Emperor's Champion, with his protege guard of 20 Astartes.

Abaddon unsheathed Drach'nyen but the Daemon appeared unwilling to fight, as the Emperor's Champion swung a brutal blow from the Black Sword, cutting a groove in Abaddon's shoulderplate. The Terminators lived up to their name as champions of Chaos, and butchered many Templars. The combat continued as the Emperor's Champion was readying another eviscerating swing, Drach'nyen flicked out of Abaddon's hand, decapitating the loyalist in a swift movement, a look of shock and surprise on the dismembered head. The Tyrant of Sarora withered his much more numerous enemies with quick thrusts of his sword, as the champion of Khorne ignored hits from chainswords to behead anything nearby with his crimson axe, the warrior of Nurgle advanced slowly, laying down methodical blasts of combi-bolter fire inbetween sweeps of his chainfist and Ygethmor destroyed the fleeing Marines with flickers of psychic flame... and all was quiet.

03-03-2010, 23:49
The most epic thing my troops has done for me, is a unit of slugga boyz getting doomed and assaulted by a mostly full squad of Harlies, losing 15 boyz, and then wiping out the harlies in return (and gave me the phrase "take 15 on the chin and still win"), and then assault an Avatar, and kill him in one turn of combat. Only to be shot down by Guardian Defenders the next turn, but as the internet says guardians suck, that must've been fabricated by the CIA or something.

Abbadon has strolled through my 750 ork army once, but it's not really epic if there is no proper resistance. And the guy would fit straight into a Twilight book to boot.

No, the most epic adversary I've had was a commisar nicknamed Bison (and he really lived up to the name..) leading regular IG squads to almost fight off khorne berzerkers, clear off orks from objectives with a bayonette assault and so on. I still don't think I've manage to kill him and any squad he has lead without suffering a lot to do so. After killing Eldrad in the last game of 40k I played, I think Bison is next on my hit list for "moral victories".

04-03-2010, 00:17
Most recent epic moment I can remember.

Lone warboss (PK, atk squig, cyborg body, eavy ar) charged by 4 thunder wolf cavalry + wolf guard BL on thunder wolf. Saving 12+ (cant remember exact) str 5 atks and killing all 5 thunder wolf cavalry but also dying in the process due to 10 PF atks.

04-03-2010, 01:37
4th edition, my Uber-tooled Chaos lord was the last of my army when he reached my brother's front lines. He slew tactical, devistator and assault marines by the dozens until he finally reached a Terminator squad with their HQ with power weapon. He slaughtered them down to the HQ and in the next round of combat they killed each other off, swinging at the same initiative. Not a single body remained alive at the end. I think my brother and I hugged, half-laughing and half-crying at the end lol. Best game ever =D

04-03-2010, 02:11
Took out Kugath on one wound with one shot from my tactical sergeant pistol!

The fat boy was gonna eat my squad!!



04-03-2010, 03:17
Doesn't matter, then you can just say you most exiting or inspiring moment.

Technically a moment you want to share

Well in the campaign I'm in in the first game I killed an entire squad of guard with three bikes and an autarch in shooting. I thought that was pretty cool.

In the game we just played though I got curb stomped pretty hard.

3 0f 6
04-03-2010, 07:57
A single remaining genestealer causing 500+ points worth of death vs Tau (also had a single warrior do the same thing) back in 4th edition.

Is it fair to say winning a game at the 40k GT as an epic moment?

I have to say I had an epic massacre against Ulthwé eldar back in 3rd edition at the 40k GT using my Space Wolves, with mass attack bike spam :P

05-03-2010, 20:06
i had one when in 10k apoc only guys left standing where devastator sergant and 1kson. then those guys duellet 3 turns until sarge won when 1kson died to terrain test:wtf:
or 50 basilisk shooting in apoc =)

05-03-2010, 21:32
@ lonely path
thats nothing my 8 guants tookdown pedro, a tech marine, 5 sternguard and ten tactical marines
furious charge and piosoned attackes really FTW

05-03-2010, 21:36
My Necron Lord killing a Hive Tyrant in CC.

06-03-2010, 00:04
In a 4th ed game my friends chaos had just broken through my lines with beserkers and a chaos lord with power fist. My shooting had just taken the lord down to one wound. He charges my IG mortar squad and gets a rifle butt to the face and dies.

In a game vs my friends eldar my chaos dred goes nucking futts shooty and blazes away at the nearby predator with his plasma cannon. It scatters back 6", penetrates and explodes him.

In a 4th ed game against necrons with my guard. I'm staring down a swarm of scarabs who WILL charge my armour next round. My Leman Russ fires a point blank range battle cannon shot. It scatters 6" back and annihilates a chimera and the IG squad that just hopped out of it. Had everyone in the room in stitches for a good 5 min :)

Dark Primus
06-03-2010, 00:44
I believe it was my first Chaos Daemons game ever, playing against nids.
I had pretty much lost my entire Daemon army to mostly enemy shooting, but my Keeper of Secret alone was trully a bad ass, he single handely took out one hive tyrant, one carnifex, and probably two squads of genestealers and he had only one wound left before the game ended, that felt awesome.

And another game my entire Daemon army was killed off by a shooty nid army, but I won the game, it ended with I had most kill points in the end.
You should not send in gaunt units against bloodthirsters if we play with kill points.
He also drew his carnifex into my bloodthirster, and that Carnifex got split in half by his axe before he even got a chance to strike.

06-03-2010, 01:07
I like stories of ultra good characters getting bayoneted or getting a lasgun butt in the face :D

06-03-2010, 10:14
My epic moment?

3rd edition: Hive Tyrant gets charged by a Bloodthirster late in game, both have suffered a wound or two, so by all accounts the Bloodthirster should paste the Tyrant without much trouble... which was all that was holding my army together at that point, and it's all that was left that was any kind of remote threat to the demon. On the Chaos end, I had decimated much of his army, so this battle was going to tip the scales one way or another, and for those who can remember, the 3rd edition hive tyrant was not favored at all in a fight against a Bloodthirster, especially if already wounded.

The Bloodthirster proceeds to miss with all its attacks. My Hive Tyrant's retaliation was literally perfect: all attacks hit, and wounded. The Bloodthirster only made one save.

In my mind I saw the battle happen like this: Chaos was clashing with my hive fleet, the bloodthirster sees the Tyrant alone and wounded. He swoops in to finish off the kill, but the Tyrant steps aside as the demon's axe cleaves into the earth, shaking the area as the two titans clash together. While the axe is stuck the Hive Tyrant sweeps his bonesword down, slicing the axe-arm at the elbow while the lash whip writhes and clings to the Bloodthirster's remaining arm and whip, entangling them together. Sensing the hold won't last against the warp creature, the Tyrant sweeps his sword into a wide backhanded blow, severing the Bloodthirster's head. As the body falls the Tyrant roars his triumph, sweeping the swarm forward over the last few Chaos marines to claim another world.

06-03-2010, 12:10
Most of my 'epic' moments were with my Witch Hunters (only so many times I can watch my old 'stealer + MC horde slaughter stuff / die horribly before they lose out on epicness).

1. 3-player FFA, with both Eldar and Orks as my enemies. My Penitent Engine charged towards the Orks (it was no use chasing fast moving Eldar to get into combat with them, but knew the Orks would want to get stuck in). First runs into a unit of 10 Stormboyz, kills them all. Then moves onto a Looted Land Raider (3rd ed Ork rulebook I think) and kills it. Finally gets stuck in with Ghazkull Thraka, and in the Eldar player's next turn 3 Shining Spears decide they want in on the big brawl. During that assault phase (or maybe my own?) my Penitent Enginer just sweeps its buzzsaw, cutting all 3 Shining Spears and Ghazkull down.

2. Fighting against a Tau pure gunline, Penitent Engine and Sister Repentia obviously charge ahead of the rest of my line. Both come within firing range of every Tau gun, the Repentia taking fire from every Pulse Rifle / Carbine, the Penitent Engine takes everything else. The Penitent Engine loses both arms and gets Immobilised, but is still technically alive. The Repentia only take 3 casualties due to their 4+ 'metal bikini' saves rolling really well, and run closer to the Tau. The game was won only a turn or 2 later.

3. Playing 4th Ed rules using the scenario at the back of the Witch Hunters codex versus Eldar. The Eldar player deployed his army all on 1 side and caused a 'Vehicle Explodes!' result on both my Penitent Engine and Exorcist tank in the 1st turn of the game, killing 5 SoB in the explosion. Several turns later, my Canoness has killed his Wraithlord, Avatar, and most of his army was dead leaving only 1 Warlock and Guardian, a Vyper, and a Gravtank. The Canoness is my only model left and spends each turn moving 6", assaulting 6", doing nothing useful to the Gravtank, Gravtank moves away 12" and shoots, Canoness survives, repeats.

Eventually the Canoness died when the Gravtank found some difficult terrain to jump over, and I lost, but it was my first 1v1 loss with WH, and set the precedent for all future (still relatively few) losses with WH where my Canoness is the last model to die.

Only in death does duty end.

06-03-2010, 15:10
Ten Eldar Warlocks and Eldrad standing up to an entire ork army charge (2000pt game), the rest of my army was guardians taking shots at lootas and longer range targets. They killed around eighty orks in three rounds of combat after softening them up with 5 destructors. Thanks to mindwar, doom and fortune of course. Not really against the odds but EPIC. Four Warlocks and Eldrad stood strong......Awesome.:)

Oh, my marine captain on a bike with a squad of bikes failing reserve rolls for the entire game thanks to my opponents IG reserve fella. My army got shot up badly by his gunline but my sternguard made it throught to contest his objective then my captain rolled on (to great fanfare) to claim mine. I won one-nil. EPIC. And the look on my mate's face as he rolled a one for a sixth turn!

06-03-2010, 15:58
My imperial guard junior officer, armed only with a stormbolter, charged and killed a necron lord with 2 wounds in one turn, the necron lord fails his phylactery whatchamabob and snuffs it proper.

14-03-2010, 04:20
This is perhaps a very funny moment of mine:

So a squad of ''fake'' veterans were holding a ruined house, when suddenly a mighty soul grinder teared into reality in front of the poor soldiers ( they never really saw any action ,until now).

Immediately the dreaded daemon used his vomit attack into the poor bloody guardsmen, killing 2-3 soldier.

Next turn:

All the squad is buried in vomit and gunned down except the 2 melta gunner who then fired their weapon scoring a weapon destroyed! (We forgot it was a AP1 so it should have been immobilized instead)

In response they too were buried in a deluge of vomit.

How pitiful, dying in a pool of daemonic vomit :(

14-03-2010, 07:13
How pitiful, dying in a pool of daemonic vomit :(

That reminds me, St. Patricks day is coming up

14-03-2010, 07:15
My IG lieutenant with a powerfist capping an Ork Warboss, a Deff Dread, a Carnifex, and a Zoanthrope in a single game (allies). He had help, but damn!

14-03-2010, 11:19
In true Imperial Fist style...

The trenches were flooded with guardsman corpses, the DKoK had sent wave after wave of men at the enemies trench making little headway. The enemy, traitor guardsmen, had been in a war of attrition for months with the Korps, and now the imperial fists had arrived to break the deadlock.

(to set the scene... 10000 points a side. 10,000 points of traitor guardsmen, mostly heavy weapons, big guns, artillery pieces and the like facing 665 points of imperial fists and 9300 points of DKoK, mostly infantry and some mechanized steel legion (this guy had lots of cash to blow... :\ )

Lysander and his 5 assault terminator brethren in a land raider crusader rush forward, they deploy right into the face of the enemy. As soon as the retinue were clear of the land raider, lascannon shots tore through the vehicle, exploding it into molten fireworks.

While the guardsmen behind (who had a long trudge across no mans land, with no cover) were slaughtered. over 430 DKoK models were killed, wile laysander and his squad wreaked havok, slaying traitor guardsmen and their emplacements, finally Lysander makes it to the rear bunker, where the chaos lord (Literally a terminator lord of Khorne) was waiting in anticipation. the two dual where the other terminators smash into a war with the other chaos terminators.

the dual last for only a moment, where lysander, full of faithful rage, uses the fist of dorn to slay the lord. the war was no over, turning his attention to a squad of basilisks thumping down earthshaker shells on the poor Korps guardsmen.

soon after, 3 baneblades are destroyed, and 70 traitor guardsmen killed. finally what remained of the Korps break through thanks to Lysander (and a few well placed steel legion spear head formations) victory is assured.

Traitors: 1 Chaos Lord, 5 Chaos Terminators, 335 Guardsmen, 3 Baneblades, 6 LRBT, 3 Basilisks, 3 Manitcore's.
Imperial Fists: 1 Land Raider Crusader
Imperial Guard: 433 Death Corps Infantrymen (only 67 remained) 12 Steel Legion, 2 Chimeras, 1 LRBT, 1 LR Demolisher.

Victory to the Imperium. but at a horrible cost.

apart from lysander, the highlights were 10 DKoK stormtroopers breaking through the left flank (in otherwords, using conscript stat DKoK guardsmen as shields) killed a heavy weapon squad, run up to one of the baneblades, melta guns going wild, blow it up, along with 60 traitor guardsmen. not bad considering 6 of them survive, go on to destroy 3 manticore launchers which all had 2 missiles left, then assault a platoon of traitor guardsmen, and stay locked in combat until lysander came along and made them die like the scum they were.

this happened 2 weeks ago.. was awesome. :evilgrin:

14-03-2010, 11:51
My most epic moment ever in a game.... Landing an earthshaker round on top of Dante's head and then watching him fail his save and his feel no pain roll...then watching him get removed off the table.

14-03-2010, 11:58
Blood Angels assault squad gets shot by immortals.....one sergeant with the Red Thirst lives.... He jumps towards the squad of 6 immortals and unleashes a devastating charge. The immortals were no pushovers. They landed 10 hits and 6 wounds, but the Sergeant was too blood thirsty and parried/absorbed all attacks. He unleashed 4 power fist attacks back (4th edition rules), landed 3, and wounded 3. The Immortals were not ready to give up and kept fighting.

Mean while, a Death Company brutally charges a squad of warriors with a Lord. The Lord dissappears in a veil of darkness...leaving his warriors to be slaughtered.

The Lord reappears nearby the Immortals, and charges into the conflict as well. Despite all of the lords efforts, along with the immortals, none could land a blow on the Blood Thirsty sergeant. He delivers 3 more power fist wounds unto the Immortals. Seeing such a slaughter the Necrons turn to flee....but could not muster the speed to abandon the conflict without consequence.....

In regular people speak....a Serg with power fist takes down a total of 6 immortals, and swept the final immortal and full wound necron lord ^.^!

14-03-2010, 12:34
In a recent game against Dark Eldar a pair of Helios suits ambushed his Grotesques in the last turn.

Shot out six (!) of them, lost a drone and a wound, and then killed another four - which lead to the Dark Eldar running away and getting caught.

Those crisis saved my pathfinders lives, who, in turn managed to get me a few more markerlights off and win me the game.

14-03-2010, 12:36
Mine would be in forth edition before the white dwarf BA codex came out, my HQ was sitting on the game Objective and my friend decided to tank shock me with his devil fish which was destroyed with a death and glory, then his hammer head which also fell to the same veteran death and glory, not wanting to lose the game objective he hit me with a third and final tank shock with his skyray and it exploded into a flaming pile of mangled mess with the others. Sadly the explosion finally brought down my veteran, which will get a new dreadnought body to represent this epic moment with the new codex.

Cromwell Haarlock-Leth
14-03-2010, 17:02
Seeing a lonely Eldar Autarch, only survivvor of his army, surviving 2 rounds of shot from a Guard Army, including, at this stage of the game, 3 guardsmen squads, 2 command squads, 2 Chimeras and 2 Basilisks.
Casualties: 1 Chimera and 1 Squad, killed by the scatering Basilisk shots...
The Autarch succeeded all his saves, and leave the table with the objective (recovery mission).
Unfortunately, I played the Imperial Guard...:cries:

14-03-2010, 17:24
Apocalypse game:

My Warboss charging from his Squiggoth and running into a Bloodthirster only to be killed and the n the Squiggoth crushing the Bloodthirster for revenge.

14-03-2010, 17:29
Mine would be in forth edition before the white dwarf BA codex came out, my HQ was sitting on the game Objective and my friend decided to tank shock me with his devil fish which was destroyed with a death and glory, then his hammer head which also fell to the same veteran death and glory, not wanting to lose the game objective he hit me with a third and final tank shock with his skyray and it exploded into a flaming pile of mangled mess with the others. Sadly the explosion finally brought down my veteran, which will get a new dreadnought body to represent this epic moment with the new codex.

Gee was this battle against my Tau (that was an epic battle lol.)

20-03-2010, 18:03
Keep it coming!

20-03-2010, 22:36
Gee was this battle against my Tau (that was an epic battle lol.)


Another game Shaso and I played in. He had a squad of fire warriors hold off against an assult squad for 3 rounds of the game. The tau dice god favored them that day. but it was still an epic moment for that unit.

20-03-2010, 22:46

Another game Shaso and I played in. He had a squad of fire warriors hold off against an assult squad for 3 rounds of the game. The tau dice god favored them that day. but it was still an epic moment for that unit.

In general I think we have had several games where there were "Epic moments" (and even some :wtf: moments)but yeah those are two separate games that stand out.

20-03-2010, 23:50
Well the most recent one was yesterday when my plasma mech veteran squad drove forward to fry 5 Space Wolves crawling out of a drop-pot which allowed the infantry to overwhelm them. Then they speeded towards Njal Stormcaller and his Terminator retinue to finish them off. And after a failed charge they were given the opportunity to attack this dreadnought hero... Björn? which they managed to accomplish as well (there the first plasma gunner burned himself).

With that excellent performance they were given the honor to assault an imperial cathedral and the scouts within contesting the objective inside for victory.

21-03-2010, 00:03
Well it's not really in a single battle, but a few weeks ago the local GW store ran a combat patrol tournament (without the 2W only limitation) and my Tzeentch herald on his chariot managed to survive over 14 combined rounds of combat with an Inquisitor + retinue, Space Wolf scouts, Black Templar Captain, Grey Knight Captain and Guard Commander, taking the sum total of about 3 wounds and managing to wipe out teh puppy scouts, half the Inquisitor's henchmen, the Grey Knight captain and doing a wound on the Black Templar. All with his mighty WS of 2!

21-03-2010, 00:22
This is one from 2nd Ed. Still the most epic (apart from actual games of Epic).

Teaming up with two CSM armies vs. Inquisition and Dark Angels, things are looking grim for us. I´ve still got a Sorcerer and he manages to cast Pavana of Slaanesh on the Inqusitor Lord turning him into a Spawn. In our opponents turn the Spawn eats the Inqisitors retinue: 5 Grey Knight Terminators (yes, that´s 5 wounds on 5+ and 5 failed saves of 3+ on 2D6). The DA try to make up for this, disembarking from a Rhino are Azrael, Bethor and a combat Squad of Battle brothers. They are facing a single Great Unclean one. The Veteran Sgt. has a vortex grenade and lobs it at the greater deamon. It scatters and hits the Rhino, blowing off it´s tracks, leading to the Rhino flying off and landing splat on the DA including the Characters. We win that game.

Another nice one of that age was a game where both sides had Take and Hold. I had a cultist list with pretty much everybody carrying a shotgun. In my last turn I was back on VPs and he had 2 units of Marines ready to get to the objective I was holding (thus winning the game in his movement phase). But shotguns had the rule that any model hit but not killed would be moved 2" away from the shotgun. A lot of saves later, he hadn´t lost a single Marine, but the two units had been pushed almost into their own deployment zone... I did manage to push units over the table edge this way occassionally... What a cool gun!

21-03-2010, 01:47
Just had an epic moment in today's game.

Flanked by 3 warriors, a twin-bonesword Tyranid Prime charged 5 termies and a termie Librarian (space wolves). The termies hit first with lightning claws (assault through cover) and kill one warrior, while putting 2 wounds on the prime.

The prime then murders all 5 termies (he couldn't pass those 5++ saves), then next turn I roll box-cars for regen... Back to full strength!

He managed to regen another wound later, and ended up killing 16 space marines in cc, and 5 termies, while the warriors killed the libby and some marines!

21-03-2010, 01:59
I once had a game of apocalypse:
An enemy baneblade enters the game, pulverizes two squads of my space marines and is one-shot nuked by one lone scout with a missile launcher...needless to say that scout serves in my veteran company since that game :)

21-03-2010, 02:12
I have probably had several epic moments but one I will always remember is when a squad of 20 grots under the old codex (so bs2) shot a unit of 6 tyranid warriors and killed 2 of them. I thought, what the hell, and assaulted . It took me a while (I won every round) but eventually I wiped them out for the loss of only a few grotz. Silly.

All ork players probably have had a similar experience but I had a boyz squad charge a tank (can't remember which... probably a russ) and popped it with the Nob's PKlaw. Of course, it exploded and took 15 of the squad with it. Ouch!

21-03-2010, 02:14
Fought dark angels in 1750. My entire army didn't do anything, was getting tabled. I was using Yriel and Eldrad. Those two wandered around and killed almost the entire enemy army. Yriel just walked up to squadrons, killed them, while Eldrad stood around holding up enemy terminators with a 3+ invul.

Also fighting guard, 4 seer council members flatting out up to a leman russ with the giant gatling gun. Then another leman russ fired, and a valk with lascannons and some other weapons. Suffice it to say, one member died and the rest proceeded to clean up the guard tanks in the following turns.

21-03-2010, 02:48
My 3rd company 3rd (or 2nd) tactical squad sergeaant w/ powerfist anihalating a full squad of hormagaunts.


My epic fail/win planetsrike where my reserve rolls sucked major***. My whole army came in at different times. I was playing vs nids. first turn, 2 squads come in, kill a nid squad and run inside a bunker. Then, Termies came in, got killed by stealers same turn, along with one of the tac. squads. thunderfire and assult came in, but accomplished 2 kill points and nothing else. Xyrex killed the broodlord :). The only reason I won was because on the last turn, my LR came in and ran over a Carnifax, also crashing into 2 bunkers. At the end of the game, Xyrex and a tac. squad (or the 3 men still left in it) claimed the corner bunker, my assault squad claimed one of the fortress of redemption's bunkers, and (completely unintentionally) my LR claimed a bunker, winning the game!

DARK ANGELS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

21-03-2010, 03:37
Oh, this one is easy for me.

Old Marine codex.......My friend and I were playing a huge apocalypse game where his flank was being anchored by a warhound titan. I zoom a command squad up in a land raider, only to have my land raider and command squad shot out from underneath my force commander, chaplain, and librarian. Well, the three amigos proceed to run up to the warhound, plant melta bombs, blow the blasted thing up in an apocalyptic explosion, wipe out 3/4 of his army on the flank due to the explosion, and walk out of the crater without a scratch (librarian wasn't wounded and the other two made their invulnerable saves).

One of the very few times I've heard my friend complain about 40k..........

21-03-2010, 04:21
I think 2nd edition had the most epic moments in the game. While I enjoy 5th more the epicness of it has died down quite a bit.

2nd edition a virus weapon infected and wiping out an entire ork army in a single turn.

also 2nd edition having vehicles spin wildly out of control run into other units, have their fuel tanks explode and wipe out that unit which possibly causes more explosions and wild wrecks.

where as in 5th about as epic as I get is my eversor wiping out 3 carnifex in a row. or my canoness surviving 3 rounds of combat against an entire terminator squad and eventually running them down.

22-03-2010, 21:48
Some of my most epic moments was when i was playing my brother IG with my Tau did i mention he had a FREAKING EVERSOR with him one game it started with assualt distance of my hammerhead, meltabomded it to death charge my crisis team and promptly ripped out their spleens or the equivalent for tau anyways. butchered my kroot and died when he faced o'shovah and almost killed him when he blew up.

another absurd moment was when that same eversor matrixed a railgun from my broadside and then proceeded on another massacre

Just to let you know I now am deathly afraid of eversor assassins and the amount of pownage they bring

22-03-2010, 22:03
When my all out Khorne army got wiped in turn 2 by orks and I charged with everything of mine and killed 4 orks and a trukk.

That is my most epic FAIL moment. (We played 2000 points game)

Otherwise when I had creed defeating a Daemon prince and surviving 7 berserkers (they charged) for 3 round and then the game ended.

22-03-2010, 22:09
Just last Saturday I was in a Mega Battle with 39 other players, 4000 pts per person. There were 3 tables, 2 tables measuring 6' x 12', on 6' x 24'. I was on the smaller table, moon themed, with my Daemons, supported by DE, Traitor IG, a Banelord, An'Grath, and a Chaos Emperor titan. We faced Ultramarines, about 240 IG, Eldar, Tau, and a loyalist Emperor titan. Turn 1, they go first, someone uses an asset so they shoot using night fighting, emperor titan gets nerfed. Next turn, I deepstrike my Lord of Change, and then when they declare shooting phase in turn 2, I pop Mirage of Tz on the titan, and waste a warhound titan, a bunch of eldar, and about 40 IG and a tank, saving the banelord from almost certain annihilation. Then the Geater Daemon is charged by 10 termies, and lasts 3 more turns in combat! He kills about 4 of them and makes over 20 saves. Meanwhile, a brass scorpion charges the Emperor, denying it from shooting for the rest of the game, until it dies and goes Apocalyptic, killing almost everything around it except for my daemons, who are busy claiming ALL the objectives. :D Good day, that.

22-03-2010, 22:28
Some of my most epic moments was when i was playing my brother IG with my Tau did i mention he had a FREAKING EVERSOR with him one game it started with assualt distance of my hammerhead, meltabomded it to death charge my crisis team and promptly ripped out their spleens or the equivalent for tau anyways. butchered my kroot and died when he faced o'shovah and almost killed him when he blew up.

another absurd moment was when that same eversor matrixed a railgun from my broadside and then proceeded on another massacre

Just to let you know I now am deathly afraid of eversor assassins and the amount of pownage they bring

Ok thanks! I think I will get one in the future for my personal IG :D

22-03-2010, 22:39
I think 2nd edition had the most epic moments in the game. While I enjoy 5th more the epicness of it has died down quite a bit.

2nd edition a virus weapon infected and wiping out an entire ork army in a single turn.

also 2nd edition having vehicles spin wildly out of control run into other units, have their fuel tanks explode and wipe out that unit which possibly causes more explosions and wild wrecks.

where as in 5th about as epic as I get is my eversor wiping out 3 carnifex in a row. or my canoness surviving 3 rounds of combat against an entire terminator squad and eventually running them down.

I am inclined to agree with you on this. things from 2nd could be total game altering. I miss those days.

22-03-2010, 22:46
In 3rd edition my Ork Warboss was extremely hit or miss. He managed to kill 2 Dark Angels Dreadnoughts and the Force Commander and his entire bodyguard. He also managed to kill a Bloodthirster in combat which nearly made me sex-wee.

However, in one game he had his last 2 wounds taken off him by a Guard Commander with a laspistol.

In another game my Marine Chaplain had both his wounds taken off by a lone Guard Sergeant's trusty laspistol. Damn them laspistols! They're nastier than they look!

Again, in 3rd edition my 3k Marines (Raven Guard successors) allied with 2k Dark Angels and fought against 5k Imperial Guard including a Baneblade. The Guard massaced almost the entire 5k alliance in a frighteningly short time, with the only spark of joy being my Chaplain and 2 assault marines wiping out over 100 Guardsmen before being asploded by the Baneblade :(

23-03-2010, 03:03
Charging my last 1000 Points of Guard into a Tau Firing Line, where he still had 2000 Points of his original 3000 Points. Survived the Firing Line and proceeding with butchering the Tau.


Old Space Wolves Codex, come from behind with Scouts 2nd Turn and "indirectly" charge Land Raider, Predator and Whirlwind with Melta Bombs.


23-03-2010, 03:27
My Dark eldar in turn 1 shooting the crap out of a 12 man death company with 2 chaplains which had landed 8 inches away from my lines.I managed to kill the death company which meant the chaplains were now not fearless. They promptly failed their morale check and fled into a raider I had flown behind them.

This game won me the tournament being run at the local GW store. I still havent got the prize for that :eyebrows:

25-03-2010, 02:01
as you can see Guardsmen are prone to do heroic actions on the tabletop!

25-03-2010, 02:33
10 necrons warriors beating a terminator sergant in the head repeatedly, and then...they consolidated...

25-03-2010, 03:17
Mine was when in a game of Apoc my Tigerskark decided to destroy just about everything the was larger than a rhino
it killed
2 Stompas
2 Baneblades (Both in one turn...)
and around fifty marine in one turn thanks to an insanely overcorwded board.
EDIT: Or when my SM chaptermaster deepstriked into the center of my friends eldar & guardsmen alliance and utterly destroyed them with a vortex grenade, then killed all of the Daemons on the objective at the very back of the board and procede to win the game for me. (Along with my battlesuits that decided to become CC masters and destroyed most of his advance with shooting and just having enemys bounce off them.

25-03-2010, 03:19
In 4th ed. in a 5 way game. My squad of avengers heroicly fought up the length of the board, taking numerous charges and winning. Gradually the got closer and closer to the one objective i needed. With 2 turns to go they killed a drednaught in assualt. Then on the last turn, against around 50 boyz. My squad of 10 dire avengers blade stormed them and killed around thirty then charged them and killed the rest. Then consolodated into the objective. Making the game a win by 1 inch

25-03-2010, 03:41
Just tonight a Trygon charged my GH pack with Wolf Lord in it. My Wolf Lord had a Frost Blade and Storm Shield. Long Fangs knocked 3 wounds off the Trygon before it reached combat, so when the Trygon charged in, my Wolf Lord leaped forward and promptly carved that Trygon into ribbons before the Trygon even layed a claw on the Space Wolves.

May not be the MOST epic thing, but it sure was cool considering the hype around the Trygon.

25-03-2010, 07:20
Not really a game, but a campaign. Still, this was the most damn fun I've ever had in this game. A year or two ago, an unofficial world-wide campaign was held between several smaller forums, with myself taking command of the Night Lords contingent of the now-deceased forum, the Sons of Chaos.

As the campaign went on, the Sons did pretty damn well, and we ended up in control of the continent we were fighting over. This led initially to the fact that when we captured our first Hive City, we Night Lords got given the choice as to what to do to the prisoners we captured. It is fairly gory, so I've spoilered it: the next morning, the enemy soldiers got to see their camp ringed by the crucified bodies of the prisoners, which were still alive, with the message "We come for you!" carved into their chests. Terror tactics at their finest.
We also had lots of insurrectionists start popping up, both from the nation we'd defeated, and the nation we'd allied with initially, and since taken over. As the rest of the Sons got ready to head over to the next continent, we decided there was only one way to get rid of these damn rebels... to let the Night Lords do what they do best. There's a certain perverse pleasure in ordering the genocide of a fictional continent. Any actual threat those native scum could have posed was ended pretty soon, downgraded to being simply irritating

25-03-2010, 09:26
MOST EPIC: In the darkness of night, the lightening lashed about like maddened whips. A so far lucky and almost untouched Guardian Squad with a rocket launcher heavy weapon, was brutally gunned down. It was a massacre. I had misused them being a noob to Eldar at the time and taking on a tyranid army far larger than my own.
Gargoyles from above blasted them and termagaunts from each side ripped into them.
It was over pretty quickly.

25-03-2010, 10:35
In 4th I was pretty shot up by my mates Guard army in the first two turns feeling sorry for myself as I had been too long setting up my charges then it was time to apply them in my turn three.

One unit of scorpions joined by Yriel and a ten strong gang of Harlequins charged from opposite ends of the gunline. Thanks to consolidating into fresh combats and the harlies hit and run it was all over by turn five. Scary and epic. It was a 3000pt game so there were a lot of dead mon-keigh littering the battlefield.

25-03-2010, 13:04
more then 120 orks in one combat + Gasghul thraka in a 1500 point game. Needless to say both players were using ork hordes. So many dice rolls in one round.

10 grots shoot and charge 5 terminators, no terminator survived the round. ( not my accomplishment but epic still heh)

plasma pistol blows up untouched warhound titan (not mine either but HAH!)

4 broadside suits arrive fashionably late on a 1500 point dawn of war battlefield, the battle was already lost, but in the last two turns 8 imperial tanks lay dead and the imperial forces were retreating from the ferocious broadside onslaught

Gaskhul thraka kills 80 "without number" gaunts solo

Gasghul thraka duels Ghasghul thraka (what a twist!)

Big mek with a shokk attack gun rips two holes in reality in the same game, his FIRST ever game

20 battlesuits and 40 terminators deep strike behind chaos lines in a joint attack, the joint attack force inflicted no damage before it perished.

Battlesuit ninja commander tears through a space marine flank in melee combat

stormtrooper sergeant solo kills a carnifex with his powersword in one round of combat (not mine either but dang)

26-03-2010, 10:44
My Single 7-man wych squad fought from turn 2 to turn 7 against 2x 10 man squad of plague marines with fist champ and at the beginning of the turn 5 the greater daemon joined the battle too.



2x Champs and the Daemon had 1 wound left.

me: 1x wych

It was a kill-point mission so it kind of sucked for both of us :D

26-03-2010, 22:38
As we can see luck is your best friend in these circumstances

26-03-2010, 23:29
For me it's most likely when a my lone Justicar held up my entire left flank against several units of Bloodletters, all of them assaulting him whenever a gap opened up and slowly whittling them down. he survived around 30 saved wounds using a refractor field while sending about 15 of the foul daemon spawn back to the Warp. No matter what happened, I just couldn't fail a invulnerable save while managing to hit and wound with every attack while my opponent kept failing all his saving throws.

Or, I could go by my Dreadnought (called Brother Valorius, Hammer of Daemons) taking the center and taking out a Bloodthirster and 2 Heralds of Khorne singlehandedly.

I have to admit to being very lucky with the dice rolling on both sides of the table, but we both thought it was a truly epic, fluffy battle for the Grey Knights holding their own against a Daemon incursion.

27-03-2010, 12:01
Not so much epic as awsome cinimatic, I drop poded my Dread onto some guardians and flamed them all off the objective except the warlock who held, his next turn the warlock gets ready to charge my tac demi squad and his viper sneaks up on my dread, the viper fires destroying the dread at which point it's arm flys off and kills the warlock to a shout of in the death there is vengence... i got a bit excited, lol. In the end the eldar player was tabled 2nd turn, but still i'm proud of my dread.

27-03-2010, 17:27
Marines Vs Orks

The vile Xenos (Tankbusta Squad) charged a combat squad, their fate sealed, as this combat squad contained the marine who is now known as God Sergeant. The loss of his comrades only helped to increase his wrath. He won the combat, ran them down and then slayed them all to a man. But he was not finished yet, advancing on yet another Tankbusta squad, Rokkits bouncing off his forehead like hail, he charged, winning the combat and yet again running them down. Again he charged on until he met his nemesis, the vile Warboss, who stood no change against his might. Finally he was brought down in a heroic charge against a large group of Nobz, heroically drawing fire unto himself so that his comrades could flank and destroy the enemy.

This being the same sergeant who has defeated and entire squad of Grey Knights by himself and Kept a Daemon Prince tied up in hand to hand.

He's now the ONLY unit in my squad to have earned himself a partial gold repaint (All my others having silver as the metallic colour)

Coming a close second is my Termie Chaplain, LC Termie squad, killing 76 Guardsmen in 2 turns.

27-03-2010, 17:45
The game had a blizzard crossing the board at 12 inches a turn. Anything that was in the blizzard has limited sight, difficult terrain to move for vehicles and infantry. Visibility was good at 6 or 12 inches, can't remember. A valkyrie of my cousin braved the blizzard to pick up a guard squad that it would transport to reinforce his other units. My Exorcist was immobile, had range but was way out of the 12 inch visibility so it had to hit on 6's. I decided to fire anyway. Rolled a 6 for the # of missiles, rolled one 6 out of them, rolled a 6 to score a 14 and penetrate and rolled a 6 on the chart causing an explosion that was 6 inches from the craft. It took a few guard troopers with it.

It was a spectacular sight to behold to the imagination. The guard unit hastening back to retrieval, seeing the craft coming towards them in the blinding blizzard conditions, and almost reaching it until suddenly a projetile speeds through air and the landscape is illuminated in a brilliant flash of fire and molten slag. Reminiscent of Aliens when the drop ship comes to fetch them but crashes because of a stowaway alien onboard. I could almost hear Bill Paxton crying out in anguish on the game board.

27-03-2010, 17:48
Turn one, I'm outnumbered 3:1 (scenario mission) with a small detachment of Terminators, with Eldar allies. We're against a tri-partie Chaos army with marines, cultists and daemon reinforcements; they have rebel eldar with them too.

I fire my lascannon, back when they were worth a damn, one hit kill the Avatar.

Eldar player packs up and leaves, and suddenly it's outnumbered 2:1, and the next shot is a Vortex Grenade on his Greater Daemon :D

My gaming luck went downhill from there :(

27-03-2010, 22:15
First turn of a 1500pts game, a missile launcher hit and destroy an Eldar warwalker. the resultant explosion destroy almost half the Eldar army.

28-03-2010, 01:06
This one is more statiscally possible but still cool!

This took place as soon as the first version of the IG Tank Company turned up. I had some good cover from the centre of the table where my DA Marines was being ground down and my tanks were already in flames.

But I Deep Striked with my Lord Callistarius and his 5 man assault squad. They arrived promptly and after landing he leveled his plasma pistol at the weaker rear armour and destroyed a Leman Russ. A Leman Russ and distant Basilisk opened up wiping out the squad but Calistarus' blessed artificer armour saved him from the titantic blasts. He then jump packed, assaulted and melta-bombed 4 more tanks destroying every tank with one well placed charge on each!

It ended up a draw...

Hmmm I'll have to dig that model out again I think and re-use him :)

Green Feevah!
28-03-2010, 05:07
Back in third edition, I was playing with my marines versus dark eldar. I had bunkered down in the centre objective, and the dark eldar player spent a turn firing everything he had to crack open the bunker. He manages to do so and charges his Archon forward. In my turn I fire everything I have at the Archon, knowing full well that if he hits my line, it's over. EVERYTHING bounces off him. I figure it's game over for sure. Start of his next turn, he decides to go big and use 3 combat drugs. Then promptly rolls three ones on his test and falls over dead in the middle of the field, turning a sure defeat into a victory.

The moral of the story: Don't do drugs!

More recently, playing my marines again, versus the new Tyranids, a Trygon is bearing down on my lines. It's already eaten one tactical squad and is abot to hit another. So in my Turn I fire pretty much everything in range and get it down to one wound. Desperate, I scan the board and realize I haven't fired one weapon: my Librarian's bolt pistol. So I fire, hit, wound AND he fails the save. Trygon dead, and my Librarian is showing the rest of the marines, how it's down. But it gets better. The next turn, I'm about to be flanked by a ton of Termangants and a Tervigon. nowing that if I take out the Tervigon the Gants go with it, I once again focus fire. And once again get it down to one wound. And my Librarian still has his bolt pistol. So I try again, hit, wound, and once again, a failed save. The Tervigon goes down and the Termagants areeither destroyed or scattered.

And to think I just brought the Librarian for his psychic hood.

28-03-2010, 14:30
I had a game the other day where a drop podded melta dreadnought landed behind my vet assualt rhino. Shot at me but my smoke saved me, phew. Next turn he tried again. But missed then with his last shot of his turn he cried 'drop pod storm bolters win games!' and promptly immobolised my rhino (not that big a deal in the grand scheme) with 3 sixes in a row! In my turn I rolled to self repair! A six! Hurray, first time ever a rhino of mine has repired itself, vroom! Next turn he again cries 'storm bolters win games!' and rolled three sixes again to immobilse me again! Arrgh! My turn I wait for my shooting phase, and self repair, another six! Vroom!

You can guess how this game within a game went on.....:D

Not really epic but for the rolls, Just daft.

28-03-2010, 20:28
I've had plenty of huge kills and the like but the most EPIC, cinematic thing I ever saw was fairly simple.

4th edition. An armaggedon sentinel is one of the last guard units remaining. It charges at a falcon, positioning itself squarely inside the 'wings' so it's literally within the falcon. Then it fires its lascannon and destroys the falcon, which had been moving flat out. All harlequins inside go squish.

Now imagine that in an actual battle in the 40K universe. There'd be slo-mo and epic music and maybe even a one-liner. Then the sentinel pilot would light up a cigar on his laspistol and give a thumbs up to the camera. Then he'd try to sell me something. It almost makes me want to cry.