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10-02-2006, 19:35
Well then, I have recently come across a copy of the dark tome of the Druchii and I'm planning a smaller army of them, using a Khaine Army theme, meaning Executioneers, Black Guard and Assasins (of course, Cauldron and Witch elves might find their way into it as well, but, those belong more in a cult/temple of Khaine list).

And now, I thought about how to use these nifty and nimble elves called Assassins, of which two will be included in my 1k list.

So, these are the two ways I have been thinking about doing for them, post your own uses and equipment for the Druchii assassins as well.

My first one is a designed unit-defender of a bigger block of Executioneers, used in order to minimise attacks back at the exes in the case of a prolonged combat through simply killing off R&F troops/killy characters.

Assassin, Additional Handweapon, Touch of Death, quite basic for a character-killer, 4 attacks with strength 4 and a sky high weaponskill.
Deployed as: Hidden

Granted, this assassin could probably be better equipped, I was thinking of giving him the Draich of Dark Power instead of giving it to my Noble general (but still, the general wielding a big nasty Draich of Dark Power just screams out Temple of Khaine/Witch King's army)
However, if I give him the Draich, my general can take the Seal of Ghrond and give me at least one extra Dispell Dice to at leasth slightly enhance my magical defence.

Now, seeing as the list will be 1k, and I have one more assassin (meaning no magic due to my general being a Noble), this is what I came up with, an anti-magic assassin, able to cover any area with dangerous potential casters with a highly effective magic removance (but still, the casters might move out of his range, which might pose a problem, but, if he manages to stop one big nasty magic missile towards my Black Guard or Executioners, he will be worth hes points so much more than if he kills enough dudes).

Assassin, Additional Handweapon, Ring of Hotek, Dance of Doom.
Deployed as: Scout

As I said, used to deterr wizards close to him from casting and forcing them out in the open where they can easely be dealt with due to his four attacks.
Due to rather bad wording, I didn't really understand wether or not Assassins could take the Dance of Doom together with the Ring of Hotek, or I have to choose one or the other. If the latter, I'll simply grab Heartseeker to replace both the Dance and the Additional handweapon.

These are my ideas for Assassins, used to disturb and protect, what do you think of them, and do you have your own?

10-02-2006, 19:44
2 assassins in 1K list, thats risky. there goes about 1/4 of your points. the manbane+rune of khaine and hand weapon have always been a effective combo.

10-02-2006, 19:51
I would like an assassin to have an additional hand weapon, manbane, and the rune of Khaine (or you can substitute the rune of Khaine and add the black lotus) you will have up to 5 attacks that can get up to s6.:skull:
Or... you could give him an extra handweapon and dance of doom and dark venom, and cry of war!:cheese: :angel: :evilgrin:

10-02-2006, 19:55
Could work, however, the first assassin will remain hidden and cannot be revealed untill once in combat, whilst the second one does indeed need to have the Ring in order to deterr wizards from casting.

But you had a good idea RKATTAN, perhaps Manbane and the Rune can make for a better unit and character-killer than the Draich or Touch, indeed, would be very nice.

10-02-2006, 20:08
any time my dark brother, but do ou not think that 2 is a little exessive? my friend uses a lord(highborn), 2xscorceress, and an assassin in a unit of twentyish executioners. but in a one k game i would stick with one and a noble on a cold one or on foot.

10-02-2006, 20:11
Two it is, no more, perhaps one less if I really need the points in the end, I did a list with everything I'd want to include and ended up with a 1.5k, but, through some slight adjustments, it is easy to bring it down to 1k and still keep at least the anti-magic assassin

10-02-2006, 20:28
oi, whatever you say. Well you have the perferred combos, so use 'em wisely and post how well ya do! good luck!

10-02-2006, 20:34
I'll see if I can get at least one proxi game up before getting the army (although, I'll still get the models for Executioners and the Assasins)

ghost hunter
12-02-2006, 16:53
once i gave my assain crimson death it worked preaty welll ws 9 strenght 6 you cant really say no to that and no arrmour saves i think i may have given him poison as well

12-02-2006, 17:05
what do you mean no armor saves? S6 offers -3armor save which means that a person with a 1+ can still save on a 5+. Plus the manbane poisone is 10 points cheaper and can get him up to S6 anyways. plus imho, an assassin looks cooler with two daggers than if he was wailing a huge Halberd! oh, and the assassin will only be able to make 3 attacks with the halberd whil he could make 5 with the two daggers.

12-02-2006, 18:32
I think with S6 a 1+ armour save will be a 4+ rather than a 5, although I'm sure you meant that anyway.

Go with the rune of khaine/manbane option against all but other elves (and possibly goblins) that assassin can be used in a low level character killing role as well as thinning the numbers a bit.

I've used the rink of hotek with assassins too, it can work really well, but it can often mean you end up revealing where the assassin is hidden because you end up chasing his wizard unit with your assassin unit.

12-02-2006, 19:01
you do NOT hide the assassin using Hotek, you SCOUT him, that's the entire point of giving him the Dance of Doom in order to at least be able to survive a cannonball tracing your way

12-02-2006, 19:06
well dance of death isnt that great shakes, a 5+ ward can hardly be relied upon! it's even worse against a unit of handgunners or crossbowmen or even bowmen, enough shots at him and he goes down. You could stick him with a unit of shades or something to shield him however

12-02-2006, 19:11
Yes, I have been thinking of that, however, it still poses a risk, since he is much too slow when joined with them and works best on his own, I'll simply have to test and see and hope that being a lone character as well as saving 1 third of the wounds should keep him allive long enough.

12-02-2006, 19:11
First off, thank you kyussinchains for the correction (my mind was turning to mush), secondly I really do not think that the RH is really that good. I would give him the dance of doom and and darkvenom and cry of war. Yo nekoh what do you think of the IHEK (the ideal high elf killer) combo...give him the rune of kaine and ..DA NET! 2d6 S3 attacks on a single model! if that don't kill him nothing will!