View Full Version : A few interaction questions.

Lord Baali
04-03-2010, 12:24
Hello again I have been readng through my shiney new WoC Armybook and happened upon a few things and was wondering how they would
interact,here it goes. A warshrine allows me to roll on the *** chart and hook a unit up a turn or until I want to change it? If I happen to get the exalted glory roll on a marked by tzeench knights unit does this allow a 3+ ward save?I am aware favor of the gods will help those chances A bit but, who is actually making the roll the shrine or the target unit and if so can I give favor of the gods to the appropriate unit to grease the wheels of the desired effect happening. Lastely I assume Valkias ability will allow me to further increase my chances of getting the 5 or 6 I ak looking for if he above interactions work?