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04-03-2010, 21:30
Probably hard to answer, I know, but what are people's thoughts on how WoTR doing? Is it taking off well? Exceeding GW's expectations or not?

05-03-2010, 01:15
I think the rule-set is great for mass-battles! But while GW made a big deal about it when it first came out I really think they should have continued at least some of the lotr love...

One thing I really hope is that with Battlehosts they bring out some army kits at last for lotr to help get WoTR armies much easier.

09-03-2010, 08:05
at the local GW that i go to, the WOTR fan base is almost as big as 40k. its doing great over there... i wish that i could say the same thing about a couple of the other stores that i have been to.

i am also looking forward to battle hosts, i am really curious to see what kinds of new formations we get in each army list

09-03-2010, 08:45
Companywide its doing rather well, locally however the interest fizzled out rather quickly at my store. Which is rather disappointing as i still maintain WOTR is currently GW's best ruleset.

09-03-2010, 12:21
WotR is doing rather well locally for us. This has required some rather dedicated pushing of the system, getting people playing, generating the interest ourselves.

The game itself is amazingly good fun to play. I've had Rohan, Mordor and Elven armies so far and there all good to use. The missions add to the balance which helps.

The only down is the lack of FAQ and Epic Strike in duels (which we house ruled to stop).

09-03-2010, 15:04
several of us building armies here in Central California, with a few others interested. I hope GW continues to support the system -- it seems like a really solid rule set.

09-03-2010, 19:29
out gaming group put WotR on hold till the FAQ comes out

10-03-2010, 03:34
Here's the work I've been doing so far on my haradrim Army.

of course first is my wraith, The Betrayer I hope to add Kamul the Easterling later if we continue playing

Haradrim Horsemen

Haradrim with bows will get folded into the Spears unit to help bulk up the company

haradrim with spears

My assassin, I was hoping for more but when I ordered I only got 1 :(

I'm planning on adding easterling with my next purchase. Currently I have one more box of warriors, one more box of Raiders and a mumak.

What do you think I should paint next.

whoops pasted links instead of pics my bad.

10-03-2010, 03:46
The figs look nice, especially like the red on the nazgul.

Shouldn't this be a new topic though? It doesn't seem to have much to do with the actual topic of this thread.

10-03-2010, 04:49
I suppose so, but I wanted to give my imput on how War of the Rings is doing by showing the new models and army I got into...

10-03-2010, 06:35
Only rarely played here but once my own army is done, i'll try to push to get a few games running. (haven't even gotten to the 'i'm painting them up' phase)

11-03-2010, 08:41
I played a couple of little demo games (300 points) with people at my game store tonight. There were 7 people in the store this evening and all of them expressed interest in playing and basically said they were just waiting for some other people so they knew they weren't wasting money.

I have high hopes we're going to be playing regularly soon.

12-03-2010, 21:24
we have 3 building armies in our area, and a couple of interested parties. It's going well here. in Fargo, ND

Nu Fenix
13-03-2010, 01:01
Thankfully through force of personality, I am 'persuading' more locals at my GW that they should give the game a go. Having one staff member with a Fallen Realms army, and the other working on his Rohan, it is has helped to get a presence in store. Also, more gamers seem to be wanting a change, and when deciding on a new army, I suggest why not try WOTR, since that way they can try something fresh and doesn't have the stigma of certain armies being considered either extremely powerful or weak.

Plus, I keep telling them that the more of us who play, the more of us that can practice and work together to hit the GT ;) I think it's working!

30-03-2010, 17:59
My local store group wanted to start a new game, one of the lad had almost talked us into LOTR but then me and a mate simply said BFG and pop went that idea.

In my experiece and i stress that part LOTR has attracted lots of new players who would otherwise never had gotten into this kind of hobby, but has failed to bring over WFB and 40K fans.

31-03-2010, 20:37
My local club - Cheltenham Warchiefs - are really getting into it, with about half a dozen players now working through a campaign.

I had my first two 500 point games last Monday and, although I'm taking a break for a month or so to add another 500 points and paint the whole thing, I'm really looking forward to the next game.

My biggest complaint is that so few of my fellow players have fully painted armies that it's often impossible to tell one army from another at a glance.


01-04-2010, 07:27
Hey R. Nice to see ya fella. Glad you enjoyed your first game, I'll be giving you a game so as your ready with my fully painted Rohan (or Mordor or Elves:D)

Anyway on topic. WotR is a new system that requires a lot of models. Luckly most of the models are very cheap on ebay and are easy to paint. People need a little help to make the push into an unkown system so it takes a system champion to help people along. I have know managed to get a good solid core of WotR players into the game by just playing as much as I can, enguraging new players, heck even giving the odd spare metal hero to newer members.

If only GW would support this fledgling system a little more. We need MORE plastic infantry. Make the Pikemen and Foot knights of Dol Amroth NOW!

It would be good also if GW could recognise the work that system champions actually do promoting there products.

Brother Ranz
04-04-2010, 03:03
@Grimfoe Games, (Opening in april) we will be running an Escalation League for the dozen or so people who have expressed interest in checking it out. LoTR will share a spot on our demo table with Flames of war, 40K, WFB and Warmachine. I think we will do pretty well with it.

06-04-2010, 19:05
A lot of people seem to want a FAQ done, but for me this is the only GW book I have ever read where I have no questions.

I would love to see some army boxes to help the game grow a bit, hopefully balanced with leaders and units that you can buy and play (no other models needed).

Hero adamite
06-04-2010, 20:02
I think the main problem with WoTR is that everyone says "it's a good game but no one plays it" but if all those people that said that would just play it would probably be almost as popular as fantasy. Atleast at my local store it would.

Nu Fenix
06-04-2010, 20:30
That is the same logic I use locally Hero adamite. By telling them that I have two armies and willing to play it more than fantasy, and having two GW staff that play, more of them are realising that the argument of no-one else plays is starting to fade fast.

I am curious to see what the assorted GW stores do to promote it, both in advance and on the day.
Paint some samples, stick them in a cabinet and only talk about them when someone else brings them up?
Try and run a big game on the day?
Sweet FA?
Actually promote it heavily and use it to reinvigourate the game, bringing new players for us to play against?

06-04-2010, 22:02
WotR has been picking up quite a bit here in NYC. I think we have double the number of players interested now than we had a few months back, and it continues to gain steam.

06-04-2010, 23:52
A lot of people seem to want a FAQ done, but for me this is the only GW book I have ever read where I have no questions.

I would love to see some army boxes to help the game grow a bit, hopefully balanced with leaders and units that you can buy and play (no other models needed).

It is a remarkably well done rules set, especially for a GW game. I spent a couple weeks combing through every thread I could find that discussed any rules problems, vagueness or inconsistencies and came up with a 3 page FAQ for my local area. That covers the core rules and 10 army lists. The GW FAQ for the latest skaven book was, what, 11 pages, for a single army list. There are a few serious loopholes though, the counselor might battery being, I think, the biggest.

Some battalion boxes that actually provide a discount over the retail price would be awesome. I could probably convince another 4-5 people to start playing then.

07-04-2010, 00:10
I'm playing another new player tomorrow night, he has a 1500 pt army pretty much all painted. So it looks to be ticking along here too.

I quote agree about the FAQ, it would be good to have one but the list of issues isn't really that long and there is pretty good local consensus on how things should be played. The only two things that I think are niggling away there are how exactly to treat the order of Epic Actions and Counsellors hasn't come up yet.

Personally, I am pretty comfortable with telling anyone who wants a 'might battery' and 'pinwheel of death' to stop being an idiot. It's just a game.

07-04-2010, 00:27
On the topic of the pinwheel of death...

I don't understand the obsession with it. It's only viable in much larger games (try that in 1250 and see how well it works, especially as you can't even take the allies you need), and if a player has a ton of formations, if you are playing anything other than field of swords, they might just stand large cheap formations in front of it and wait. So what if they don't kill you? You can easily lose scenarios when your opponents run off with the objectives while planting large companies with shields in front of you just to stall. Especially if you have the Dwimmerlaik, as everything is now only 50% as effective for that unit.

Likewise, god forbid your foe brought some legitimate artillery. I've seen a 6 company unit turned into a single company unit after being hit by a battery of trebs...

I think there are both counters to this unit in terms of destroying it, but far more importantly, counters to this unit in terms of scenarios just making it absolutely terrible. It's a funny thing to think about, but it's a one trick pony in a lot of ways that only works at very high points.

The bigger issue, for me, is the occasional too-cheap units (Arbalesters, Khamul), and making sure there is a local consensus on things like Epic Strike in duels, etc.

07-04-2010, 00:46
'Obsession' seems a particularly odd way to characterise noting it as a potential issue Reinholt. The rules involved with a 'might battery' seem silly and noting that they are just silly is a completely separate issue to how you might deal with it tactically. If it ever even came up.

One does not preclude the other.

I agree with you about Arbalesters and the top-tier Ringwraiths. No question as to the legality, but they are clearly too cheap. However, aside from noting they are clearly too good for their points, I don't see much more that can be done about it. Sure some abuse it, but I guess that is up to them.

07-04-2010, 01:42
You make a good point Reinholt. Part of the problem is that too many people simply ignore the scenarios and play "kill things until one of us wins", which exacerbates the brokenness of things like the pinwheel.

Nu Fenix
07-04-2010, 19:22
I find that by encouraging the enemy to come after my most dangerous formations, or ones with noticeable heroes inside, they ignore the ones looking towards the objectives.

The best example I had was The High Ground against a Rohan player, where he ignored the objective and attacked my army, only for a formation of ambushing Watcher Warband to appear inside the target terrain and get me the game.

At the end of the month I am going to a 1500 point tournament. Honestly, I would be suprised if anyone tries to use the Pincushion list in such a size game, but if they do I will say what happened to them ;)

07-04-2010, 19:29
Where is the tournament then? Are there many WotR tournament happening then? I used to go to loads of WFB events but I have moved away from them now, it would be good to play a few new events.

Nu Fenix
07-04-2010, 19:41
It is an event held at Warhammer World between several stores in the Midlands - Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley and Walsall. My store had set aside four tickets for WOTR, whilst also having singles and doubles for both 40K and WFB. I have been the only one in my store to buy a ticket to WOTR :(

I have no idea how many have been sold in other stores, but unfortunately I am not feeling confident. On the upside, whichever of the two staff members who end up escorting us plays WOTR, and promised me they would bring their army so we can play each other.

I am hoping to have at least three opponents, as it is a three round tournament, between them covering every objective and deployment choice, although the combination used is unknown at present. But I want to play people I don't know, see armies that don't exist locally, and maybe pick up some new tricks and combinations to use when I return home ;)

07-04-2010, 20:04
We had a small 1000pt event run here with customised missions and the full spread of deployment options and it mixed things up nicely. The one comment I would make is that draws seem unsatisfying for a tournament situation and that some of the mission setups he used permitted them. So having something like VP as a tiebreaker is not a bad idea.

07-04-2010, 22:38
'good game but no one plays' is an apt description for my locale, everyone picked it up, everyone loved the rules but it's gradually slipped in to obscurity, i have a half painted 2k easterlign force sat in an army case, as well as a 1k force of galadhrim all clipped off the sprue probably never to be built, i wish it was more popular in my area but LoTR whilst popular in and of itself never took off in the form of miniature game in brighton.

i hear it's france's most played GW miniature game and that could well be true, whenever the French students come in to the brighton store they make an immediate bee-line to the LoTR section!

08-04-2010, 06:35
Yeah it's a shame. I'm actually picking up WH:F Dark Elves to have an army for each coresystem.
My Easterling force is almost done though and I must say what I read so far in the rulebook makes WoTR look very promising with smooth gameplay.
In the store a few people play WoTR though far less than Fantasy. So I hope to get a few games going in a month or 2.

08-04-2010, 07:21
This is good to hear; WotR seems to have a stable attraction, which in itself probably will overcome the "it's a good game but no one plays it". Not to strange, of course, given its fleeting Napoleonic maneuvers and the many great LotR miniatures. Heh, I may even have to return to my Elven LotR force once an upcoming Vossies army for 40k is finished. :)

How are ye ol' stay-with-40k-WHFB fans faring? Are you tempted or have you even fallen into WotR? This is probably the most important part with WotR - to act as a springboard for WHFBers/40kers into LotR, and vice versa, as a springboard for new, LotR players into WHFB/40k.

09-04-2010, 22:42
I love WoTR, but have trouble trying to get people to try it. For Battlehosts, my local GW is going to run 500pt demo games like when WoTR was new last year. Trying to get the WFB and 40K players into it is tricky, but seeing it played regularly and people enjoying it has to be a good start. I have over 2000pts of Isengard made entirely of uruk-hai with Saruman. All wheat, no chaff, 168 models. Sweet!

The only thing that slows the game down IMO is too many heroes doing too many heroic actions.

10-04-2010, 07:29
After jumping into the game with both feet from the get go and a very slow start locally, we are finally picking up steam.
After suggesting an escalation league last fall to begin in early may, it has given a local group of players enough time to see if they want to dedicate the time and effort into committing.
Its not a huge crowd, but when you have 9-10 players with a few more fringe players you have a great pool to utilize for games.

Hopefully this will pan out to be a decent summer for WotR and have dozen players with fully painted armies by this fall/winter.

11-04-2010, 03:32
It's been dead around here for like half a year. When it first came out more people were playing it than 40k, though.

Once everybody figured the game out (and how insanely powerful Elves and Mordor are) it just got really boring.

11-04-2010, 04:14
I have yet to see a game played where I am, and I think I'm the only person around that even has any LotR stuff (Easterlings and Elves)....I've tried to convince a few people to give it a shot, but most of them are too busy with the other games that they play to even look at it.

11-04-2010, 15:18
We have a bit of a small following up in Canada. We had a tournament last year, when WOTR first came out, and we actually snagged a new player/friend to come with us to our league. But our league consists of two friends, my brother, my girlfriend and I. Its not too bad, but we could use more support at GW. Thankfully one staff is pretty into it (Angmar) with another starting an elf force. I have yet to see someone else with a Fallen Realms list besides me. As a side note, Battlehosts is awesome! Host of Karna here I come! Maybe, in time...Oliphaunt WAR HERD!!!

15-04-2010, 20:37
I think that war of the ring seems to be going fine, I enjoy playing mass battles with my Gondorians, and Isengard armies!

I find it a great way to test out new stratagies and tactics against your freinds and other opponents!

But was hard to adopt the new rules as I was so used to the LOTR:SBG ones, but after a couple of games, it didn't become a problem!

15-04-2010, 22:26
we had to have a 'relauch' in GW Glasgo becasue no one played it (and still dont). Partly due to there being no emphasis on it and partly because one player with a boring dwarf list killed it for everyone.

19-04-2010, 19:46
Here in the mitt (aka. Michigan) no one plays LotR or WotR. I saw one game played last year before I had my 1 and only WFB army, it was a scenrio with hobbits and that was with a manager and a starter game for lil' joey. XD

Well after seeing the movies on TNT a week or so ago I decided I wanted to play LotR. Just bought a Mukil, Khaumual and some Warriors. The veterans of my crew (of 12 or so peeps or so) upon seeing me also decided it was about time to complete a force or start one up! Our goal is to start up LotR and WotR at our local store and among our noob friends (like me) before we all go to college.

LotR nights and WotR nights will finally now be exactly what they were meant for at the or local store. :)

Nu Fenix
19-04-2010, 20:23
And behold the power of what happens when one brave soul decides to give it go ;)

Once that happens, the argument that someone would play if others played starts to fail.

Good luck to you Trains_Get_Robbed!