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05-03-2010, 10:37
Yes yes, its been here before. No, its not that much changed. But hey, you never know - someone might have a stroke of genius on it.

Oldblood with light armour, shield, Talisman of Protection and Blade of Realities. Mounted on a Carnosaur = 461

Scar Veteran with light armour, Enchanted Shield and Piranha Blade. Mounted on a Cold One = 160

Scar Veteran with BSB, light armour, shield, Burning Blade of Chotec = 158

Skink Priest with Level 2, Diadem of Power and a Dispel Scroll = 150

10 Skink Skirmishers with blow pipes = 70

10 Skink Skirmishers with blow pipes = 70

10 Skink Skirmishers with blow pipes = 70

5 Cold One Cavalry with Standard = 195 (hero here)

5 Cold One Cavalry with Standard = 195 (hero here)

5 Cold One Cavalry with Standard and Warbanner = 220

4 Terradons = 120

Salamander with extra handler = 80

Salamander with extra handler = 80

Total = 2029

PD = 4
DD = 3 (5) with 1 scroll

You may have noticed its not exactly hardcore. That's deliberate. I've done well with it before (redirect stuff! redirect stuff, oh god redirect stuff...), and feel taking a super hardcore list is a little unfair. Its in mind of a tournament in April i should be going to (will be interesting - at Uni currently, so not exacty playing a lot).

Currently, as you may have noticed, 29 pts over. 2 easy choices:
Remove a terradon. This is what i did previously (although to be fair, i only ever had 3 so it was not exactly an issue).
Remove the war banner + a skink handler. Not really happy about this, as the heroless unit has problems without help.

Also wondering on carnosaur build. I really like the BoR, but still thinking about trying out, again, the old Glyph Necklace + Revered Blade combo. I tend to alternate between them and i haven't yet worked out which one is my favourite. Unfortunately, its also 5 pts more, so would have to snip something (probably skink handler).

Also found out recently its really not too bad comp wise. Perhaps unsuprisingly... Going by the stupidly over zealous comp system of WPS
I get:

0 for power dice
-50 for dispel dice (3 basic, 1 scroll, diadem counts as one)
-100 for carnosaur
-100 for 2nd mounted saurus character
-100 for 3rd skink skirmisher unit]
-100 for terradon unit (what do they have against terradons...)
-100 for warbanner
-100 for burning blade of chotec

+100 for oldblood
+100 for no slann
+195 for 1st cold one unit (warbanners apparently don't count)

Total of -255, or 2745 in their odd counting system. As i've made lists with numbers well into the -3000 or more... that's pretty good i feel.

13-04-2010, 22:34

Tournament is on thursday, currently deciding to go for just 3 terradons and keeping blade of realities (as its fun to blow up big monsters).

Spiney Norman
13-04-2010, 22:45
Talisman of protection is totally useless, ditch it, either get the glyph necklace, which you actually have a chance of passing, or drop it altogether.

The Blade of realities is a good weapon, but its uses are rather limited. I would greatly favour the Scimitar of the Sun/burning blade. Depending on what units you will be targeting, the Sword of the Hornet might also be a potential contender if he's likely to get stuck in multiple round combat.

otherwise your list looks very interesting, not really my cup of tea, buts fast and punchy. Hope your game goes well.