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23-05-2005, 07:41
I was planning to post these guys here a while ago but when I arrived to post them the forum had seemingly gone forever :eek: Now Portent is back with a vengance so are Tsao Ling and Co.

Little is known about these mysterious monks aside from they are from distant Cathay and thier skills with thier deadly longswords, known as Sanmei Jian are unsurpassed .
Some say they have travelled west to avenge thier master, cruelly slain by a Tilean merchant, some say that he was driven mad by seeing his family slaughtered by Druchii pirates. Others say that they are on a quest from thier god to seek out and destroy the forces of chaos
No matter why they are in the West it seems they are watched over by the gods and one only has to watch them fight to see this is so, which gods they are is a mystery...

Tsao Ling and four cultists cost 260pts, additional cultists may be bought for 19pts a model, (max. nine cultists), they may be used in any army except Brettonia or chaos and will use up a rare choice

Tsao Ling: M4 WS5(6) BS3 S4(5) T4 W2 I7 A3 Ld9
Equipment:Celestial Blade
Brother:M4 WS4 BS3 S3(4) T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld8
Equipment:Sanmei Jian

Special Rules

Celestial Blade:The Celestial blade is Tsao's most treasured possession, it fillls him with supernatural strength and grace
Requires two hands
+1WS, +1S, all enemies suffer a -1 penalty to hit in close combat, attacks count as magical

Sanmei Jian:Finely crafted longswords used not only to strike the enemy in close combat but to parry thier attacks and prevent them from hitting back
Requires two hands
+1S, all enemies suffer a -1 penalty to hit in close combat

Lightning reflexes:Tsao Ling and his brotherhood are said to be able to move with supernatural speed, lashing out or dodging blows while thier enemies just watch in disbeleif
Tsao ling and the brotherhood always strike first on the first round on combat, even if they're charged (if opponents have the same ability strike in initiative order) and have 5+ ward saves in hand to hand combat

Veteran Warriors :Tsao Ling and his warriors have seen many battlefields and will stand up to the most terrifying odds
Tsao Ling and the brotherhood are stubborn and immune to panic, see the WHF rulebook

Skirmish:Tsao Ling and his brotherhood fight in a dispersed formation that makes them an even more terrifying opponent
Tsao Ling and the brotherhood skirmish, see WHF rulebook

Any comments?