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06-03-2010, 14:39
Rather than drag the rumour thread off on a tangent, I was wondering when people think that GW decided to make this division?

If they really plan so far ahead, it seems they could have decided say 5 years ago, but when you look back then at what they were doing, they didn't leave big holes in their lists without models.

Then we hear that FFW will not be producing things that will compete directly with GW (leaving things like black orc boar boys for instance??), and GW studio have left themselves room for expanding model ranges for each army at some point in the future. They've built in reasons for GW studio to produce more models.

So it leaves me wondering when they would have decided to do this, and what it would have changed in their planning process.

If they were planning this for 5 years, you would think by now they would have had a fair few more sculpts etc ready to go instantly. Or would they have just set aside funds, but no time or resources, and only produced rules/books and models in the immediate build up to release creating a massive amount of work and a long backlog (compared to where they could have been)?


The Red Scourge
06-03-2010, 20:11
To me it seems like GW have absolutely no idea, what they're doing, but seems to run on a whatever-seems-like-a-good-idea-today-strategy - which would explain the random powerlevel of army books ;)

06-03-2010, 23:48
Maybe they thought if they spread out the launch of models from each army book, they'll have respective subgroups of buyers that they can tap into, whose wallets will have regenerated sufficiently by that time to purchase these newly minted miniatures.

For some reason, I picture buyers like the Otaku from Genshiken, but I doubt that Warhammer hobbyists are either that fanatical nor does GW maintain such mindshare.