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11-02-2006, 14:31
As cathay will be winging it's way to GW design shortly, I figured some concept art might help the digestion of so many pages of text. Thus, the pencil sketches of doom were born. I have to say, honestly, these are the best drawings I've ever done. I'm astounded they're this good (which ain't exactly crash hot) and I honestly hope I can just maintain this standard without dropping

First up-


Living Shadow: (really happy with this guy, looks funky)

Ronin: (first one I did and not as good as the others, may re-do him)

Magistate: (all good except for the arms/hands which are great, but oversized/out of perspective

Finaly, warclad- took an age but worth it.

Enjoy folks, and please comment. Next up- gospodar, foo statues, thunder dragon, lowborn, and phoenix.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about and want to see what cathay is for yourselves well, uhm, you can't. Top secret at the moment, but you can drop me a line at thereisnosaurus@gmail.com and I'll give you a rundown on what we've been doing and what we aim to achieve...

11-02-2006, 20:21
Not three bad. If the Cathay models look like that, then I think it might be time for me to start collecting another Fantasy Army

12-02-2006, 02:24
These are good. The Magistrate's face looks a little elf like though. Keep up the good work man, as was said before hopefully your models come out good. I was workin on some Nippon (Japan/Korea) sketches but I guess your "eastern" pics beat mine here.

Rabid Bunny 666
12-02-2006, 21:27
coolio, can't wait until the foo statues, not too keen on the Ronin, don't know why though

edit: forgot to say, the warclad looks cool

and when is everything Cathay winging its way to the UK?

Gabacho Mk.II
13-02-2006, 16:10
2009 is just too long of a wait for me....

13-02-2006, 22:01
As cathay will be winging it's way to GW design shortly

Not likely. About every other army has to be done before Cathay. Unless GW pulls another Shrek Dingdongs... *shudder*

14-02-2006, 12:17
nice pics Tins,:D .
.i just wish you'd did these a while back :) ....(for reference?):cries:

keep up the good work :cool: