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09-03-2010, 12:13
Just lookin for a decent Skaven shooty list. Im a relatively new player and my buddy, who isnt says my lists suck lol. Guess thats what happens when youre a Warmchine player. Still WHFB is such a great game i couldnt ignore it any longer. Any suggestions?

09-03-2010, 12:40
Hmmm, an idea of what you own would give a better idea. I'd still suggest making a list yourself and then looking for feed-back that way, as opposed to asking just for general advice...might get a few more replies.

As it is if your just after advice the only things that springs to mind is Engineers, Warp Lightning Cannons and Jezzails. Take lots of the above, and shoot!

Dr Teeth
20-03-2010, 00:04
unlike the gentleman before me ill actually give usable advice.

this is off my experiences, and opinions/speculation on how it might work.

you could easily take clanrats or the like and stock up on weapon teams
rattling gun: dont see alot of people suggest it but i like it, its the cheapest shooty wep team and so long as your not greedy it is very reliable as far as avoiding a misfire.
warpfire thrower: very powerfull and 1 out of 6 chance to missfire as normal, but nearly every result will kill the team. just estimate the range well for the template about 12-16 inches away ussually works well for me.
P.W. Mortar: my least favorite but it can move and shoot and as long as the attached squad can see the target it doesn't need l.o.s. i just havent had as much effect as i have had with rattling guns and warpfire throwers.

Jezzails: very strong shots but you will typically be shooting for 5's unless your targeting the large targets, but they are very reliable. just take enough so you can typically have some hits, i dont like taking less than 5 if i take any at all.
Poison Wind Globaiders: always wound on a 4+ and no armor save is very useful but the range is short so be careful, and be mindful of their low ld as they cant use any rank bonus and such. but they can throw into ANY close combat.

Warplightning cannon: insanely powerful i just have horrible luck with the misfire so i never use them, i prefer to take a doomwheel
P.C. Catapult: large blast that effects all touched, and causes panic tests with a single casualty. good suppression but not a heavy hitter in my experience.

dont forget you can deck out your characters with warpmuskets and pistols from the scavange list, as well as your stormvermin champs.

hope you can make sense of this and find some use of the info.

20-03-2010, 16:47
I have beenusing Skaven for many years now through a few different editions. I really do like Ratling guns but normally take 2 and 1 Firethrower. move this around if your playing ogres as they have multiple wounds or gobbos as the panic test on there ld 5 can really help.

Cannons are a must, especially now they can fight and dont nave to flee as soon as charged. and a blast template where the ball of sizzling death explodes. Brilliant quick quick fire fire

Dont forget globeadiers. very effevtive against well armoured troops. if you have points, upgrade to carry a death globe.

Jezzails are very good now that you can have a sharpshooter. I alway take units of 6 to 8 so at least I hit something every round only if it is one hit per shooting phase. any less and I miss too many times any more and you struggle deploying them.

Its a nice move putting a Warlock Engineer with one unit armed with the Warplock Musket and the Optics magic item. He can shoot and Zap with his Warplightning. very usefull for hitting things like Dwarf miners and flying models who could attack them.

Hope this helps a little

20-03-2010, 17:56
unlike the gentleman before me ill actually give usable advice.

I felt my advice was good given the information provided...can't give good feedback or tips without knowing what someone likes to use or what models he has available.

Is it too much to ask for an army list in the army list forum?

20-03-2010, 20:29
All advice is good advice. well most of it. its the Skaven way. one-up-manship. when possible. he prob ment nothing by it, but dont turn your back on him. poisoned blade from the shadows, watch out, assassins about.