View Full Version : at what precise moment is the compulsory charge of frenzied troops determined?

warlord hack'a
11-02-2006, 20:26
Let's say I have a unit of savage orcs on foot, since they are frenzied they have to charge if there is an enemy unit in rnage (usually this means within 8 inches). My question is, when exactly do you measure this, is this directly after you have declared all your charges, or is it after you have declared charges AND the enemy has done it's charge reactions?

So in short, if I declare a charge with another one of my units (not frenzied) on an enemy unit within 8 inches of my savage orc unit and the enemy chooses flee as a charge reaction, will this leave my savage orc unit free to move as it wishes? OR do I first declare charges and immediately after that measure distance for my savage orcs, forcing them to charge also? I personally think the last option is true but I want to be sure..

12-02-2006, 08:44

As stated in the other thread:

You declare chargers, then you measure frenzied troop's reach, then you declare charge reactions and and do the reactions.

The rulebook tells us to measure for frenzied troops as soon as all charges are declared.


Major Defense
12-02-2006, 14:58
Shockingly, I agree with Festus that it is clearly stated in the BRB - one of the few occasions that GW states something clearly.

Your frenzied savage orcs would have to move a 4" failed charge if the intended unit fled and got outside of their 8" range. All is not lost because frenzied units can redirect charges like anyone else and sometimes the order in which you declare charges could have a fleeing unit moving within range of another of your charging units.