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12-02-2006, 01:08
So this is my all metal out of production orcs and goblins army. It may not be the most competitive army but it is god fun and by no means useless ;) Most people seems to look down on the wyvern but I love the beast, many beards between his teeth:D
Ok so some of the models is not oop but they are all metal and thats important to me, even though I have allot of plastics I love to be able to field an all metal army. I welcome all comments be it tactical or fluff or whatever. By the way my regular opponents are Dwarfs and Lizards and soon Tombkings.

Orc warlord on Wyvern.
Drogs dead ard armour
Warboss umms best big boss at
Big eds kickin boots
Great weapon
446 p ouph :eek:

Orc shaman.
+1 level
Niblas itty ring
1 powerstone
150 p

Common goblin shaman.
+1 level
Staff of sneaky stealin
115 p

Night goblin shaman
+1 level
1 dispel
120 p

= 831 p

20 boys fc
20 big ones spear shield fc
30 nightgoblins spear, 2 fanatics, fc
30 nightgoblins bow, 2 fanatics, fc

= 676 p

6 boarriders fc
1 rocklobber bully
1 rocklobber bully

= 296 p

Snotling pumpwagon
3 common trolls/ Giant ( I vary my self ;) )

= 190 p

Total = ca 2000 p

12-02-2006, 02:17
first off do you really want to use the wyvern? you do know that he will be the target of war machines (plus a wyver isn't as resilient as a dragon). try taking a black orc warboss and 2 mages. the warboss will be able to quell the animosity of your greenskins.

12-02-2006, 13:24
I have used the wyvern about 20-25 times and it has died once. Mostly I have faced dwarfs and sometimes the wyvern get a wound or three but it have Never been killed against dwarfs, several different opponents allot of artillery and army setups. The one time my wyvern bit the dust was against chaos mortals/ beastmen 3k battle when failed to kill 5 Nurglegors with great weapons and that time I even had a BO on top, guess there is no remedy against bad luck :rolleyes: The point being either I am the luckiest man to put a orc on a wyvern or people cant play/ havent properly tried the tactical options or my opponents are total rubbish :confused:

12-02-2006, 15:29
I say take the wyvern, to me, playing with figures I like is just as important as taking ones that are useful (maybe that's why I don't win much :-) As long as you use terrain to your benefit he should be ok. Your army does seem a little slow, with only the general and boarboyz being fast. Also how do the trolls work with your general flying around?

12-02-2006, 18:02
Well the trolls... not so good really :p but usually I put the orc shaman with them and the general relativly close.

12-02-2006, 18:08
Trolls fight quiet well actually (when da boss is near), plus they are hard to kill with the regenerate ability (especially river trolls!ewww!)

14-02-2006, 12:02
it would be quite easy to take care of your list for a dwarf army which would be to include a flame cannon as with your general flying off that leaves your boyz in a pinch when the first of many leadership test will get thrown your ay as soon your opponants might realize that to screw your army overthey just need to take out you troops and hunt your wyvern with a character which can deal with big things

so you would probably be better off havingyour big psychotic boss in a uit to lead them and give around his impressive leadership of 9

05-03-2006, 00:50
Actually two of my regular dwarf oponents ALLWAYS use the flamecannon, but with my two rocklobbers and the ocasional lucky spell, or even a Giant charge ( yes I have done it twice when the flamecannon was on a flank ) the flamecannon will usually not last for more then two turns so no probs with the flamer for me.

05-03-2006, 04:53
Good lord, "growlf!?!".
Want to take a breath? Some periods or other punctuation would make your post alot easier to read.

On topic, best of luck with the army, Dogskills. I'm building a mostly OOP, mostly metal orc army as well. With the exception of my black orc unit, I'm 100% OOP (everything from the "Fantasy Tribes" range of the late '70s to 4th edition metal miniatues) and the only plastics I have in the army are 18 of the old white plastic orcs from the mixed "Regiments of Reknown" box set. The project is shaping up quite nicely at this point which my next purchase going to be one of the old Marauder giants (beats the hell out of the current one).

My own aproach to army building is quite different than your, though with an emphasis being placed on numbers.

"Trench Raider"

06-03-2006, 18:25
Word on the giant got it me self, sorry about the punctuation. I was stressed out when I wrote that last post. My girlfriend was haunting me with silly questions. In what way are your army different? And by the way I do vary my characters. And I am thinking of getting me some Black orc boys, what do you think about that?