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12-02-2006, 12:09
I am looking for fresh ideas for WFRP scenarios. I know there is an awful lot of them on line but so far I had problems going through them, as there is an awful lot of hack'n'slash scenarios that do not fit the way I want to run my games.

I am a GM for new Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. My group of adventurers is very small -just two -Bianka Zetterberg - a young 18year old lady from Nuln aristocracy, from rather non-important (but respected for old achievements) house, enjoying her position as a court lady to countess Emanuelle von Liebowitz 's cousin -Veronika.
Her close friend and companion (and lover) is Mathias Jansen, an equally young Road Warden, whose way crossed Bianka's one in Reikwald forest , where she was on a mission from her friend Veronika. He pulled her out of one trouble , but fell with her into another much bigger one. But the feelings they have towards each other keep them together, despite the differences of class.

They are actually involved in court intrigue involving a good part of Nuln aristocracy, a traitorous Bretonnian knight-lord and even Sigmarite church in Nuln and the Inquisition. Unfortunately (for her) Bianka is actually on the run (accompanied by faithfull Mathias of course), followed by the servants (both willing and unknowingly exploited, like members of Inquisition) of the Cult of Pleasure rooted amongst the members of Nuln aristocracy, and involving the Nuln's Lector (and probably some of Sigmar's church hierarchy) as well.
She has some information concerning Cult's activities, and she is especially worried about the fate of Veronika who is being engaged with Mathieu LeFranc, supposed war hero (against Chaos) but a secret member of the Cult, in league with Nuln's Lector. This marriage surely leads to some devious scheme...
I do not have to add that most of aristocracy, including Countess Emanuelle herself, does not think the Bianka's revelations to be true. The only help she can get is from a group of Hussites, unaware of Cult's existence, but willing to overthrow existing , opulent and spoiled hierarchy, as befits the followers of Luthor Huss. They have almost no power though, even though their sympathizer from Inquisition helped Bianka and Mathias to escape from Inquisition's grip.

I am looking for adventures and whole campaigns that would fit this theme, especially ones that can involve such a focused character as Bianka, as she is not likely to engage herself in some side quest unless it relates to her directly. If you know where to find a good adventure or campaign fitting this group of adventures, giving a good baalnce between adventuring, fight and political or court intrigue, and interpersonal aspect not limited to crossing swords, please let me know. Perheaps you even played it yourself and found it especially entertaining -its even better ! :)

Of course I'll be most thankful for your own ideas ! Perheaps this small introduction fired your imagination in some way, and you have something to share -from small episodes to the possible way the whole campaign could go :).

Thank you in advance ! :)