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13-03-2010, 23:21
I'd initially planned to have something radically different in my take on O&G, namely lots of big stuff, wyverns, giants etc etc. An army that would be both competitive and different. However starting anew isn't cheap and as a student though I have money I can't throw it around unwisely, meaning I can't afford to buy an army that will soon become outdated or unusable.

After looking through some of the rumour threads and seeing some of the more likely changes (though these are obviously far from concrete) I had to reevaluate. I've written a completly new list, with a new concept, that could be easily compatable with said rumours whilst hopefully being solid regardless of if these rules are implemented.

The resulting list concentrates far more on infantry blocks that my first was, though it still incoperates some heavy hitters and fast flankers, plus a personal favorite (bouncy red beasties):

Heroes (yes no lord!):
Black Orc Big Boss (General)
Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Martog's Best Basha
Night Goblin Shaman
2 Dispell Scrolls
Savage Orc Big Boss
Great Axe, BiggEd's Kickin' Boots
Savage Orc Big Boss
Great Axe

24 Orc Boyz
Shields, Musician, Standard
10 Savage Orc Boyz x2
Additional Hand Weapon, Shields, Musician, Big Boss
29 Night Goblins
Nets, Musician, Standard, 2 Fanatics
28 Night Goblins
Nets, Musician, Standard, 2 Fanatics
5 Goblin Wolf Riders x2
Short Bows, Musician
5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders x2
Short Bows, Musician
3 Snotling Bases x2

5 Squig Hoppers x2
Goblin Spear Chukkas x4
Orc Bully

Goblin Doom Diver

Total: 1997pts

General sits in the boyz unit, likely flanked by the gobbos and savage orcs (where warboss number 2 sits, which unit is likly to depends on opponents deployment).
Artillery sits in flanks, possibly protected by on of the hopper units of fast cav, opponents army composition dependant.
Snotlng used to screen and baby sit savage orcs frenzy.

C&C wanted

EDIT: see my next post

Urgok the Beard Burner
14-03-2010, 10:06
WEll this seems to be a sturdy list to me as a fellow O&G player :-)
I would still think of taing a lord choice.
Wenever i build an army list i go with combat heavy orcs and have a very good record with a certainn few lists but i build mine around Grimgor

14-03-2010, 13:07
Made a mistake with my calculations which ment i had extra points to spend. With them I dropped the NG units to 29 and 28 (from 30). Lost Nibbla's 'Itty Ring and in Exchange got a naked savage orc big boss with great axe. Providing much more of a punch to my flanker units of savage orcs.

My standard Battle Line would look something like shown below, obviously this would change dependant on opponent and situational things

Snots-----------------------------------------Snots-----Artillery w/ 1 SH-----
Sav Orcs-----NG-----Orcs-----NG------Sav Orcs

Other Units of Hoppers Where needed.

14-03-2010, 14:49
Meh... I can't imagine playing O&G without a lord if possible. The leadership bonus is simply too necessary.

warlord hack'a
14-03-2010, 15:30
since your opening suggests you are looking to build a list but not waste money on unneeded models I would say this list is fine. You can always upgrade your big boss to a warboss should you need one, the model stays the same..

I do have a few suggestions for you though:

- instead of taking 2 units fo 3 snot blocks, take 2 of 2. Why only 2 bases: you want to throw these in front of the enemy, preferably at an angle. 3-base snot blocks are too wide meaning you waste hard needed movement when you wheel and manouverability in general. 2 bases per snot unit is enough for your purpose. And it saves you 40 points (see below)
- drop one unit of fast cav ( try out deployment in your head: if most of your deployment zone is full drop one unit of wolves (as you can deploy spiders behind terrain), if you have space left drop one unit of spiders (as wolves are faster). three units of fast cav plus 2 snot blocks is enough to annoy your enemies movement..
- then with the points saves from dropping the snots, one fast cav and either some nets or fanatics, get a 2nd block of orcs with choppa, shield and light armour. If you do not like this, just drop the snots and a fast cav unit, and get a boar chariot plus some magic gear, or a bsb upgrade.
- do not put a svg orc big boss in a small unit of svg orcs, these small units will hit like a ton of bricks on their own, no use in putting a fighty charater with them. Better to add such a character to a unit of night gobbo's, who provide the cheap static CR and the big boss provides some kills. Also consider it this way: would you rather have your big boss replace 1 ws2 S3 attack (gobbo), or 3 WS 3 S4 attacks (double choppa svg orc)? I would go for the first.

good luck with starting the most challenging army out there, I love em!