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15-03-2010, 00:17
I'll be playing a game this week vs a Bret/Empire army, my mate and i will be taking what Dark elves i have to battle and i have written up the lists for our army.

Lokhir Fellheart
Master: BSB(banner of nagaryth),seadragon cloak,heavy armour,shield,halberd.
sorceress lv2: focus familiar,DS

assassin: HW,ROK,TOD,COT
Black Arc Corsairsx19 (fc) banner of murder
Spear man/shieldsx15 (fc)
Black Arc Corsairsx10 (fc)

sorceresslv2: darkstar cloak,DS dark Pegasus
sorceresslv2: power stones,DS

Repeater crossbows/shieldsx16
Spear man/shieldsx10(fc)
Cold one knightsx10(fc) banner of slaughter, ring of Hotek
War hydra

With list 1 basically the HQ will be in the unit of corsairs, with the Spear men unit and the 10corsairs on the flanks. Now i know what some might say about that's alotta points being spent on corsairs where a unit of blackguard with Kouran and the standard of Hag Grief would do a better job but the fact is i don't have any:shifty:

Team 2 will be the fist with the C1K and war hydra rolling up a flank with Shadowblade concealing himself in artillery or gunners. (had the pleasure of using him lst week where on trn2 he slaughtered an empire cannon unit and a bright mage then charging a unit of Pegasus knight killing 2:angel:)

i doubt they will change there list too much bar possibly taking no cannons (or at least not putting his mage in that unit)
They had a siege tank (which seems manageable with the inclusion of the hydra and the RBT's) and a unit of questing knights with his HQ init which just rolled through everything i had, not because of violence but all the huzzah-ing (combat res) he generated.

Sorry bout the size of the post i just needed some feed back on my lists as this will be my 2nd game this weekend. I can see the lack of Dark riders and shades to be a problem but until i get a sexual unit of Black guard i need to throw alotta points at a unit to make sure it stays(BoN) and minces(assassin Lokhir) in combat.

19-03-2010, 07:30
So does any1 have any ideas or suggestions with the army lists? I can take some models as counts as but i would prefer not to have the main block be counts as just reminds me of a kid saying this counts as king-zilla. so Bar the unit of corsairs with Lokhir and the BSB what would people with actual experience do? Change the number of ranks, the ranks size, substitute a magic item for another etc. thank you in advance for any advice you may have.