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15-03-2010, 16:42
My first stab at a 2250pts Bret army. Please feel free to tear it apart!


Bretonnian Lord
Grail Virtue, Knightly Temper
Sword of the Lady's Champion, Armour of Aighuf
Royal Pegasus

Grail Virtue, Virtue of Duty
BSB - Warbanner
Lance, Shield, Barded Steed

Grail Virtue
Holy Icon, Enchanted Shield
Lance, Barded Steed

2 Scrolls
Barded Steed

2 Scrolls
Barded Steed


12 Bowmen

25 Peasant Bowmen
Skirmishing, Braziers

8 Knights of the Realm
Full Command - Damsel here

8 Knights of the Realm
Full Command - Damsel here


5 Pegasus Knights
Champion, Standard

5 Yeomen
Shields, Musician

5 Yeomen
Shields, Musician


5 Grail Knights
Standard - 2 Paladins here
Conquerers Tapestry

Comes in at 2249pts if my memory serves me correctly. 4PD, 4DD and 4 Scrolls to cover my Magic phase, which will be entirely defensive, I feel.

General idea is to have the Lord flying around hitting big monsters with his WS10 armour and his S+1 weapon and his ability to attack again if causing a wound. I think he would be pretty useful at taking out Greater Daemons and the like. The Pegasus Knights would offer support with Flanking charges where possible.

With a Damsel in each KoTR unit they should be ok from magic missiles and suchlike, and hopefully quite hitty whe charging. Same as the Grail Knights, who will have MR3, get double VP's for capturing Standards, and start out with a basic +3CR so could just about manage to hit ranked up units full in the face.

I put the Bowmen in there as, for their points, they could be quite effective I feel....No bugger will pay them much attention and they can shoot fiery death down upon people.

Yeomen units in there as general Fast Cav annoyance units.

Feedbacks appeciated :-)
I have only played a few games at 1000pts so far, with the basic KoTR and Grail Knight and Paladin setup so far, so would like some advice from more experience Bret players about larger armies.


15-03-2010, 16:49
Really don't like this list:

-Way too many points in characters
-Adding those paladins to the grail unit is just overkill and makes them a major target

Are you limited in models? If not and you have more knights you could do much better to add them and drop the extra characters.

15-03-2010, 17:38
i would change your lord so he get reroll to hit and wound vs t5 things.

get rid of holly icon and take reroll to hit and wound in chanlanges and eaither kb lance or morning star magic weapon.
i would drop a unit of knight of realm and take cheaper knight with +1 strength banner. your bsb and mage and a hero all go in the KOTR give the knight warbanner. and make them 9 strong(12 with heroes and 3 ranks) give your bsb +1 to combat res if general is alive.

add a mage to the grail knights so they get a rank.