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17-03-2010, 01:38
This is my list for an upcoming tournament.
It's made with ETC-restrictions which can be found here (http://www.warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=68226)

So, here's the list:

SDC, Shield, Pair of handbows
Crimson Death, Armour of eternal servitude, Seal of Ghrond
Black Dragon

Death Hag (NOT BSB)
Cauldron of blood

Sorceress level 1
2 x scroll

10 RXB

5x2 Dark Riders
RXB, Muso

5 Harpies

5x2 Shades
Extra handweapon

14 Black Guard
FC, Hag Greaf, Null talisman

5 CoK

Extra hand weapon, manbane, stars

2x RBT

2250 Exactly.

And again, this is an ETC-restricted list, so keep that in mind.
If you don't know the ETC restrictions, then please read them or don't comment.

17-03-2010, 13:23
I reckon the shades would be better with great weapons. To free up some points, you could drop the Black Guard musician as they don't really need one.

17-03-2010, 15:34
I've tried them with Great Weapons alot and I must say I don't like them at all. Str 5 is great, but if what ever they are fighting does not break, they drop like flies in the second round.
They need to strike first.

2 attacks with hatered allso copes very well with the Killing blow blessing from the cauldron.

W A L 5 H Y
17-03-2010, 21:23
Its good in the sence of movement, but perhaps more infantry would help the cause, the black guard are going to fairly unsupported. Have you tried this sort of list before? if so how has it served you so far??

A bit off topic and sorry, but do you know if Beasts of chaos are still band C?

17-03-2010, 21:50
I've played it a few time and the Black Guards seem a little bit out of place. I usually hang back with my CoKs to support the BG. People tend to just avoind the unit unless they are sure they can REALLY hurt it. Allso, the CoKs 14" charge with a +1 Attack blessing from the cauldron is enough to keep most things away.
The Black Guards doesn't do much fighting. Though, I'm not sure what to put in if I exclude them.
Perhaps 25 FC Warriors with warbanner?

So far the Beastmen have not been changed as far as I know, so they should still be band C.
I played a game vs Beasts today actually, and lost. I did feel that his army was bigger then mine, even though his list weren't really as hard as mine.

It'd be great if I could increse my firepower somewhat, preferably by adding about 2-3 shades per unit.

Any suggestions of where to cut some points?

18-03-2010, 08:26
Itīs a good list, played against this kinda stuff alot and itīs just plain annyoing. Larger unit of shades is a good idea, but I think you also will want to keep the black guard when you meet a block-heavy list (VC, Skaven, OK, O&G) since the BG just shreds everything (īcept Chaos Warriors ofc).

But dropping BG and getting 25 warriors with massive SCR could work. Would also give your sorceress a good place to hide.

...and you lost against beasts? Serios? How could it happen? Shouldīnt your bolts just be munching him away?

18-03-2010, 11:50
I'll give you a personal battlereport, Maelstorm, as soon as we meet again. Hopefully this weekend. =)