View Full Version : Wedesign, tips and pointers?

12-02-2006, 21:25
So yeah, I doodled for an hour or so in Photoshop, and came up with this 'retro-styled' wesite-thingy.


I feel that there's something missing, could someone give tips and pointers, or at leas an opinion on this? I'm a little stuck for ideas.

14-02-2006, 10:47
No need to swear in your fake text... :P

Looks ok, but it ould use some more work.

02-03-2006, 03:14
Looks a tad busy IMHO. Need to draw the eye and not bombard the senses so much so that information can be conveyed. That being said, I think the gears on the top right should be incorporated into a single piece with the left side that holds the title. At least line up the the two anyway. Maybe the yellow is a bit jarring when combined with the white. Makes it all... very bright I guess.


Kargos Bloodspit
28-03-2006, 13:45
Just found this while scouring the forums, a few tips for you.

Firstie: Go have a look on deviantart, theres quite a lot of really really good web designers on there, that you can mooch inspiration off.


have a look through some of the designs there to get you inspired.

Designers couch is pretty much a collection of all the web designers that can be bothered to register on da. (I havn't yet, partly because I've been too busy to design).

Also, to test out text (filler text), have a look at Lorem Ipsum. Its this latin text that you can go to http://www.lipsum.com to generate some paragraphs. It means absoloutely nothing and its a good representation of how proper text will look (word length and all that jazz).

Good luck! :)

28-03-2006, 15:42
- Too much big fat borders and spacing
- Buttons are too small for such a heavy layout
- I don't like the outlined font on the buttons either
- The header's too big for the actual content
- The photo at the top-right doesn't seem to fit in with the rest

Try moving everything closer to eachother, enlarge your buttons and blend in the top-right image. It'll look much better then^^