View Full Version : 2000pt tzeentch magic list. Competitive and themed

17-03-2010, 21:34
I was sat last night writing up some characters and I ended up with this list

level4 tzeentch sorceror lord with blood of tzeentch, power familiar and rod of torment

level 2 tzeentch sorceror with black Tongue

level 2 tzeentch sorceror with skull of katam

level 2 tzeentch sorceror with infernal puppet and spell familiar

11 chosen full command book of tzeentch and mark of tzeentch, halberds and shields

11 warriors full command banner of wrath shields tzeentch

11 warriors full command shields tzeentch

11 warriors full command shields tzeentch

1 sorceror in each unit


18-03-2010, 11:11
it looks like alot of fun, and nice and small managable units. clean up is fast too haha.
it'd even consider a friendly game with it.

this might have some trouble against an army with tons of units and fast stuff. ur flanks are the most dangerous part at only 2 units wide.
also a lucky stone throw and thats big trouble. you have no sacrificial units or anything to hunt war machines. i guess u'll magic them from a distance? also with this list do u advance or let ur enemy come to u?

book of tzeentch = book of secrets right?

18-03-2010, 13:15
The plan is to advance to within a shorter distance and use the magic against other footslogging armies. Against all cav such as brets ( my usual army so I know the tactics) stay far back and use magic to knock down units to managable sizes. With such a small army refused flankis also a viable option for me.

I was thinking of upping to 2250 and adding in some knights for a flank or countercharge unit.

Thanks for the feedback!


The Cowslayer
19-03-2010, 11:11
*level4 tzeentch sorcerer lord with blood of tzeentch, power familiar and rod of torment + level 2 tzeentch sorcerer with infernal puppet and spell familiar*

--> cant have multiple arcane items on 1 character. also go for spell familiar on the lord (most useful spell for lvl2 is flickering fire anyway)

*With such a small army refused flankis also a viable option for me.*

--> kinda hard to do with only 4 setups (+characters) isnt it ;)most enemies can put down their whole army (at least the important units) AFTER you have finished deploying...

overall, quite a 'funny' idea to try out, but you will quickly learn that magic alone cant win the game (or well, it can, but not reliably and not against nearly every opponent). if you want to keep it like this, at least add some disruption units (find points by dropping magic gear mostly) like dogs, horsemen or maybe even a spawn or 2. hellcannon would be usefull as well with this 'gunwall' type of army


19-03-2010, 11:45
Just realised the arcane item thing will tweak that maybe to grab a disk or two. Was thinking of upping to 2250 and putting in some knights or a pair of flanking chariots. Maybe even a warshrine behind the main line.

The refused flank can be done purely due to the enemy having to bunch up to come to me in a corner making his army less effective. Anti magic wise 7 dispel dice and getting off pandaemonium should be good enough.

Thanks for the pointers


20-03-2010, 15:54
you could even change two of the units of warriors to larger units of marauders and then add something like a chariot or 2, perhaps spawn, or something to mix things up.
instead of a unit of 12 warriors 25 marauders or 19 even (with sorceror equaling 20).

20-03-2010, 16:22
Discs, Discs, Discs my friend. I did a similar army (less infantry, 2 blocks of 12, and then Knights/Fast Cav) but all my sorc's were on discs, it will keep them safe for the most part.

27-03-2010, 15:04
Played the list at 2250. Used a unit of nurgle knights to bulk out points and it was pretty much only them who did any damage. I was playing against brets with a decent magic defense. I did roll hideously for leadership all game however the warriors worked beautifully all the list needs really is some warhounds to redirect charges from knights so I can countercharge. Will try out a 2250 with nurgle knights and 2 units of 5 hounds to start off with an see how I fares.