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19-03-2010, 14:37
hey,, there are items/abilities such as the high elf banner and archanon that allow them to "treat" difficult terrain as open,,

my question is, does this include for line of sight etc?

19-03-2010, 14:46
no. as they all state 'for movement'.

19-03-2010, 14:55
looking ar archanons it says

"Archanon treats difficult terrain as open ground, though the unit he is with suffers normal penalties"

nothing about for movement..

i know using him is cheesy enough so i dont plan on hiding him behind terrain and use spells its just for determining wether i can see for charges

19-03-2010, 16:57
pg. 8: line of sight
pg. 16: difficult terrain

difficult terrain only matters for movement.

open terrain can block LOS. e.g. hills

19-03-2010, 17:01
hmmm i guess so,, dont have my rulebook at hand but i was thinking more on the lines of "seeing 2 inches through difficult terrain" effect being negated but your point seems valid :) thought id find out before using him to stop arguments lol

20-03-2010, 00:19
you don't see 2" through difficult terrain. you can see 2" into an out of forrests. no matter whether that forrest is open, difficult or very difficult terrain.

20-03-2010, 17:28
lol at my GW pretty much all terrain is forest apart from a building or 2,, but yeh them rules make sense :D cheers

20-03-2010, 18:21
For example water terrain can be difficult or impassible without hindering LoS, the two really aren't connected