View Full Version : 2250 Orc List with Wyvern.

19-03-2010, 18:46
Trying to see if I can add in a Wyvern to a 2250 list.

Orc Warboss
LgA, Shagga's, Enchanted Sheild, Warboss Um

HvA, Boar, Morks Totem

HvA, Sheild, Chariot

Goblin Shaman
2 x Dispel Scroll, Chariot

23 x Orcs Shlds, Std, Mus
23 x Orcs Shlds, Std, Mus
20 x Night Gobs, bows, mus
21 x Night Gobs, mus 1 x fanatic
28 x Night Gobs, Nets, mus, std, 1 x fanatic, BSB goes in this unit.

5 x Gob Wolf Riders, mus
5 x Gob Wolf Riders, mus
5 x Spider Riders, mus

6 x Spear Chukka's
1 x Boar Chariot

1 x Giant

Should be 2250 on the dot. No General with the troops is bad, but hopefully they can hold long enough so the Wyvern, Giant and chariots have time to flank the enemy.

Trying to get a Wyvern in a 2250 list as this is the normal points we play at. I have the model just have never been able to use him yet and want to try it out.

19-03-2010, 20:38
When placing a warboss on a wyvern a couple of things happens. First of, your generals leadership will fly away a while. Second is that he now is visible to everything that can shoot or fly and charge him if not placed properly behind cover. Third is that he is alot of points and if he is not succesfull pretty quick hes a waste of points.

What i do when i decide to use a Wyvernboss is that i want to support him as good as i can so i know he hits home and does his bloody and messy job. And since one have allready taken the wildcard of using this guy you can also go for magic while at it. If you get the movementspells and stuff that rerolls misses he will be quite brutal. A first turn combat is possible too.

Im not saying this army you have done here is bad or anything, seems solid as long as it works. Just giving some other ideas you might want to try.

And another point i use to think of is to use units wich are Immune to Psychology marching up in the center since the general is out having a party. Squiggs, Savage Orcs..

There you are, a couple of thoughts and i wish you good fortune and keep rolling 6īs for animosity! Waaagh!


20-03-2010, 01:47
another thing id' consider is trading the giant for 2 doom diver catapults for 160pts - still leaves you a few points to grab some snotlings and what have you - you'll do more damage with the double doom diver than a single giant!

when i play the warboss on wyvern i normally forgo a traditional army build and go all out offensive - including magic, as Kaos mentioned above when you pull those movement spells of it is heavon!

a smashy tactic - but it loses 3 dispell die - is to put the BSB on a chariot, give him a waagh bannor, and the turn you waaagh he moves 2D6 plus his 14 inches - smash the wyvern into the same place and you got mayham! if the enemy calls a challange with a crappy unit champ have the bsb smash him apart while the warboss destroys more juciy models.

20-03-2010, 01:48
id have also droped the unit of 20 archers for more fast cav... but thats because i love fast cav!!!

and not sure if 6 spear chuckas is needed - i'd prefer 4 spear chuckas and then either squig hoppers or rock lobba to give me varied attack options

20-03-2010, 13:15
combining the above, i'd take out 2 chukkas and the 20 gobs, swap the giant for doom divers and put in a 3rd block of orcs. probably also change the warboss to a black orc, take the chariot off the bobb and just take a normal chariot with the big boss on a boar with the boys. gives your boys imunity to aniomosity and can still charge out of the unit on the boar in combination with a chariot. also splits targets.

Defender of Ulthuan
21-03-2010, 01:46
Unless the BO kills the unit on his own....