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19-03-2010, 20:14
Really this is jsut theorectical, but If I ever did start a Dark elves army It would have to be a Khainite themed one.
Love the idea of a bunch of mad witches running around with the Crone Hellebron/Bsb/Cauldron of blood supporting Executioner death star destroying all in its path (or more likely being shot to death before reaches combat). Plus I really want an exscuse to use my Lelix Hasperath model.

Any suggestions on how you would improve or even design a Khainite themed army, be different from the usual black guard, hydra, unkillable dreadlord armies.

Crone Hellebron = 350
Death hag- cauldron of blood = 200
Death hag-bsb- banner hag grief, dance of doom, rune of khaine =205
Assassin-add HW, touch of death, rune of khaine = 151
14 witch elves- musician=145
14 witch elves- musician=145
7 witch eves= 70
6 witch elves=60
2 X 10 sacrifices of khaine (warriors) = 120
2 X 6 harpies= 132
5 dark riders- rep xbows=110
10 xbowmen= 100
16 executioners- full command=222
7 shades- rep xbows, great weapons= 126
Repeater bolt thrower= 100

My only concern with this list is the lack of Magic defence. I'm not to fussed about loosing the assasin as he doesn't really add much to the army as placing him in the Executioners seems overkill and the shades are more of a support unit but then again I'm not a big fan of scroll caddys.
Suggestions appeciated and if anyone uses this kind of army be interesting to hear how it performs.

20-03-2010, 19:52
I haven't played this kind of army, but I still want to say something.
Warriors as sacrifices are useless in my opinion. Better take more Harpies, which can fly and are better in block/disturb enemy's units.