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Cpt. Drill
20-03-2010, 03:52
Hi guys

This is a log of some general science fiction stuff (Normally I stick to fantasy). It will probably be epic scale stuff due to my inability to paint above 10mm. I hope you like it... if not dont worry I am easily distracted and the log will probably die.

Okay well I was given a bunch of epic models recently and got intro gamed and addicted. Epic is a very cool game! Well I am making a chaos army just to have something painted to put down on the field. These guys were nice and easy to paint and didnt take long at all. The tanks had minimal conversion to make them a little more chaotic.



I wanted to work on another army that I could spent a little more time on and these are some trials for Necron Obelisks. I never really liked the characterless Necron vehicles and wanted some with a little more personality and make them look a little more like sentient robots. Also I wanted them to be a little bit like the old style Tripods.



20-03-2010, 04:04
Love the obelisks. Reminds me of Modrons from AD&D.

Spectrar Ghost
20-03-2010, 05:17
Great take on the Obelisks, and well executed and painted.

Mr Feral
20-03-2010, 10:49
Great work on the Chaos Marines, I too am basing mine on round stands. The Obelisks are looking good too! Do you have any plans for Necron infantry and the like?

20-03-2010, 11:58
Great start, and welcome to the wonderful world of the 28mm painting impaired. It does not hurt that the Epic:A system is so much fun, too. I think your chaos marines are really well painted and the obelisk concept is beautifully thoght out and executed. Glad you started this log, and I will surely follow your progress.


Cpt. Drill
23-03-2010, 06:00
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I was surprised to see comment on my marines, they took maybe an hour to paint and closer scrutiny really shows them up. At first I was worried about the round bases but they really grew on me, somewhere hard coded in my mind is that fantasy is on square bases and 40k is on round bases. I just cant shake that feeling.

I was really pleased with the obelisks (I dug out my old monster manual and wow I had forgotton about the modrons they are very cool),I do have plans for other necron units the Warbarque and pylons are next on the list. I am probably going to use the Exodus wars Edenites as they are very convincing models and are reasonably cheap.

Okay so I did some painting. Presenting the trial monolith! Made out of a 2cm square block. Unfortunatly it is from a childrens infant school and has rounded corners. I tried to cover it up but it still loses a bit of the charm.



Here is the mother taking the kids out for a walk.


Okay... So I had the terrible realisation that clearly the trial Monolith is clearly too big. It stands taller than a warhound and looks like it has alot more mass to it, not to mention that the living metal super tough necron idea gets turned on its head when the behemoth is actually pretty flimsy.

So I tried a bit of dodgy photoshopping to see if I could salvage the design. So what do you guys think? I would say I am 90% sold on cutting his legs off at the knees reducing its height. Also I kind of like the very clunky look of this one. Not practical at all.


Cpt. Drill
30-03-2010, 14:29
Hmmm... I am prety sure every time I try and start a plog something crops up within a week and I get set back. This time I came down the the plague or flu and have been pretty enfit for painting.

Well I managed to stop whining pick up a piant brush yesterday and painted a few more little cubes. I really like these guys and have been concidering transfering them across to 40k for a bit of mindless necron action.


I also put together some infantry. They are pretty bland to be honest. I would like to add some thing extra to them but its really hard to do anything significant enough that wont make the models too confusing. I tried out black and green as the original scheme and they were very silly at least like this people can see they are necrons. I might change the lord to have a flesh cloak as the green just blends in.


Mr Feral
30-03-2010, 23:30
I thought this thread was awesome as it was, then you went and added some more Necrons to make it even better.

Now I want some too. :)

31-03-2010, 02:58
I think your Necron Cubes are crazy good! I wonder how they could be realised at 28mm. I'm a fan of the longer legs, but that's based on coolness alone, not on how it matches up rulewise.

edit: They're a bit War of the Worlds, which fits the Necrons quite well.

04-04-2010, 09:12
This tripods are freakily good!! They look really odd, but I love them, very unique work!
The Chaos looks great aswell, especially all the symbols on the tanks.


06-04-2010, 21:32
Oy those necrons are awesome ! I positively love the vehicles, and I would like to do the same once I'll work on an epic necron force (another project on the long long long line of projects I have :) ).

About the necrons miniatures, are they from GW or another company ? Are they out of production ? I want some ! x)

Keep up the good work, I love to follow all of your threads :)

Cpt. Drill
07-04-2010, 12:17
Thanks alot guys

Feral - I like necrons too... Space undead rock!

Sclep - I am a big fan of the long legs and have put off deciding to cut them off just yet. :(

eltanko - The chaos were speed painted pretty much and up close the tanks symbols look a little dodgey I was expecting them to get ignored on here.

Ancre - Thanks for the kind words you are always welcome on my threads (As my only regular viewer I count on you coming back unless no one would!)
The Necrons are from a company called Exodus wars and fall in their army the 'Edenites' I heard that they were sculpted by an ex forgeworld designer and forge world didnt want to make them so they were realsed indipendantly. They are awesome models and incredibly cheap. Although I would say about 10% of the models I recieved are miscast with arms missing or deformities. That being said at this scale you cant really notice.


The company makes alot of the necron infantry Pariahs, Lords, Warriors and destroyers. THere are also some 'Infiltration infantry' coming which I guess are going to be flayed ones? They also make ar army that are clearly Squats and an Imperial Gaurd alternative. There Sales pitch over.

Okay in my illness I have done little painting, luckily epic is fast to paint so I managed to get a bit done. So here we go WARRIORS ATTACK!!

The Lords now have flesh cloaks as they look cool and stand out a little next to all the green and silver.



To prove I have painted more and not just shuffled them around have a horde of warriors.


Overall a pretty dull update as its more of the same. Stay tuned next week there will be new robots!

07-04-2010, 13:13
Very nice Necron army you have there. Is it possible to get a tutorial on how you make your tripods?

Cpt. Drill
08-04-2010, 17:53
I will do a tutorial some time soon, I am missing a couple of key components for making new ones but when they arrive I will show you how to put one together.

My next update is a chaos objective. I use chaos squats to represent my Forlorne Hope who always get butchered each game. So in a heroic fashion this is meant to be the last chaos squat left alive after another massicar... Gotta get him home to Momma.



10-04-2010, 04:06
Thats a very cool looking objective marker. Even on such a tiny scale you have managed to add some lovely gore!! Nice work :)


10-04-2010, 08:46
I agree. Chaos Squats as Forlorn Hope has a certain ring to it. Lovely objective. Keep it up.


Cpt. Drill
11-04-2010, 13:28
Thanks guys I am a bit fan of Chaos Squats.

Next to add to the army is some Destroyers. They look a little funny but they came out nicely enough. I would have liked to have a couple per stand but I just dont have enough scarabs and as im itching to finish the army singles will have to do.



Mr Feral
11-04-2010, 14:11
The Destroyers are looking fab, what miniatures were used for the torsos? (I'm guessing more from the Exodus Wars range.)

Is it supposed to be just one Destroyer per stand or more?

I'd also thought I would tell you that your Necrons have made me start my own for Epic, I hope you're happy now! :D

Cpt. Drill
14-04-2010, 00:49
Hey Mr. Feral The torsos are the Exodus Wars 'Edenite Heavy Infantry', there is no set amount of how many destroyers you should have to a base but only having six in a formation seems a little low (Maybe?).

I am extremely happy to hear that your starting your own army. They are super quick to paint and look pretty cool I have enjoyed putting the army together.

Just some minor updates.

A destroyer lord, enjoy the flesh cloak and his melancholy expression.


This is a shot of what the backs of the destroyers look like as you cant really tell from the front. Each one is a little different but this sort of idea.


I also got around to painting up my Pariahs. Very speedy to do but I had to give them the white shoulder pads as they just blend in so much with the rest of the Warriors.


14-04-2010, 02:33
Nice 'Crons. I like the Monoliths.

14-04-2010, 20:11
When you start apologizing for "more of the same", you know that you are doing it right with Necrons. Some armies are supposed to have that monotonous feel of endless ranks. Great painting, great bases and good conversions. The flesh cloaks is a nice addition without going too individual.

P.S. I just had to order some Edenites myself.


Mr Feral
14-04-2010, 20:39
Great additions to your Necrons! :)

Cpt. Drill
14-04-2010, 21:05
Thanks alot guys!

Fredmans - The Endenites are really cool and just so cheap. I will order some more soon to bolster my ranks.

I am getting a little bored of painting green now. Its starting to feel like a chore especially as I have five undercoated monoliths staring at me right now. They look angry.

When you start apologizing for "more of the same", you know that you are doing it right with Necrons. Some armies are supposed to have that monotonous feel of endless ranks.

Excillent have some Obilisks.... Kapow!


Here is one with an Edenite Zombie woman. I wanted it to have a sort of cincidering look to it... Maybe? I quite like it and it gave me a chance to paint a whole range of other colours.... mmm well... Pink and Yellow.


Then here is my Warbarque. I am a big fan of 1950's robots and wanted to have one as my war engine. I wanted him to be a giant man as it will represent my supreme command so he has to look like a king on the battlefield. It kind of carries across and he it looks quite funky next to some terrain. By the way its meant to be lazering stuff with his hand lazer not just pointing.


Go my cube minions


Gotta find a Deciever model soon.

15-04-2010, 13:24
Hehe, I love the Big Daddy Obelisk, they really are strange things to look at!! But have so much character!


Mr Feral
15-04-2010, 15:56
Love the vibe of the 50's B-movies style you've got for the War Machines, I like the face the Warbarque is pointing. :)

Layne in Spayne
16-04-2010, 00:14
I must say; you want undead robots with personality? My disapproval is epic.

17-04-2010, 21:57
Thank you very much for the explanation and the link Cpt Drill ! I'll be buying necrons-proxies as soon as possible !

And that's another army you make me want to start ! Warmaster, bofa, and now those ! Will you please stop ;)

And I really like your robot-machine-cubes with legs. They do not look at all like the mental image I have of necrons vehicles ... but they look good ! And you paint as awesomely well as usual too :)

Cpt. Drill
20-04-2010, 12:24
Eltanko - Thanks, they are quite wierd little objects. I am really looking forward to actually playing a game with them. (Im putting off a battlefield outing until they are painted)

Mr. Feral - I am a big fan of 50's sci-fi and am really glad its coming through this army. I wonder if I can fit Steve McQueen in here somewhere.

Layne in Spayne - You didnt understand what I meant by character, try looking again. Although you did raise an interesting question... Can you have an undead robot? I would say no.

Ancre - I would strongly recommend that you get some... They are great models and just soooooo cheap. I would like to see some of these armies you have started some day I am very curious.

Okay well another nice and bland update for you guys... Its some more monoliths. I just have to paint three more of these and I wont have to do any more until I expand the army I imagine. I have been getting a little bored of painting them.


Here is an army shot, the colours all came out a little desaturated in this one as it was done indoors with one immobile high powered lightsource. (Just realised I need another highlight on the 'eyes' of the monoliths)


So Whats left on the to do list? Well...

Green = Painted
Red = Not Painted

15 Warriors
3 Lords (Warriors)
3 Pariahs

6 Destroyers
1 Destroyer Lord

6 Obilisks
3 Monoliths
1 Warbarqe

A Couple of stands of Immortals (Depends on how many are left from Destroyer conversions)
6 Flayed Ones Stands

6 Heavy Destroyers
1 Heavy Destroyer Lord

9 Tomb Spiders

6 Obilisks
3 Monoliths

1 Giant War Engine (Not sure which yet)

1 Tomb Complex
2 Objectives

Next time look forward to maybe some more Monoliths or something else you have seen before.... Yay.

Cpt. Drill
23-04-2010, 02:24
I guess the monoliths didnt draw the crowds in. Well I present an idea that struck me while gazing at the Warbarque robot on my shelf... "My what beautiful arms you have"

I had written off the idea of using wraiths in the army as they seemed impossible to convert. I had been thinking about how to make conventional ones but it appears that the cubes held the answers (as always!).

Check out the wraiths


25-04-2010, 22:11
Wow, impressive as ever ! I'm not exactly sure the walking cubes goes well with the metal skeletons, but they sure look great. I like your idea for the wraiths, they fit in well. I wonder how will I do mine though.

(And I paint so bad it's not worth showing it I think ;) besides I never finish anything as I do not have the correct material either, and painting become rapidly frustrating ; but I'll see what I can do. I'll try to finish some elves tomorrow ! )

Cpt. Drill
27-04-2010, 02:04
The cubes and skeleton mix has been bothering me a little aswell. If I were doing a 40k scale army I would have done the 'Crons with the black and green edged armour which I think would have fitted with vehicles well. I tried doing the 6mm ones this way and they looked like bogies, you couldnt tell what they were at all. Going for the generic silver makes them look alot like necrons from afar.

As for the wraiths these were really throw away conversions that will proably just be stand ins until I can get hold of some of the Wargames Factory models. Their wraiths look great.


Okay I did some Immortals quickly this eve. They look quite similar to regular warriors so I might need to give them black shoulder pads or something.


I also painted a few tomb spyders up, The hope is as these guys are green, black and silver (Like my destroyers) they will help to bridge the gap between the cubes and the warriors.


For my army I am planning on one really large formation with tons of upgrades to act as my hammer. I have no idea on how well it will work but I like the idea of a huge warhost. It also looks a little like a 40k army which is nice.


Man I really need to paint more monoliths...

27-04-2010, 18:55
Don't destroy your work already, but maybe you could try adding a little bit of silver to the cubes ? I think it'll do the trick, as one part of your army is mostly silver and the other one mostly black ; even if they both share green as a secondary color, they do like two groups put together. Especially considering the necrons barely have any black and the cubes barely have any grey. Well, I think.

But again they look great and I'm very fond of your necrons ! (We need a "love this" smiley :) )

Cpt. Drill
06-05-2010, 16:37
Thanks Ancre, if I ever make it to paris I will bring some toy soldiers with me an we can have a game of something. I tried out some silver on the legs of the cubes but it didnt look as good I felt. Hopefully next week they will finally make it to the tabletop and I will get a chance to seethem in action. If they look really out of place then i might invest in some real monolith models.

I have had some big deadlines up recently aswell as working on some non wargaming projects but finally did a tiny bit of painting today. Here is my cube based pylon. It is meant to look like a SAM site or something. I am pretty happy with it, although it looks nothing like a pylon most people think that it looks like some kind of giant anti air battery which is close enough.

Sadly when I made my Wraiths I used the last of my coathanger wire which was meant for the next pylon... So for the forseeable future I will only be able to field one of these guys.



06-05-2010, 21:44
Your cubes have green lines all over them ; have you tried to do a few silver lines as well ? That's what I meant by adding silver. But it might not look good ; but maybe it's worth a try.

They don't look that out of place anyway, you still have a big army of robots ! :D

Sam looks nice ! What does the acronym stands for ?

(And if you come to Paris, then I will HAVE to finish my stuff ! Oh my :D Thank you for the kind words, if I come to England (I think that's where you live, iirc, no ? ) or near to where you live, then I'll bring my minis as well :) )

Yllib Enaz
08-07-2010, 16:07
These are amazing. The green on the cubes reminds me of the title sequence to the old BBC Tripods series.

13-07-2010, 16:08
Amazing army! The cubes are just wonderful - as somebody said they have so much character! I'm tempted to do a 40k proxy army consisting of only cubes some day now :p

Keep it up,