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20-03-2010, 13:16
I know that it is vary common to run a warrior unit with 25 guys with shields a war banner and a musician. But, if i wanted to run a second or even third unit what do you suggest for their equipment? i was thinking about making another 25 man unit with the cold blood banner and maybe an assassin to offset the lack of the war banner. or instead of a assassin to put in a master that way if they are flanked they could use his leadership with the banner to maybe survive an extra round.

20-03-2010, 15:18

I use a single 30 men strong warrior unit with command, warbanner, shields and a Dreadlord (Armor of Darkness, Soulrender, Pendant) in it. It comes with +6CR at base. The W. always use their shields, so the Dreadlord does the work and adds active combat resolution. If you can manage to bring this unit into the flank of an enemies unit, the enemy will often break near automatically.

You can use an Assassin instead of the Dreadlord of course. Personally I preffer the Dreadlord because he can block out a dragon with rider instead of the Assassin. As well the Dreadlord adds some Anti Armor, the Assassin donīt, even with Manbane.

I use the 30+Dreadlord for breaking Breakers. As a DE you always have a lot of quick troops that can manage to allow a flank charge form the warriors. Most people are frightened from ranked up Black Guard or Hydras, but they easily oversee warriors. Warriors with Anti-Armor Character are great. But because they stand and fall from small active+big passive Combat Resolution you have to make sure, that they keep their passive CR. So itīs up to you to protect their flanks and their rear. I always make sure that there is terrain starting in each deployment zone and goes into the middle. So I put a Hydra in the terrain, next to the terrain the Warriors and next to the Warriors a big block of Black Guard. The terrain and hydra on the one side, and the BG on the other side keep my flanks clean from enmies. Thatīs how warriors work best. You can put them into the middle of 2 BG units as well.

I wouldnīt play 2 Warrior Units under 3000 or 2999 Points. Mainly because you only need one real anvil, there are plenty of shiny toys that I would rather take than another big and slow unit.

20-03-2010, 23:40
thank for the great tactics but i was looking into using an extra block of warriors is it really that unsatisfactory to do so? its not to expensive maybe another 200 for the unit and i support the boys before toys idea. is it just against to concept of the dark elves to have blocks?

side note, i try to play vary balanced and that is why i got into the dark elves because i felt they had every play style and great models to boot, monsters, siege weapons, cheep troops, range, magic, and some hard hitters, granted no tough guys.

21-03-2010, 10:02
Unless you have a very good reason or tatic in mind to field a 2nd block, I suggest you could go for other Dark Elf units. And usually 1 block of warriors is enough because Dark Elves have so many other exciting unit to field.

You can also go to www.druchii.net to ask for more advice on DE Tatica. They offer a comprehensive guide and explanation to everything about DE.

21-03-2010, 12:05
Hi well the first thing to say is, probably, that it all depends on how many points you are playing.
I own four 30 strong units of warriors with spears and shields, and i usually field an assasin in every one of them, regardless of magic banners or characters that may or may not be accompaining them. We usually play from 5k point onwards, and i usually field all four of them as well as two units of 20 corsairs, one of 30 executioners and one of 20 witch elves, plus cavalry, scouts, harpies, chariots, two hydras, 8 bolt throwers etc etc. When you play with expereinced fellows even such games dont take much more than two and a half / 3 hours to complete, or maybe just a little over that if the battlefield presents lots of features that have loads of gaming, movement and shooting (and therefore deploying) complications.
So, what level of game do you play, the most? How many points?

22-03-2010, 22:14
Its worth putting a bsb in there with heavy armour, great weapon , sea dragon cloak and the pendant. On foot so hes S6. It works really well and makes your static rez 7, if you out nomber.