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Hate Train
13-02-2006, 06:51
Having recently rediscovered my love for the storyline and setting of Diablo II, I'm considering starting and GMing an RP based in the setting of Diablo. Because, after all, as they say... Evil Never Dies.

The RP will take place across several settings, following the destruction of the worldstone in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It begins in the setting of Act III, where you will congregate in Kurass due to a recent outbreak of hell-raised forces. The consequences will be large and far-reaching, and I think I fancy a sequel.
Amazon, Necromancer, Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Assassin, and Druid classes are all allowed, naturally. There are always further possibilities, use your imagination, as long as it is in touch with the Diablo storyline. And by "in touch" I'm referring to the rather Satanic feeling of the game.

Post if you're interested. I'll take as many players as can be had. Oh, and if you're a Paladin, no, your character does not have to be black.

13-02-2006, 10:42
I'm interested. Will this be following any rules, or just simply round robin? If it's the latter, I'm in, if it follows the D20 Rules, I can't play (don't have the D20 Rule Books for any Game System...).

13-02-2006, 15:01
Im in.

I'll try to think of something weird for ya.

possabilty of monsturs characters?

Thane McHammer
13-02-2006, 17:34
I'm game. Did you forget to add the Assassin and Druid classes in? If you did, I call a druid.

Otherwise, sign me up for a necro.

13-02-2006, 20:19
how about this?

Name: Set
Age: Unknown
Gender: male

Not mucj is known about Set this is not just Because he refues's to tell people its because he honsetly does not know himself anymore. a long long time ago Set was in a cabal of necromancers and he was betrayed by them and used to be the scrafice to turned into the most powerful undead for them to control. as the spell begun to work on him it ripped off his limbs and parts of his torso. then something strange happened suddenly the members of the cabal were draged underground by head hands. Set laid the for hours as magic enrgy tourted his mind and body. then when he thought he was dead the spell pulled zombies that apeared form out of the ground crawling towards him paralized by awe and pain he laid there. then the zombie's ripped off there arms and legs and other body parts. the limbs then begun to move towards him and attached to Set. Quite Painfully as well.

Now though he is give Movement but the zombified limbs have infected his body his body is now in a constant state of decay. one his body has taken enough damage or rotted away he must take fresh limbs or organs to replace his own.

apprance: a rotting corpse that has stichts all over his body. the only part that is still his orginal body is his skulll which is now held togther by leather and a few muscle tendons.

Equipment: Leather bound book of spells, different charms and tinkets all over his body.

how's that hate train?

Hate Train
13-02-2006, 23:34
It's not bad. I like the concept, but maybe a little more fluff, the "amnesia storyline" has been done more than your average porn star.
And indeed I did forget to put in Assassins and Druids. But the power of the edit button should fix that! ;)
This won't be based off of d20 rules, just because I don't particularly care for that form of online play, and it closes off possibilities for certain members of our funderful community to participate.
Monstrous Heros are not advised, as anything unnatural in the world of Diablo is generally influenced by the hells. I may make exceptions, but it had better be damn good.

Also, in regards to equipment: If you have any magical equipment (which you likely will) use "Diabloesque" names. Just because it adds to the flavor of the soup. (For Example: A "Handaxe +5 of Firebolts" is much less desirable then the "Pukespine Flamebelcher".) Also, magical equipment should have meaningful effects that are specifically stated in its description. (cold damage, + against undead, + against daemon, etc. etc.).

14-02-2006, 03:55
I'll change that I just know i wanted the rotting mage.

Edit: changed it how about now?

14-02-2006, 21:23
Name - Rartman Terrosk
Class - Assassin
Sex - Male
Age - 49

Equipment - Rartman's equipment isn't seen immediately upon the aged assassins' body. Rartman bears two hardened gauntlets that have twenty inch blades within them, using a snap latch to get them into position.
His armour is a flexible and hardened leather body, with a black metal plate over each shoulder and the chest, designed to deflect blows, not stop them. Rartman also wears a pair of boots, with black metal plates guarding the shin and ankle in a form of carapace. Rartman does not rely on Magickal abilities or items, and thus, his equipment is mundane.

Appearance - Rartman's face is heavily tanned, and his eyes are a dull grey. The Assassins' clothing is fully black, including his tunic and breeches, both are made of leather. Rartman wears a black leather mask over his face, while his hair is a jet black mess.

History - Rartman's history is a mystery to all. He was born, and raised, in Lut Gholain by an Assassin named Gilande Terrosk. Twenty years ago, Gilande was killed by a Daemonic being named Felthian, and Gilande's last request of his 'son' was to hunt the beast down. Rartman accepted this, and made a blood oath on his master's deathbed. For twenty years Rartman has searched for this beast, and has killed a few of it's kin before hand, wandering the desert, mainly, but travelling to other parts of the world.

Hate Train
15-02-2006, 22:49
More interest needed. Will attempt to restart in a few weeks.