View Full Version : 2250 Wood Elves; ETC restrictions

22-03-2010, 14:01
Hey guys; this is a work in progress list following ETC restrictions, which are available here (http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=68226) In a nut shell they restrict the magic system; and the total numbers of certain unit types and the maximum numbers of shots allowed. It is also a team event; which adds a further dimension to the games, so they are not just about winning your game, but helping the team as a whole win on points.

So this is the list I'm using at the moment; with the restrictions I mention and link to above can anyone see anything I could maybe change?

Spell Singer; 2 Dispel Scrolls 140
Scroll caddy; nothing really unique or awesome; just the essential.

Noble; Elven Steed; Light Armour; Shield; Spear and Hail of Doom Arrow 123
General; used to add potential combat power to Glade Riders; not that they will be looking for combat most of time. Typically he won't be using the arrow instantly; but as situations demand.

Noble; Wild Rider Kindred; Elven Steed; Horn of the Asrai and Annoyance of Netlings 172
Little bit unorthodox; but he has been working rather well; and against many armies who have low leaderships on key units it can prove very useful; skinks anyone?

Branchwraith; Level 1; Cluster of Radiants; Pageant of Shrikes 165
Adds some hitting power to the dryads and crucially gives me a little more magic defence. And the Pageant is invaluable against annoying things like Hydras.

Character total = 600

3x10 Glade Guard with Musicians 378
Typical Glade Guard roles really; will normally deploy last to maximise fire lanes.

2x5 Glade Riders with Musicians 258
I love these guys; though they are underestimated by a lot of people. They can put fire where it's needed, charge if it’s needed, and help me push the army towards the 45 model limit. Crucially they don't take up a lot of board space.

2x8 Dryads 192
Typical Dryad units; with their typical roles. Will probably stay near the Glade Guard and protect them as best as possible.

Core total = 828

5 Wild Riders with Musician and Standard 148
Wild Riders; typical roles for these guys too; everything is fairly straight forward.

6 Wild Riders with Musician; Standard and War banner 199
This unit works in conjunction with the Wild Rider Noble; which gives them a static res of 2 basic; and against most of their targets 3 with outnumber; plus 2 str 4 and 2 str 3 attacks each. Respectable.

2x8 War Dancers with Musician 302
Typical War Dancers; probably avoid combat for most of the game and set up their one decisive charge.

Special total = 649

Power sliding Eagle 50
Normal redirecting Eagle, probably will march block occasionally.

5 Way Watchers 120
First turn march blockers; and crucially push me up to 45 models with bow shots.

Rare total = 170

Army total = 2247