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22-03-2010, 18:18
I posted in another thread about a 500 point tournament some evil O&G lists at low point values. It was kinda fun to make them even though I'll likely never run them.

1k Chariot spam (6 chariots + 2 pump wagons :D)

Black Orc Bigboss, HA, shield, chariot (85+4+2+80)=171
Black Orc Bigboss, HA, shield, sword of might, chariot 181
Goblin Bigboss, LA, Shield, One hit wunda,Chariot (35+2+2+15+60) = 114

5 Wolves w/ spears and mus 71
5 Wolves w/ spears and mus 71
5 Spiders w/ spears and mus 71

3 Boar chariots 240
2 pump wagons 80

500 Magic spam

Goblin shammy level 2 90, 'itty ring
Night Goblin shaman level 2, brimstone bauble 110
Night Goblin shaman level 2 85
2 Bolt throwers 70
20 NG archers 60
20 NG archers 60

I've actually run this one- though I was nice and told my opponent I was going to bring a very evil list. My opponent ended up rolling the MR3 on the eye of the gods table for his chosen :( Otherwise I would have blasted apart his army by turn 3.

500 Warmachine Spam

Night Goblin bigboss
4 Spear Chukkas 140
Rock lobba 70
doom diver 80
20 NG archers 60, 2 fanatics
5 wolves w/ shortbows 65

23-03-2010, 00:49
What about fanatic spam??

Night Goblin Boss
Amulet of Protectyness, Great Weapon

20 Night Goblin Archers w. 3 Fanatics x3

Spear Chukka

23-03-2010, 06:17
I do like the chariot spam! Very limited in some situations but who cares? And only 3 units prone to animosity!!!