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Spangley Special
13-02-2006, 13:38
would any one be interested?

if so here is the outline and i would'nt be starting the proper thread untill next week (most my net access is at college and i'm on half term)

It would be set in Raccoon City about 2-3 days before resi 2 and 3
you guys would play as the Latham City STARS Alpha team (and depending on number of players Bravo team as well)
you have been sent to Racoon after strange radio messeges concerning cannables were received my neighbouring Latham PD.

ok so if you are interested post your charater here. there are however the following limitations. (bear in mind this will be more actiony than the Re games, and there will be minimal statue moving style puzzles, although there maybe be some, i'm not sure)

1) Latham PD STARS team is a very new unit and so this will be your first outing with STARS, all though you will have pervious experience in the forces (army/air force, police, SWAT ect)

2) as a new unit we have good equipment standard issue is either an M4 carbine or Mp5 Smg plus a Sig P228 pistol (these are chambered for .357sig rounds, while this provides a good balance between power and capacity it makes finding ammo tricky) allthough a couple of exceptions are encourged (ie bad ass shotgun type or mysterious sniper type ect)

3) Age and experience should be minmal, early to mid twenties with a few years experince in either combat (army/air force, police, SWAT ect) or in a particulair field (ie medicine, plus basic STARS training) although again one or two exception can be made for older vet types (although STARS experience would still be limited)

i know that this limits your freedom but i am hoping it'll make the team gel more.
This is my first tim GMing a text based RP but i have however GMed many Inquistor Campains and i'm hoping that this should be similair,
If you have any concerns/suggestions feel free to PM me

when i get a team together then i'll post more backround story.

my character is.

name; Gabriel Turner

Role; STARS Alpha team leader

Age; 36

Previous experience; three years infantry, and six years Green Berrets, Gabriel has been with STARS for 4 years before being asked to head up a new unit in Latham City .

Appearence; standing at around 6'3" with an atheletic physic Gabriel is an imposing figure with a piecing stare. he has jet black hair of medium length that is usual a bit scuffy, he uses dark bandanna to keep it out of the way when on a mission.
when in "Civys" he will usually be seen wearing jeans, a dark tee and a leather jacket. on operations however he wears Olive drab fatigues, black boots and tactical vest.

M4 carbine, Sig p228 in a thigh mounted holster, 4 spair M4 clips and three pistol clips all stored in his tactical vest, a flash light attached to his M4, combat knife and zippo style lighter, plus one canteen of water

Spangley Special
13-02-2006, 13:40
sorry about the double post

13-02-2006, 15:36
Yeah I'm interested
Name: Dernan Vack
Age: 26
Role: Demolitions
Experience: Served with the marines for 3 years as a demolitions expert before being transfered to a new unit.
Appearance: Standing about 5'7", Dernan has a very solid build. He's not particularly fast but when he hits, he hits hard. Wears fatigues to match the terrain with dull black boots and usually a black cap. Keeps his hair short to keep it from annoying him. also wears a bandoleer to keep shotty shells in
Equipment: Pump action shotgun. Five shells in the gun, 10 on his bandoleer . Has 20 more in his equiptment pack. 5 fragmentation grenades. 1 C4 charge. Water Canteen. Combat knife. Sig P228 service pistol.

If there's any problems PM me & I'll fix 'em

13-02-2006, 17:28
Im up for this

Name: Michael Noonan
Age: 32
Role: Hostage rescue/ STARS Alpha team 2 i/c
Experience: Served with the NYPD SWAT team for 2 years before being transfered to the FBI's HRT. After 2 years of service there, he applied for a transfer to the CIA, but was turned down. Dejected, he joined STARS where he brings years of experience in room clearing, hostage rescue and negotiations all grounded with a degree in psychology. Speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.
Appearance: brown short hair, blue eyes, stands 5'10 and 196lbs.
Equipment: H&K MP5-SD (silenced), 5 clips. Sig P228 with 5 clips, flack jacket, black fatigues, helmet, gasmask, 2x flash-bangs, 2x frag grenades, small medi-kit, rope, canteen of water and loads of mars bars

Hippy In Peril
13-02-2006, 19:00
Can't get enough of these zombie RPGs...:D

Name: John Callaway

Role: Fire Support/Sniper- Alpha Team

Age: 23

Previous experience: LPD S.W.A.T. (1 year before being asked to join S.T.A.R.S.)

Appearance: Stands about 5'11", with a slim, slightly toned build. 176lbs. Longish brown hair (picture...Kevin Ryman from RE: Outbreak), green eyes. From Texas...so he has "that accent."

Equipment: Enfield L42A1 military sniper rifle, Sig P228 .357 in tactical holster (strapped to right thigh), 12 5-round stripper clips with 7.62mm bullets (in addition to the two sets loaded into his rifle, so in reality, 14), 4 spare mags for P228, 2 smoke grenades, combat knife, pack o' smokes, zippo, tactical vest, terrain appropriate fatigues, combat boots, canteen of water, flashlight.

Hate Train
13-02-2006, 23:26
I'm interested. I'll see what I can think up.

Spangley Special
17-02-2006, 12:58
ok persuming hate train thinks up a character thats nearlly enough for Alpha team, one or two more guys or gals would be good, if there are many more people interested though, i'll have to write up stuff to include Bravo team. and i should set up the RP thread on tuesday, if any one wants to join after then, thats cool just Pm me.

Spangley Special
20-02-2006, 15:19
Ok to fill out Alpha Team, the following character will also be under my control.

Name: Brandon Glade
Role: Combatant (ie no particuliar special skills, other than being good at combat)
joined RPD after dropping out of college, he was assigned to SWAT after less than a year on the force (unlikely i know) and was with RPD SWAT for two years before joining STARS when he was assigned to Latham PD.
Brandon is around 5'11, mixed race and has a slightly muscular but athletic physique(sp?) On operations brandon wears black fatigues, boots and tactical vest aswell as a black element (non-regulation) Beanie
M4 carbine + M203 40mm grenade launcher*
P228 sidearm
6 M4 clips, 3 P228 clips and just two 40mm grenades

*(in case you dont know, but judging by your equipment choices you will, M203's are mounted under the barrel of AR weaponary although equivlants for othe rifles are around)

Tanith Ghost
21-02-2006, 06:29
Name: Yuri Dukosky
Age: 51
Role: S.T.A.R.S. operative, and un-official investigation for the Alpha team.
A russian by birth, Yuri always wanted to be an officer of the law. He joined the Moscow Police at the age of twenty. A decade of hard service saw his promotion to Detective. At 35, he was selected to work with the KGB as a feild operative, as well as special weapons ans tactics training akin to american SWAT. He was highly sucessfuly in the role, having a hand in several key victories of the Red army in Afghanistan. When the cold war ended, he was sent to america, as part of a new agreement to share law enforcement tactics. It was there that he met Albert Wesker. Wesker
thought he would be a valuable asset to a STARS team. It was Wekser who
pushed through his transer from Russian service to American. Yuri was offered a place with the Alpha team of the Latham unit. He accepted.
His time with the KGB, and as a Moscow detective was not overlooked.
His fellows regard him with awe and suspiscion, at the same time trust him completely for his experience and credentials.

Appearance: Looks his age, but with a certain air of dignified authority.
Pale skin, with greying black hair. Clean shaven, ice blue eyes, slight but strong build, and most distinguishing is a Hammer and Sickle etched onto
the back of his neck.
Equipment: Glock 9mm pistol, AK-47 assault rifle(resides in his office as a decor item, with 10 clips containing 60 shots each in a locked drawer),
Russian gas mask(1988 issue), Ushanka hat(features a Stars badge in place of the Red Star) Russian great coat(adorned with STARS badges, as well as russian badges from his past), and an order of Lenin, given for valour under fire in Afghanistan.(only the glock will see use, as Yuri won't be bringing his AK-47 to racoon).

Edited hopefully to your satisfaction.

Spangley Special
21-02-2006, 10:08
er sorry dude, there isn't going to be a Bravo team but feel free to make up a member for Alpha Team although you'd have to have pretty standard issue weaponary as we have enough in the way of specialists,

Alternatively PM character to be a Racoon City survivour.

Spangley Special
21-02-2006, 13:02
Ok i'm setting up a Thread for the RP Titled RESIDENT EVIL wraith of umbrella

23-02-2006, 03:07
Could i be a regular joe? i know its late but i never got a chance to post in here.

Hippy In Peril
23-02-2006, 05:25
Sorry if my posts seem a little long...I get into this. Haha. If it's a problem, let me know.

Also, with school, I can only usually post once or twice a day. More if I can. We'll see.

Spangley Special
03-03-2006, 16:39
sorry if the RP is moving slowly, but it does have direction so good things come to those who wait and all that

08-03-2006, 11:15
I might be interested if there's an option to pop up as a Raccoon City survivor later on - not a military type, just an ordinary civilian trying to stay alive kind of thing.

If not, no worries. It'd be cool being in a ResiEvil RPG though :D

Tanith Ghost
12-03-2006, 08:10
Shouldn't be a problem- there are a few survivors hanging about right up to where the city was subjected to Exterminatus.

Spangley Special
30-03-2006, 11:48
Ok so i have lots of ideas about were to go with this it just depends on how long you guys want to keep it going?

After easter i'll have no course work left to do so 'ill be able to re-double my efforts as GM.

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 16:56
I'm set to keep going til either escape or the city dies and takes us with it.

Hippy In Peril
30-03-2006, 23:42
I'm game for staying on.

31-03-2006, 06:17
I'm up for continued gaming.

31-03-2006, 08:11
hell you know ill play..

Spangley Special
31-03-2006, 10:28
ok so today is the last post till after easter (so thats two weeks), when i will write up an over view of what has happened and will start to post decent length posts. i do have an idea of where its going so its not just random ramblings despite how much it may seem like it.

06-04-2006, 10:39
Ok just so you guys know.. the thread isn't dead its just jack (spangly special) is on holiday at the moment. im not sure if he pmd anyone or whatever but i just thought id let you know. and slaaneshis own.. if you want a character write it in this thread or pm it to spangly special and wait his approval and delete your post in the in character thread

Spangley Special
18-04-2006, 14:05
Its back up and running again